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GTA Underground: Suggestions

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Posted 6 days ago Edited by TarRebririon, 6 days ago.

1. Rampages for San Andreas and Mainland Liberty
2. VCS lights for Vice City buildings, airport and skyscrapers
3. Making waters in Vice City more light and reflective from Beta
4. Bus Shelters for Vice City and Liberty City
5. Add Tazer weapon
6. Add MC Tommy outfit from Vice City which were cut in Beta
7. add Brigham vehicle from GTA I to UG
8. Ability to drinking in Umberto's cafe
9. Add Chinatown area for Vice City, which would fitting a bit
10. Add Switch Character Wheel and also their cutscene situations for protangonists when switched to them (from GTA V)
11. Add RC boats
12. Making every airports from each city have an accessible interior much like Escobar IA from Vice City
13. Add Mount Rushmore parody called as Mount Dashmore for UG. Making it one of UG's famous wonders
14. Add Taxi-Race side-missions
15. Add Parkour Checkpoint side-missions

VC need a Chinatown as in GTA VC, TV fought a few triads. So if they do not have a base in Vac, why do they enter VC? Let Chinatown be their base and located on the outskirts of the city.

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Working car dealerships

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