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Celebrities I want parodied in GTA

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Posted 6 days ago Edited by MojoGamer, 6 days ago.

Frank didn't die, he fully recovered from his injures and had plastic surgery to look like Samuel L Jackson.

Burt Reynolds is the mayor of more then just games, in on tv too.

Trump is totally irrelevant, I will break every R* game i own. If his dumb self appears, just how people hated Alex Jones in CoD Inifite Warfare. That game was garbage and i along with the whole world, regret buying the digital copy.

Saints Row is trash and its series ended. I believe Agents of Mayhem made Saints Row its predecessor.

Will Smith is totally amazing, even Randy March wishes he had Jaden Smith. I say there is hope, just like how R* continued Gta Online and delayed RDR2.

Shame oy fyi

Raj Brunner
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Posted 6 days ago Edited by Raj Brunner, 6 days ago.

Lindsey Lohan's lying, money thirsty ass.

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Posted 6 days ago

Lindsey Lohan's lying, money thirsty ass.




It's already been done.

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Posted 6 days ago

If the next game happens to take place in the 90s, I wouldn't mind seeing a parody of Jim Carrey.

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Posted 5 days ago



No more focus on f*cking parodies - it's what kinda ruined aspects of GTA V in the first place to be honest, no more. Especially not of easily distinguishable Hollywood celebrities and stars, that's as corny and dry as f*ck. If anything they should just stick to their own original characters to parody, but like I said there needs to be less focus on parody and satire, Rockstar need to remind themselves that GTA is supposed to be a hardcore crime action game, not some digitally interactive comedy show.
Terrible idea or suggestion.

Not to sh*t on your opinion, but there has never been a single GTA title that was a straight, humorless, hardcore, action game, all of them have always had comedic elements, parody and satire throughout. GTA IV, the one that constantly get's singled for being too gritty and serious, actually had far more satire and parody than the ones before - it really got the ball rolling when it came to satirizing and parodying everything you could think of within the game world e.g. Nasdaq is Bawsaq and the Statue of Liberty is Hillary Clinton holding a cup of coffee (a reference to the hot coffee controversy) and an absurd amount of pop culture, celebrity, political, internet parodies/satire and innuendos. And IV is the "serious" one, the rest are considered lighter and more comedic in tone. What GTA title do you remember being hardcore and serious if you consider that to be the way the games are supposed to be?



I'm fully aware GTA has generally had some element of parody, satire and other comical aspects within it's themes, but my point is the past GTA games were not overdosed with it like V was. For most part the focus was the serious business of crime and the stories behind it. The comical stuff was always a sideshow as relief from the serious stuff, unlike V which tries way too hard throw it in our faces at every opportunity. 

Parody is ok in small doses, if overdone if becomes tiresome pretty quickly imo. The last thing you want is the storyline to consist of characters which are a parody of real people and stereotypes, then nothing really has any weight to it, it's just a long overdone joke. I think less is more in this regard.


This guy clearly gets it, guess you missed my point. 



GTA: San Andreas was saturated with satire.

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Posted 5 days ago

if the next GTA is in Chicago, i wanna see a parody of chief keef

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Posted 5 days ago

It's unlikely they won't include Trump in one way or another. He'd make a typical GTA parody, even if in just a short talk show appearance.

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