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Where are they now in 2017

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Posted 08 February 2017 - 01:34 AM Edited by Fewpolecat93, 10 February 2017 - 05:47 AM.

So this has been on my mind for a long time now and I'm surprised its not more popular of a topic where are they now?

Rules: just say where you think any gta character is or where they would be if they were alive. You can choose any character just say what you think here is an example

Claude: probably laying low in sa after killing Maria and catalina and I assume he would bring misty with him since he has no one else they are also in a relationship and live in San fierro where he was born (alive)

Toni cippriani: I assume he died from an explosion attack from the triads after discovering what tony has been telling Claude to do (dead)

Tommy: still living a happy life in vice city with Mercedes, eventually Tommy got married to Mercedes and now disowned not all but several of his businesses (alive)

Vic: still near the ocean after the deal (dead)

CJ: Carl is now one of the richest people in San Andreas and is still in the grove but managed to get married and have a kid with Denise Robinson and has started laying low because of the cops and rival gangs still looking for him

Niko: (revenge) after Katie's death roman told niko he should get married, niko was lonely plus most of nikos friends were either moved out or dead like Bruce and packie so niko got serious with the woman at the internet café and they got marries with no problem niko also still helps roman with the taxi business (alive)

Niko (deal) after niko heard the news of roman Jr niko tried to help mallorie in anyway possible due to roman bellic enterprises closing after Romans death niko and mallorie have been financially poor and then mallorie couldn't take it and killed herself niko tried to get over her death but it was all to much, he begged kate, brucie, packie, little Jacob and dwayne but only 3 people came niko eventually hung himself after giving himself to the government and telling the police about roman Jr (dead)

Johnny: lost but not forgotten (dead)

Luis: probably in maisennete 9 with yusef armando and henrique not much changes except for tony moving to dukes and giving the business to Luis (alive)

Franklin ending a and b: in ending a or b he lays low and loses most of his contacts and as Jimmy gets older he figures out what Jimmy did to Michael or Trevor and calls the cops only on Franklin leading to his arrest (in jail)

Franklin ending c: Franklin get out of the gangster lifestyle and becomes a millionaire celeberty but doesn't enjoy life he is also still friends with Michael Trevor Jimmy and lamar (alive)

Michael ending a: Michael is staying with his family and leaving the past behind however he is no longer friends with Franklin

Micheal ending b: he made a stupid decision by trying to hit Franklin resulting in death

Micheal ending c: living the life in Los Santos with his family he is now a director producer and acter

Trevor ending a: a pile of dust that aaccidentally got in Franklin's bag of chips

Trevor ending b: after removing Franklin and lamar from his contacts Trevor resumed his business in tpi with ron, wade and chef. However one day Trevor had a breakdown after the disappearance of his mother and after hearing about Patricia and martin madrazo's death and killed 1,000 people in Los Santos. eventually he was arrested and sentenced to death and was visited in prison by no one so Trevor got a lethal injection 3 months later

Trevor ending c: Trevor was the happiest he had ever been because his business had just reached 2.3 million dollars although Trevor already had more then that he could now tell Micheal Franklin and lamar about this and annoy them with his new success he also keeps in touch with every other character and is still a psychopath

Online character: after killing martin madrazo and his wife because of a betrayal the online character is gunned down and killed by madrazo's men
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Posted 08 February 2017 - 02:15 AM Edited by universetwisters, 08 February 2017 - 02:15 AM.

CJ is still dead after Toni killed him, which explains why he had to leave Liberty City before LCS :V

Also, didn't Tony move to some spa town in the southwest instead of back to Dukes?
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Posted 08 February 2017 - 03:11 AM

Mike: Away from Liberty City. 

Huang Lee: Future DLC character :)

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Posted 08 February 2017 - 04:01 AM

Michael: Contemplating his life choices after moving to a little germanic town in the middle of butt f*ck nowhere with his family and changing his name again from Michael De Santo to MICHAEL BÄHR


Franklin: Got depressed over people having taking too much advantage of him, he then got a coronary from all the chips he ate, Sheriff's deputies found him laying on his couch while his dog chop was chomping on his lifeless fat carcass. 


