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Posted 3 days ago

If Rockstar are looking for ways to make players happy and soak up some GTA$ in the process, they might consider adding Ballistic Recovery Systems (parachutes) to various airplanes and (possibly?) choppers:




Might come in handy for those times when you're e.g. Cargobobbing an Import/Export vehicle, and your engines tank--might save some damage to the vehicle. Cases like that.

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  • Zane_drak

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Posted 2 days ago


  • Skeve613

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Posted A day ago

I would like DLC NASCAR :-D



At least in NASCAR, you'd expect other people to intentionally bump and ram you as part of normal racing  :lol:

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Unicorn Cupcwakes
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Posted 7 hours ago

Remodel North Yankton

Pls add a Dlc to use the airport to automatically fly to the remodeled North Yankton if im spelling that correctly lol. But that would be a good dlc. Its like a map expansion pack but in another dimension.

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Posted 7 hours ago

DLC business idea.  Steal cars and part them out.  When players upgrade their car they can come to your shop for stolen parts for much less than L&S Customs.  You get the money but Rockstar taxes you and gets their cut of course.  If you are a hard worker and steal enough cars you should have a lot of parts and people give you a high rating.  If you're lazy and have nothing to offer people give you a poor rating.  Something like that....

Big Molio
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Posted 3 hours ago

I would like for the Rockstar Editor to have more flexible camera options. You should be able to place the camera wherever you like in relation to the subject, because that would allow for longer tracking shots and shots where cars come into view from the distance and past the camera etc instead of going out of range. It's really good, the editor, but it definitely has its limitations. 

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