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Gameplay Ideas Wishlist Topic

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  • DaveyGravy


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Posted 2 weeks ago

For the next GTAO game I would love the following....


And before people say that heists might not be in GTAVI, then just assume for whatever new mode it is that they add. 


1: Ability to search for new gamers to join your heist/mission when others quit out rather than having to reload everything all over again. 


2: Ability to search for specific heists setups of finales. So for example a screen would show a top 20 of what is currently being played and waiting to be filled and then you can join the exact setup or finale you want to. 


3: Ability to own any type of apartment with a decor that suits you with the option for a heist setup room on the side. This way you could have a proper s**thole looking house but then have a clean heist room which wouldn't require Rockstar to dick about with the cutscenes and changing backgrounds etc. 


4: Put stuff like arcade machines, pinball, fruit machines into your property. Not for massive cash wins but just to play something away from the normal online modes. Maybe throw in a couple of 2 player arcade games to invite someone round and get involved in. 


5: Bring back the nitro boost for all cars like in San Andreas, as well as add bullet proof glass. Its boring using the Karuma and would much prefer to see loads of individual cars to be able to feature bullet proof glass and stuff rather than just seeing or using the same car. 


6: Lots more contact missions and placed in order in the job section. 


7: Better melee combat for some awesome 1v1 fights online. 

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  • tipikgamer

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Posted 2 weeks ago

i want server browser

matchmaking system so bad

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No display name = This
  • No display name = This

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Posted A week ago Edited by No display name = This, A week ago.

I wish there were more missions.

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  • Sanches

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Posted A week ago

do they consider what I write here?

More likely they're reading their emails.
This thread is more for expressing your wishes, if you really want to see something you like in a game, then you should contact Rockstar via email.

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Posted A week ago Edited by _47_, A week ago.

Remove player blips from map

5 min Cooldown timer for spawning oppressors in an MC

passive income.

Big Molio
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Posted 4 days ago

Random NPC things happening that require player co-operation or for you to just take part. These would be by notification, for example.


BRRR BRRR (phone) "We've got word that a large convoy of Lost bikers are heading towards Los Santos! This may be bad for business, you need to stop them reaching the city"


BRRR BRRR "A mass brawl has broken out at the Yellow Jacket Inn. Get over there and stop the Lost before they smash the place up. But no guns! We don't want any heat from the cops"


BRRR BRRR "We are hearing that Leroy Beckett has broken out of Bollinbroke. This is bad. If he makes it to his contacts and disappears, we are all in trouble. The cops think he is hiding out somewhere in Blaine County. Find him before they do"


BRRR BRRR "A riot has broken out downtown, take some fire engines and quell this little uprising before the mayor locks down the city and stops us all from doing business!"


BRRR BRRR "We are hearing that Sebastian Fulton III has died and left $1m to the first person to locate his fortune! Get over to his mansion and speak to his butler, he will pass on the first clue"


That kind of thing...

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Posted 4 days ago

Some penalty for players who leave on their own during heist missions.

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Posted 4 days ago

It would be awesome if your markers came up as a HUD instead of only on the map. To overlay the nav path right on the road would solve so many accidents from looking down at the map.

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Posted 3 days ago Edited by Piro, 3 days ago.


- First they added clean ufo with I/E and they never rly used it... Maybe they had plans to use if for that crash site but later they decided that they need a better model? or maybe they will use if in the future for something? only time will tell.
- Then with GunRunning they added that broken ufo, crash site mission and that empty script for bunkers
- Nothing related to aliens with SmugglersRun (enough time for people to grind those supply missions)
- Maybe next dlc adds the reward for the egg? I have no idea what that would be but... It could be cool.
What I would want? 
- ufo abducts you
- you give them the egg back  
- they are grateful for your kindness 
- from now on you can request ufo abductions on other players. Basically it would work just like a mugger but... way better.
It would teleport a grifer (even when he's inside a car) to a random place on map. He would wake up with no car, no clothes and compliantly drunk (they could reuse animations from Trevor)

and since it would require you to unlock that alien egg mission first it would be a very exclusive feature.

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