Trevor: who the f*ck knows


Tommy: Now at 85 years of age, still runs like an olympic autist with the sole intention to tell people to get the f*ck off his lawn.


Claude: lmao who knows he doesn't talk


Niko: enjoying those 69th street dinner burgers

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Posted 08 February 2017 - 04:23 AM

  • Niko: Retired from the life of crime and moved to somewhere nice (like Vice City).
  • Huang: Enjoying the rich life.
  • Trevor: Dead.

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Posted 08 February 2017 - 08:04 AM

Claude: Going nomad. He keeps commiting crimes all around US.

Tommy: Living a rich life. His son is taking care of the bussiness. Tommy does try to check the bussiness occasionally.

CJ: Living in either San Fierro or Las Venturas. Still managing Mad Dogg, running the garage business, and having a stake at Red Dragon Casino. He probably can convience Sweet to get out from the hood.

Toni: Still maintain his position as a Capo. Joey Leone becomes the Don of Leone. Together, they still try to hunt down Claude.

Vic: We all know what happened. If it was Pete who got killed though, he just living normal life, get married, and have a proper job.

Niko (Deal): Taking care of Mallorie and her child. Together, they still running the Roman Taxi.

Niko (Revenge): Would take a long time to move on from Kate, but he probably get married later on. Running the Roman Taxi together with Roman.

Johnny: Just like you said: Lost but Not Forgotten. Non-cannoncally though, he probably joins The Lost Broker chapter and becoming the president. Broker chapter is a sub-ordinate of Alderney chapter.

Luis: Still in the club bussiness. The only difference though is, he works for Yusuf now.

Michael (Ending A and C): In the movie bussiness. Eventually becoming a Director himself.

Franklin (Ending A and B): Nothing different like he was in the beggining of the game. The only differences part though is he becomes rich and can stay away from the hood for good.

Franklin (Ending C): Probably becoming Michael's personal assistant in movie business. Other than that, he might try his hands in Cab business.

Trevor (Ending B and C): Expanding Trevor Phillips Enterprises to Mexico and other parts of San Andreas (possibility San Fierro and Las Venturas).
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Posted 08 February 2017 - 11:21 AM Edited by DOUGL4S1, 08 February 2017 - 11:22 AM.

Charles/Johnny/Maurice/Mick/Rodney/Sid/Winston/Wolfie: Their game took place in early/late 60s, and all of them were in their 20s or 30s. By now, they're probably 80 years old, if they haven't been killed, they died from old age.

Claude: Probably still on the crime business, doing some jobs here and there.

Tommy: IF no one managed to take him down, probably still in power of Vice City.

CJ: He's either still on Grove St. or he moved back to Liberty City to continue his life there, as Grove was already the biggest gang in LS and probably wouldn't need his help anymore.

Niko (deal): He probably layed low or moved somewhere else, with most of the mafias and gangs in Liberty City wanting him dead. He's now probably working to support Mallorie with Roman Jr.

Niko (revenge): Once again, he's probably in hiding, working to help Roman support his son/daughter. I don't think he got married or tried to, he went through a lot with Kate, and I think he woudn't want to go through the same again.

Johnny: ....

Luis: Maybe still running Maisonette 9 and Hercules with Tony and Yusuf.

Franklin: In all endings, he's probably on his mansion on the hills, maybe still helping Lamar with whatever ge hot himself into.

Michael (options A and C): He's laying low with his family, as it was intended from the start.

Trevor (options B and C): I'd say he followed a path on his own and decided to just run TP inc., probably still in control of Sandy Shores.

Online Protag: That's up to you.

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Posted 08 February 2017 - 12:17 PM

Claude: In an unknown location, presumably still wanted for his crimes. If not, then I'd say he's retired, spending the rest of his days chilling in some apartment he probably bought with all that money he would eventually have gotten. He killed some powerful guys in LC, I don't think he'd just walk away empty handed.

Tommy Vercetti: Still living the (kinda) high life of a powerful drug lord in the Vercetti Estate. One of the most powerful men in the country.

Carl Johnson (CJ): I assume CJ would settle down with what's left of his family and is still Madd Dogg's manager.

Tony Ciprani: Hard to say what happened to him. I assume he's now an old man, probably still working with the mob.

