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Looking for a DVD Release That Works

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Posted 19 February 2017 - 01:15 AM Edited by Patrick1994, 19 February 2017 - 01:18 AM.

Feel free to just read the bold parts, the rest is not critical. Please provide some hints that allow us to find and buy it - it might be as simple as "bought in a store, country, it says 'green pepper'".

without any unofficial patches:
- uncensored (only needed for Rampages)
- in-game language switching (for toggling censoring on/off at will by switching to German/French, maybe other languages work as well)
- non-technical people feel free to ignore this: new main.scm (mission script)

- if it is a DVD version, it is likely to have the new mission script (which is what we need)

Some Australian and Polish DVD versions satisfy all of those but they crash in a couple of menus. There is a patch for the Polish DVD version but that just downgrades the main.scm.

Maybe there are patches to these versions that fix the exe instead of just downgrading the main.scm.

The Japanese version does not allow language switching. The Green Pepper version is censored.



I want to stress that ther must be no unofficial patches/modding required. It is for speedrunning, the rules don't allow any mods except when they do ;P (but definitely no blood-patches)


Also, it is fine if your version turns out to be useless. A slim chance of it being good is enough.

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