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DLC Ideas Wishlist Topic

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  • BanhaGTA

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Posted 4 days ago

I wish more sports bikes and the classic VW Beetle









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  • REXX

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Posted 4 days ago

^A Kawasaki Ninja N2R would do my girl lovely. I mean I can definately see a Nagasaki Samurai R2N in GTAO :D
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  • sleepwalk1980


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Posted 4 days ago

Mmm yes Kawasaki Ninja would be sweet!

And +1 on the VW beetle - plenty of customisation options too.


Maybe some sort of VW Rally update. Modified hotrods and the like.

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  • AlbanyEsperanto

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Posted 4 days ago

Mine wishlist are Taxi DLC, customize any 4door sedan, SUV to be as taxi cab, adding gloeing 'TAXI' logo, acsseories etc but not unable to kill driver.
My cars wishlist:
1. Harmes from Vice city with fire livery by Cubans
2. Oceanic from Vice city
3. Albany Esperanto from IV (possibly including Declasse Merit and Shyster PMP 600)
4. Admiral from Vice city to mark him as Benefactor Admiral Classic before hes succeswd by Dundreary
5. Grotti Rumpo Classic from GTA VC or SA which is based on first gen Fiat Ducato
6. Panto from GTA 3 as Yugo.
7. Rimac concept S or One (mqnufactured by Croatian Company but not by others companies like Grotti, Truffade, Progen etc)
8. Declasse Burrito (both gens) to be customizable
9. Lost slamvan
Abillites:driving train, bowling, open Casino at Vinewood race track, Jetpack, enterable buildings, Dirtyproof pain (it stops your car getting dirty by mud, rain)
Map:North Yankton including rent a car, all of him who appears on NY, Stockade, Asea, Emperor, Fieldmaster etc
Thats my all wishlist but my favorites are Albany Esperanto, North Yankton and DLC.

Still waiting for 3speranto....

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