Victor Vance: Either buried in some cemetery in Vice City, with someone else in charge of his dwindling criminal empire, if it's not already destroyed from his abrupt death. Or, at the bottom of the ocean, in a watery grave. Either way, he's long gone.

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Posted 08 February 2017 - 01:12 PM Edited by Mister Pink, 08 February 2017 - 01:20 PM.

CJ: Took all his family out of the hood. What did the hood ever really do for him? Also through all the sh*t he went through we know the people that stuck with him and helped him. They're his real family. He's got real estate all over  San Andreas, properties and businesses. We know CJ is smart enough to get what he wants when he puts his mind to it. He just didn't get a decent start in life. He got his legit drivers licence, then went on to get a boating licence and pilots licence. He probably further educated himself in business and maybe went in to business with Mad to make headphones like Beats By Mad or something. 


I reckon he would have sold off a lot of the safe-houses before the property bubble burst earning him some nice dollar. He may operate the casino in LV and I'm sure he gave Cesar and CJ's sister the garage to run in San Fierro. 


I'm sure Ken Rosenberg looks after CJ's legal affairs albeit in a more cleaned up way than his Vice years.


CJ would be middle-aged, further educated and has a tight family behind him that help with business. He's streetwise, self-made and is a good negotiator. He's gone completely legit, seeking thrills in investment and being content looking after family and close allies. 


He's not a target by old gangs as they're all old, dead or in prison for many years and CJ has nothing really to do with the hood any more. Certainly not Ganton or Grove St. 


Not sure why people would think he would still be in Grove St with the crack, crime, backstabbers, drug dealing and gangbanging when CJ has been introduced to a whole other world outside LS, including the ownership of businesses outside LS. He also moved to Liberty City for 5 years all ready indicating that CJ always wanted to make something of this life at least outside the hood. Show me a multimillionaire that stays in hood and I'll show you a fool. 

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Posted 09 February 2017 - 01:35 AM

Claude - Pretty much exiled from Liberty City, he most likely drifted to some other chaotic city to continue his life of crime, perhaps even to Carcer City? Maria either gets shot at the end of GTA 3 or dies later on due to hanging around Claude. I don't think he'd keep her around after what Catalina did to him.

Tommy Vercetti- Pretty much the drug kingpin of the south, Tommy lives the rest of his life rich and happy. It's possible he might've either moved to Cuba or expanded his empire there, due to his ties with Umberto's gang. There's no mention of the Vercetti Mob in LC (GTA3) so it's unlikely he expanded anywhere up north. He eventually peacefully retires in his estate.

Vic Vance - Living it up as a decayed,rotten corpse. Probably dumped into Vice City's ocean.

Toni Cipriani - With Salvatore dead, and his son unfit for it, Toni most likely becomes the Don of the Leone mafia. The Leones'influence in Liberty City have weakened immensely with Sal gone and all the new gangs pouring in. Eventually the Leones lose all their turf save for the Don's mansion and parts of Saint Mark's. As time passes, the Leone mafia begins to die out. Who knows what becomes of Toni by that point.

Carl "CJ" Johnson - With all of his enemies gone, Carl lives a peaceful life in Los Santos with his brother Sweet. Grove Street Families unite with the Aztecas (due to Kendl and Cesar's relationship) and together they take over Los Santos. Crack is off the streets, and things are back to normal. While Sweet remains the leader of the Families, Carl goes more legit, being involved in the rap game with Mad Dogg and his associations with Wu Zi Mu and his casino, amongst other businesses as well. However, he undergoes a character change, for no matter what he'll remain loyal to his brother and the Families. Any money made from his assets goes toward the hood and Grove Street.

Niko Bellic (Revenge) - Kate is dead, and Niko is torn apart. Despite all of his enemies gone (even Bulgarin), he still feels the same, if not, worse. Eventually, he cuts his ties with his criminal friends and lives a quiet life with his cousin, Roman, and his newly wed wife, Mallorie. Together, they own the Bellic & Bellic Cab Co. and live a normal, quiet life. At some point, Niko tries online dating as an attempt to mend his heartbreak. No one ever hears from him again.

Johnny Klebitz - Lost but not forgotten. The reincarnation of John Marston had fallen victim to love, meth, and the heel of Trevor Phillip's boot. The Lost MC gets ruled by some other low life.

