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Posted 3 weeks ago

Oh, my bad. Looks like the post was updated with a link to complete PS2 audio instead of only one fixed FM in wav format.
Though, it's from 1.40, yes

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Posted 3 weeks ago

Talking about sound does anyone know if the SFX from the ps2 version are higher quality than the ones from the pc?


By the way which audio configuration is the best for this game?

  • Marsi4eg

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Posted A week ago

Time for another bugreport.

For some weird reason this plugin forces special vehicles (Police, Fbicar, Enforcer, Barracks, rhino, but not Ambulance and Firetruck) that use police radio (police.vb/wav file) to have "head radio" text when player enters such car. I can't say what asi causes this (audio_samples or vbdec) because one can't work without other.


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Posted A week ago

Are you using Radio For All Vehicles script?

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Posted A week ago

I'm pretty sure that's caused by Ginput since I recall fixing it.

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Posted A week ago

Interesting, is VBDec dependant on Ginput somehow? When I remove just two VBDec's asis - the radio text doesn't appear.
Re-tested today and really this text also doesn't appear if I leave VBDec but remove Ginput :blink:

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Posted A week ago Edited by Claude_Lib, A week ago.

That's weird. Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't VBDec just allow the game to read VB files (and ADF as well), and Audio Samples only redirect the game to different files, something you can do by editing the executable? No idea how they can possibly cause this bug.

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