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Gameplay Ideas Wishlist Topic

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  • ryannata

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Posted 3 weeks ago

Would love to see a business where we have to sell submarine for 500k solo like the SP missions scenario



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  • VictorVance1239


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Posted 2 weeks ago

Imagine how crazy it would be if a NPC pedestrian popped up on the map on rare occasion carrying 1 million dollars in their pocket. Everyone would probably stop what they're doing every time and go for the kill. 


I'd imagine Rockstar would equip this Ped with so much skill to make it challenging plus protection. I think it be really fun. 


Another idea I've thought about is the player being the one putting the money on the pedestrian. Imagine gambling your own money in a room full of players by putting it on a ped then you have to protect them as they take it to the destination in order for you to double the amount.


Stuff like that just might be better than a Casino.

Happy Hunter
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Posted 2 weeks ago

I want a reticle for bombs.



Also of course, buff the bombs. Always buff the bombs.

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  • xwinkx_girlYakuza

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Posted 2 weeks ago

^ this  :lol:

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  • THC

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Posted 2 weeks ago

What would be cool is if we could get different colored armbands like a red armband for example and you can put your crew emblem on it.

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  • ryannata

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Posted A week ago

This could make hunter even more happier "bomb sight"



  • ryannata

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Posted 4 days ago

Guns for hire like in farcry 5 or like gang members in GTA SA would be nice





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  • AndyC-M

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Posted 2 days ago

not sure if this has already been mentioned in this thread, but the ability to hold 2x uzi's at once, obviously the target point would have to be the same one for both guns, but image the carnage, and it would look awesome.


another idea, bit probably more for gta6, that if the single player is going to have 2x protagonists, then have the ability to have the other 2 spaces for the 2x online characters, its currently a long winded process to switch between the two.

  • kcole4001

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Posted A day ago Edited by kcole4001, A day ago.

A bombsight would be quite nice.

I'd be willing to have to pay for it as an upgrade, that way anyone who feels they are good enough without it don't have to buy it.


Also, I'd like to be able to customize the artwork in my apartments.

For paintings/wall hangings be able to upload images, and a choice of items displayed on shelves/tables, etc.

A choice of wall color would be nice as well.

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