Luis Lopez - After dealing with the Mafia and Bulgarin, Luis goes back to living a regular life. He quits his life of crime and takes the reins of Maisonette 9. He may or may not have cut his ties to Armando and Henrique.

Michael, Trevor, and Franklin's are left for debate due to the three ending choices and none have been confirmed canon yet.
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Posted 09 February 2017 - 11:40 AM Edited by Mr. Fartenhate, 09 February 2017 - 11:42 AM.

Claude: Most likely skipped town. Half of it wanted to kill him anyway, and all ties were cut. He had nothing left in the city apart from Maria, and even her fate is questionable.


Tommy Vercetti: Of course he becomes a kingpin, but I seriously doubt he'd be able to stay afloat for much longer, especially with how centralized his organization is. Presumably incarcerated, maybe had a couple of good movies made about him.


Carl Johnson: Living it up as a big shot businessman, the manager of a high value rapper and proprietor/investor of a successful Las Venturas casino. His ties to the hood are gone, and I doubt his street friends want to join him. He sells out, quite frankly.


Toni Cipriani: The don is dead. The gang is presumably tearing itself apart in a leadership struggle. The city would be engulfed in a power vacuum as gangs from across the city and even out of state try to grab a hold of all organized crime in town. Chaos ensues, and I doubt Toni would last that long. Maybe he skips town, or dies in the crossfire. Who knows.


Victor Vance: fish food


Niko Bellic [D]: After the events of IV, like he says on the phone, he stays in town to help with Mallorie and her child. Maybe he reopens the cab business, but he's definitely out of the game. If it weren't for some serious strings being pulled by the IAA contact, Niko would be in Sing Sing right now.


Niko Bellic [R]: Niko again, stays in town. Helps Roman with the family business and with their family in general. Mostly the same as the above in a sense, I doubt Niko would skip town at the drop of a hat.


Johnny: deader than dead. like super dead

Luis: The club couldn't be franchised, presumably closing down after a while. Tony vanishes and the money dries up. Yusuf might continue helping, but he's a businessman, and sometimes you have to cut ties. Eventually, since all of Liberty's high life locks him out, Luis returns to petty street hustling and working big time gigs in A&H's drug ring. But again, things never end well. The LCPD or FIB would presumably crack down on the group and incarcerate them all, and that's if the gangs don't get to them first.


Huang: Since I presume Wade wouldn't just get away with so many bald faced lies, I wouldn't be surprised if he goes down for some pretty serious charges with him. And with that, the entire wing of Chinese organized crime in the city would probably erupt into chaos, if not all of town.


Michael, Trevor, and Franklin: One sloppy decision after the other, the whole crew goes down. One crew member rats, one federal agent rats, and then eventually they get to the FIB. Internal Affairs works it's magic, Dave spills the beans, and wham. Serious corruption scandal in the federal government, plenty of arrests ranging from petty criminals to high ranking federal agents, and two-to-three lethal injections. It was never going to end well.

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Posted 21 February 2017 - 03:08 PM

In Revenge, Niko probably got over Kate by like 2010 and settled a little bit. Roman's cab business probably grew and they make good money now and live good lives. In Deal, Niko probably has chronic depression and eventually moves or some sh*t. Or probably does work with people he doesn't know where there's no risk of hurting anybody else he loves

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Posted 21 February 2017 - 08:42 PM

In Revenge, Niko probably got over Kate by like 2010 and settled a little bit.

I imagine some time after losing Kate, Niko (With the help of Roman's enthusiasm on 'Beeg American Tittiez!") would try online dating to get over her, hence the girlfriends he can date in game via lovemeet.net.

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Posted 16 March 2017 - 05:20 PM Edited by Jeansowaty, 16 March 2017 - 05:21 PM.

I've been thinking about many storylines that would continue the lifes of our protagonists.


GTA1 Protagonists - Either killed by Samuel Deever or sentenced to death.

GTA London Protagonists - Nowadays dead from age or just old, they still lived in London and worked with Jack Parkinson.

Claude Speed (GTA2) - Killed by a Zaibatsu assassin.


Claude (GTA3) - Killed by the Yakuza boss after working for them one more time in Anywhere City.

