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Where are they now in 2017

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Posted 25 April 2017 - 11:29 AM Edited by DominatorLegend, 25 April 2017 - 06:17 PM.

GTA SA secondary characters:

​-Sean "Sweet" Johnson: Sweet, with the help of CJ's funding, makes an army out of the Families, with advanced military weapons and armored vehicles. After making sure the Families are finally untouchable by their enemies, he is able to spend some time with CJ in Las Venturas. (Alive)

-Kendl and Cesar: They marry and live happily together in San Fierro, where they still support the Families and their allies, Varrio Los Aztecas. They will then have two children, a boy and a girl. The girl will develop a passion for cars and will become the boss of the Doherty garage, the son will help his uncle CJ as his assistant and develop a friendly relationship with Woozie. (Both Alive)

-The Truth: In an attempt to contact an alien lordship, Truth travels to the Big Ear and injects himself with some drugs to "open his path". He does meet the alien lordship, but the later decides to order his troops to kill Truth for the audacity of speaking directly to him... Basically, FBI guys were able to track and gun down Truth while he was on drugs. (Dead)

-Woozie: Woozie, along with Ran Fa Li, will continue running the Four Dragons Casino without major problems. He will finally assume Las Venturas as his turf and will become the major authority in LV's criminal underworld, representing the Triads. Still maintains a good friendship with CJ, whom likes to challenge to races from time to time. (Alive)

-Mike Toreno: After his successful behavior in San Andreas, the big man decides to put Toreno in charge of eliminating a number of Cuban big fishes. His succeeds on killing them but is severely injured during the last bits of his campaign. He did not make it to the hospital, but was proudest the man on Earth at that moment. (Dead)

-Kent Paul and Maccer: As Madd Dogg's sound engineer and second vocalist respectively, they share the profits and live a high lifestyle. Maccer would also go under surgery to become a huge-breasted woman. (Both alive)

-Ken Rosenberg: Rosie's role in CJ's business was pretty much the same in Vercetti's: a lawyer/sidekick to the team, although now he wasn't so stressed thanks to all being legal and having no dangers along the way. Unfortunately, he dies of overdose after Dogg's second gold record. (Dead)

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