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A Rockstar version of Vision GT...

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Posted 10 February 2017 - 01:09 AM

The game needs its own version of Vision GT.

Where they bring all the car companies, and create their own Gran Tourers. Racing or Road legal, These cars are unique to the rest of the vehicles of Ls, as they feature performance traits that help them out of stick situations that don't harm to the next person. Eg: an Autonomous driving Benefactor based on the Maybach Laundet, Exelero or Benz Vision GT concept. An Obey based on the RSQ with spherical wheels that you can drive in any direction With out loss of speed, A Declasse based on the Chevrolet Charapal 2X that uses the wind from the generated down force it creates moving forward to power up a rear EMP canon that temporary makes pursuing vehicles slowdown drastically for a short time a length of 25 feet or a Grotti that is a super based on the Ferrari Aliante that can turn into the fastest submersible in game with its Jets with Blue after burners powering it underwater.

Rockstar can then involve the community, as they ask for their Artistic vision on a car selected, with a clear description of the requirements of the car itself. For instance they can demand a Classic GT with a modern twist, an old relic with old technology, Remarkable Off-roading capabilities, Extreme Safety measures or a ground breaking speeder

The designs on the most voted version of the afore motioned cars will be displayed on their website with a segment called. "Future speed" with a distinctive description of the 3 cars and their special abilities and possibility how their price ranges are or sometimes. Quantity limitation across all 3 platforms making them some of them even rarer (This part of the idea may not work because of modded accounts)

As Future speed launches the next 3 GT cars out of 24, will be coming in drip feed format. As they will be displayed like a e-Boucher on Rockstar's website and also be sold on A brand new website in-game...

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