Tommy Vercetti - Old, but still in charge of various criminal rackets of Vice City. Probably expanded his actions further to San Andreas.

Carl Johnson - Killed by a remaining Balla assassin.

Mike (GTA A) - Living peacefully in Colombia.

Toni Cipriani - After the Leone's wipeout and Joey becoming the leader he skipped town and changed his name. Probably moved to Italy.

Vic Vance - R.I.P.


Niko Bellic - Living peacefully after even more heinous actions in late 2013, owning a couple of houses in Liberty City and Alderney and earning money from Roman's cab company.

Johnny Klebitz - R.I.P.

Luis Lopez - He matured a lot over the years and after various incidents in 2013 he's a famous nightclub owner happily married to Joni, though to his dismay he's been diagnosed with a serious disease that will keep him unfit for the rest of his life (he's got about 20 years left)...

Huang Lee - He also changed a lot and after some more criminal acts within the Triads and their rivals he finally got some peace and enjoys the life of a Triad Boss in Liberty City.

Michael De Santa (Ending C is canon here) - Killed by Niko Bellic in late 2013 under orders of the IAA for killing The ULPC Contact.

Trevor Philips (Ending C canon again) - Killed by Huang Lee and Niko Bellic in late 2013 for trying to get them killed for killing Michael and ruining his and the Russian Mafia's business plans in Liberty City.

Franklin Clinton - Killed by Luis Lopez in Bohan (along with his cousin Tavell and Lamar) for working with the Petrović Family, bringing the Families into Liberty City and working with Michael and Trevor.


I hope nobody will kill me for this :D

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Posted 16 March 2017 - 06:06 PM

Niko went back to the Adriatic. He is still killing people, smuggling people and selling people. Things won't be different.
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Posted 16 March 2017 - 06:39 PM

Claude: After killing his enemies, he left Liberty City and went to Vice City with Maria. They bought a business with the money that Claude made during 2001. 


Tommy: Now 66 years old, Vice City is his sand box. He's still living in the Vercetti Estate, he married Mercedes his father in law Juan Cortez died in the Early 2000s / Late 90s. He is now retired in his house with his wife, and still hangs out with Ken.


CJ: He ran LS 'till 1999, when Toni Cipriani was sent to kill him for revenge for the Casino Heist. Now his brother Sweet runs Los Santos.


Toni Cipriani: He became the Don of the Leone in 2001, but the family was already semi-wiped out by Claude, so the remaining member dropped their flag, some moved to San Andreas, some in Vice City and some formed a small time gang. So he eventually retired and expanded the family restaurant with the 0.5 Mil Sal gave him.


Vic: He died.

Niko (Deal): He moved in with Mallorie to support her and Roman Jr. and in 2013, he got killed by the Russian Mob, which was taken over by an old friend of Dimitri, who eventually found him and killed him.


Niko (Revenge): He lived in his penthouse in Middle Park and found a girl on Love-Meet.net. Now he is married to that woman and still hangs out with Roman, Mallorie and their son, Roman Jr.


Michael (A): He cut all ties with Franklin and in 2014 he moved to Vice City, to finally, really retire, and forget the past.


Michael ©: He is living happily with his family in Los Santos and is now retired.


Franklin (A, B): He is now living in his mansion in LS, with no friends, Lamar ditched him after he found out that he killed Mike/Trev, and now regrets everything.


Franklin ©: He still hangs out with Mike and Trev.


Trevor (B): He cut all ties to Franklin. In 2014 he went crazy and killed him to avenge Michael and in 2015 he went insane because of what happened, regretted everything and one day, OD'd on Meth.


Trevor ©: He lives in Sandy Shore, he's expanded TP Industries to Las Venturas and San Fierro and still hangs out with Mike and Frank.

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Posted 22 March 2017 - 06:38 PM Edited by bananaking13, 22 March 2017 - 06:51 PM.

Toni: The Leones liquidate, leading to the creation of a new gang: The Ciprianis. As you can tell, their leader is Toni. He buys the whole City like monopoly and wipes out any opposition gangs. The Forellis return to San Andreas. He later on goes to kill Claude, Phil and Maria in order to take revenge over Salvatore's death. Rest is explained in Tommy and CJ's sections.


Claude: He, Maria and Phil hide in Phil's basement. Toni finds Claude while hunting inside, so the four go on a boat chase and Toni kills them for being fugitive aid and Claude for being Claude.


CJ: He rules San Andreas, with no rivals around him. In regards of his post-game life, he kills all six girlfriends because "he could" while then he encounters Toni. Toni kills CJ, and takes control of his empire, but Sweet pulls him out of San Andreas. Toni is still on the run and Grove Street are still searching for him. Toreno also gets involved by phoning Sweet to do him jobs in order to find Toni and take over Liberty. Sweet agrees and takes over Liberty City. The rest is explained in Tommy's section.


Tommy: He marries Mercedes, and lives alone as Carrington has been decomposed into urine by Donald Love, Ken was dumped on for being a liability and Lance was long dead. He takes over Starfish Island while the Cubans and Haitians keep a war ongoing. He quits the crime life as his life depends on legal assets, but resumes the monopoly as the purchases never end. He later on meets CJ and buys Zero's RCs.


Vic: Turns out to be alive and then goes to Tommy's house and kills him for killing his brother. He takes over Vice City once again and then he lives a happy life after stealing Mercedes from Tommy. He later on visits Colombia because he was told so by a hitman for a drug deal but it was an ambush and he gets burned alive, however, he shoots the leader of the enemy before everyone dies.


Mike: He brings 8-Ball with him to Colombia and the two live there in a crimeless life. He gets killed by Victor Vance because Mike's attempts to return to America were miserable.


Lee: He gets scoped out by Wade so that he can preserve his lack of corruption. 


Niko: Niko, Roman, Mallorie and Roman Jr. all live together in one mansion where the taxi cabs are based on and the drug factory is built. However a thug comes up with an 8-ball car and plants it inside the drug factory which included explosives. The thug kills an enemy and takes his clothes, then meets Niko and tells him to check out the factory for a "huge surprise". Thinking it's a great thing, he brings the three others to see the revolutionary moment. The thug goes to the toilet and bombs the place, killing all of them but Roman Jr. Roman Jr. grows up on the mean streets without an arm and from that point the H3D universe was born.


Johnny: A necrophile does his thing on Johnny and then takes a dump inside his mouth. He later on gets taken by a trash van and is thrown into a junk yard, that is before a tiger comes and eats Johnny. A beggar later on came and ate Johnny's meat.


Luis: He tries to beef with Franklin for ruining Poppy's career but Franklin kills him and his three allies for attempting to kill him, so he's a dead man.


Franklin: After the events of GTA V, Franklin and Trevor both go on a mission of collecting legal assets but after an asset refused to sell for even very high prices, Franklin kills him but somebody snitches on them. The police chase Franklin and Trevor to a building. Franklin dies after that.


Trevor: He and Franklin get surrounded in a building after the police come up. A helicopter attempts to escort them but it's taken down. To preserve his dignity, Trevor kills Franklin and commits suicide.


Michael: The canon ending was B.

There is nothing wrong with death  :lol: it's coming for us all, let's just mtry to make it earlier :sui:  :)

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Posted 23 March 2017 - 01:18 AM

og loc: exposed during the cutthroat mission for being a fraud and a perpetrator.  is now currently a homeless busta  seen roaming around Vespucci beach spitting wack rhymes for change on the Vespucci strip.

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Posted 24 March 2017 - 04:35 PM

og loc: exposed during the cutthroat mission for being a fraud and a perpetrator.  is now currently a homeless busta  seen roaming around Vespucci beach spitting wack rhymes for change on the Vespucci strip.

"Will Rap for food"

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Posted 29 March 2017 - 01:15 AM

Claude: he probably is still doing jobs as a hitman and stealing cars and stuff although less of what he did in GTA 3.

Tommy: chasing people with chainsaws. (what else would he be doing?)

CJ: rich, fat depressed enough said.

Niko: bowling with his cousin.

Trevor: guy probably got himself killed knowing his lifestyle. Either that or crying becuase he is out of soap.

Franklin: rich fat depressed. (same as CJ)

Micheal: enjoying quality time with his son, daughter and wife by spending quality time I mean throwing a controller into a TV, dropping off Amanda and giving Tracy 1000$.

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Posted 29 March 2017 - 02:59 AM

Claude: Probably left the town after the events of GTA III. He either returned back to San Andreas or ended up somewhere where he lives for the rest of his life.

Tommy: Runs Vice City for as long as he can. Gets old and passes his mantle to someone else for his succession. Gets old and dies.

Carl Johnson: Left the Ghetto lifestyle and went out of the hood. Spent the rest of his time doing business on legal front in various parts of San Andreas. Makes some good profit in The Four Dragons at LV. He expands the San Fierro Car business and hands it over to Cesar.

Toni: Becomes the successor to Salvatore. Rules for a few years until the LFM is wiped out by the Yakuza, Triads and Diablos who take over their territories. Toni is shot dead as well.

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Posted 30 March 2017 - 04:58 PM Edited by ClaudeSpeed1911, 30 March 2017 - 11:56 PM.

GTA1 protagonists: Some are alive, some are dead.


GTA London: Same but some died of old age.


Claude Speed: My theory for how GTA2 began was that Claude was in a coma after being shot by the Zaibatsu hitman and wakes up "Three weeks into the future" in Anywhere City. After he tricks all the gangs into killing each other he lives as the king of the city.


Claude: Still in the crime life doing jobs after killing Maria for bringing him trouble.


Tommy: Still living, might have gone more legit.


Mike: Living in Colombia, might still be a criminal.


CJ: A pop icon. Similiar to the guy who looks like him on the billboard in GTA4.


Toni: I think he retired and won't go after Claude because of the way Sal treated him in LCS. Maybe he became the Godfather is another theory since he seems to have ambition.


Vic Vance: Either dead or like I wish it would be, he is alive taking care of Louise's daughter like she is his daughter after marrying a nice woman.


Niko: Living with Roman a peaceful life after getting over Kate and marrying a woman. If Roman died then he took over the taxi depot and is taking care of Mallorie and her baby which is his reason for living.


Johnny: Dead. If it were up to me he would have crushed Trevors trailer with Trevor inside the first time he had sex with Ashley and dumped her. He also wouldn't be a meth head.


Luis: Working with Tony and maybe became an equal partner with him after opening many clubs all over the world.


Huang Lee: Took over as the triad boss and is living the life.


Michael: Living as a producer.


Franklin: Still doing crime to become a crimeboss one day.


Trevor: His body was eaten by crows.


Edit: Added Huang Lee, how has he slipped my mind? The guy is funny and awesome.

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Posted 30 March 2017 - 07:37 PM

Well Mr Philips rose up to a higher calling, he now is the second of command of an organisation of debt collectors offering certain services and protection to many smaller groups in their territory, you either repaid their services by giving them half your stuff or things will get messy, oh by the way, he felt he was more of a Simon than a Trevor.


Micheal, erm messy stuff, he flat lined after eating a burger from burger shot....


Luis, he had a one night stand with a girl who was a little mentally unstable, when I say a little I mean she drugged him and was seen dragging him into her car and that's the last we saw of Luis


Niko wonders around Liberty City miserably mourning the loss of Roman, he tried to get into a new relationship with that special someone but his inability to stop blaming himself for Romans death caused him to be emotionally unavailable and the two split, he spends most nights thinking about the time they had together, re-read old emails, looked at family photos, wishing he'd get a call "Hey Niko, lets go bowling" wishing he could of done something different (Revenge).

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Posted 30 March 2017 - 09:31 PM Edited by Queen Elizabeth II, 30 March 2017 - 09:34 PM.

All characters from GTA V are dead due to overdose. Seriously, what more do they deserve?


Terrible people!

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Posted 03 April 2017 - 01:06 AM

Claude: Returned to San Fierro to lay low, but died mysteriously in 2006 at home


Tommy: Very old and rich, owns the VC Mambas football team and other legit businesses


CJ: Still Madd Dogg's manager, husband of Denise, father of Carl Jr., 21 and Beverly, 18


Toni: Died in 2007, weighing 650 lbs.


Vic: Just bones now


Niko: Running Roman's Taxi with Roman


Johnny: On Trevor's boot


Luis: Died of drug overdose in club in 2015


Michael: Working on Tracey's film debut, Meltdown 2


Franklin: LS' #1 Private Taxi Driver. Owns the towing company but has Lamar run it


Trevor: Making Old Spice commercials  Still running TPE/TPI with Ron



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Posted 03 April 2017 - 02:17 AM

Claude: Moved from Liberty City due to most of the gangs wanting him killed. Now does a few jobs in Carcer City but not as much as he did in 2001.

Tommy: Married Mercedes, had a son, and passed the mantle to him in 2011 when he finally retired from his life of crime.

CJ: A major businessman, owning casinos in Venturas, banks in Liberty City and Los Santos. Lives in the Vinewood Hills with his wife and children. Still has connections with Sweet, Kendle and Cesar.

Toni: Became the Don of the Leone Family. Until he was later whacked by a Hitman ordered from another rising mob family. Joey Leone takes over the family.

Victor: Decomposing in the bottom of the ocean.

Niko: Got over Kate's death and meets a woman who he gets married with. Has a baby coming on the way, also works as a driver for Roman's Taxi Business.

Johnny: In the bottom of Trevor's boot.

Luis: Still working as a bodyguard for Tony.

Michael: A famous movie producer, being apart of major successful Vinewood blockbuster movies. Is finally having a happy life with his wife and children while Jimmy and Tracey are both in College.

Franklin: Living alone in his house in Vinewood Hills, gains a lot of weight. Lamar loses respect for him.

Trevor: Expands TP Interprises all over the US. Is massively wealthy while STILL living in his trailer in Sandy Shores. Still hangs out with Michael after the game's finale.

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Posted 20 April 2017 - 11:16 PM

3D Era:


Claude - Who knows? Killing bosses, betraying people and being silent.


Tommy - Still being the biggest criminal in Vice City.


CJ - He is rich as f*ck by the end of the game, maybe a producer for Madd Dogg?


Mike - Having a peaceful life in Colombia with Vinnie's money, retired from crime.


Toni - The head of the Mafia, as Salvatore is dead and Joey is unlikely to assume the family.


Victor - Rest in peace, brother. Trully underrated protagonist.



HD Era:


Niko - Implied to be retired from the life of crime, maybe he was active until 2013, as Lester mentions him in GTA V.


Johnny - Lost, but not forgotten. Should never has been killed.


Luis - Tricky, maybe he stayed in LC to expand and take care of the club management.


Huang - Possibly the leader of the Liberty City Triads by now.


Michael - Got his last big score, can finally live in peace with his family. Ain't that beautiful?


Trevor - Anything, seriously. TP Industries expanded bussiness.


Franklin - Maybe pulling scores with Lamar and -maybe- with CGF.

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Posted 22 April 2017 - 12:50 AM Edited by Toreno6901, 22 April 2017 - 12:54 AM.

Spliced cut scene meaning that this protag are really alive
until today , although the scene where they died are all part
of the GTA games.
Johnny Klebitz is still alive despite Trevor's actions Johnny came out
alive after all.
Trevor failed to kill Johnny, that is The Truth wisdom for u!
Believe in --The Truth --who knows all secrets of the game.

"Nine years after the fateful heist, Trevor finds out that Michael faked his death, and is so spooked and enraged that he breaks the truce and kills most of his competition in one burst of violence, a deadly streak that continues when a potential game-changing deal with the Triads falls through"


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Posted 22 April 2017 - 05:16 AM

Michael faked his own death.

Johnny feigned his death by ketchup , Trevor did a satirical stunt
helping Klebitz get away with his counterfeit death.
Now Johnny leads The Lost MC and is in hiatus.

Trevor P. had to make gamers believe he murdered Johnny.
Now Trevor still is doing biz with the Triads.

Vic Vance or Pete Vance was killed in action, after being involve in a job
with the White Stallionz, Bryan Forbes.

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Posted 25 April 2017 - 07:25 AM

CJ is still dead after Toni killed him, which explains why he had to leave Liberty City before LCS :V

Also, didn't Tony move to some spa town in the southwest instead of back to Dukes?

Toni did the job like a pro now finally we got rid of that gangbanger
CJ is out.
Now it is time for Vic Vance to join
CJ .

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