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Posted 19 January 2017 - 02:19 PM Edited by K^2, 4 weeks ago.

What Is This Topic About?

This topic serves as an all in one collection regarding Web Hosting, Forum Softwares, Userscripts, Coding and much more. Lets get started. Feel free to suggest improvements. smile.gif

Web Hosting
A web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web. Web hosts are companies that provide space on a server owned or leased for use by clients, as well as providing Internet connectivity, typically in a data center. Web Hosting can be classified further into Free and Premium/Paid Hosting.
+ Free Web Hosting
  • 110mb || Really good options for the free service, but also allows paid options.
  • 125mb || Good option for Free hosting.
  • x10Hosting || 3 simple steps for setting up your own site.
  • 000webhost || Another great free host that offers paid options aswell.
  • 2FreeHosting || One of the best free host that offers unlimited disk space, sql databases and even domain transfer.
  • AwardSpace || Also offers paid options with Unlimited disk space, domains, sql databases & auto-installer.
  • Batcave.net || Also offers paid options.
  • Byethost || Excellent Free hosting with Vista Panel.
  • HostHelpers || Free hosting with professional grade features.
  • Webs.com || Again, offers paid options.
  • Tripod || WYSIWYG Web designer.
+ Paid Web Hosting
  • 123-regs || Alot of options available for paid hosting, and other tools available aswell.
  • NameCheap || Paid options for Hosting and Domains, comes with free E-Mail, URL forwarding and more.
  • x10Premium || Paid options from x10Hosting with excellent uptime and support.
  • Hostgator || My favorite one which is one of the leading and award winning paid hosts with local customer support, unlimited disk, sql, domain and email services.
  • T1Hosting || Decent paid options.
  • A Small Orange || Allows you to build your own package.
+ Domain Services
  • .Dot.TK || .tk domain registration that allows nameservers by simply giving them your E-Mail address, you can control your domain.
  • Unonic || Various options available.
  • VZE || Both sub-domain and domain support.
  • O-F || Only one option avilable, but very short.
  • Free Domain.co.nr || Only offers .co.nr.
  • CJB || Offers image hosting aswell.
  • Joynic || No comment as site is uder maintenance.
  • Ulimit || Lots of options avilable.
  • NotLong || .Notlong.com is only available option.
  • No-IP || Offers paid for options aswell.
  • VV.CC || Offers free hosting plus a free E-Mail. Check site for more information.
  • .co.cc || Only allows the .co.cc domain option, but free.
  • FreeDNS || Hundreds of options, all completely free.
Forum Hosting
An Internet forum software, or message board, is an online discussion site software where people can hold conversations in the form of posted messages. They differ from chat rooms in that messages are often longer than one line of text.

+ Free Forum Hosting
  • InvisionFree || Runs on IPB v1.3, and one of the most used free forums.
  • Jcink || Runs on IPB v2.3, software.
  • Zetaboards || From the makers of InvisionFree, forums allow for infinite sub-forums, multiple add-ons and themes, and great support.
  • ProphpBB || Run on the latest version of phpBB.
  • phpBB.net || Run on the latest version of phpBB, allows modifications as well.
  • FreeForums.org || Runs on phpBB, and offers hundreds of pre-installed tools and themes.
  • Forumer.com || Runs on phpBB, and again, offers pre-installed themes to get you started.
  • FreeForums.org || Runs on phpBB, and offers hundreds of pre-installed tools and themes.
  • Free SMF Hosting || Runs on SMF, offering numberous mods and themes.
  • CreateMyBB || Runs on MyBullentinBoard. Has custom plugins and themes to choose from.
  • IcyBoards || Runs on MyBB. Most widely used free MyBB Hosting yet.
+ Forum Software
  • phpBB || Download the phpBB software here, and find links to hosts.
  • VBulletin || Download the VBulletin software here.
  • Phorum || Check the link for all the information you need on this software. There is also a demo of the software available on the home page.
  • SMF || SMF stands for Simple Machines Forum. Very professional looking forum software that even has lots of tools to customize your forum on their site.
  • MyBB || Another smart looking forum software that allows for customisation.
  • xenForo || Social. Engaging. Fast. XenForo brings a fresh outlook to forum software.
  • WoltLab Burning Board || The 4th generation of our established forum software provides an excellent user experiences using the best available technologies.
  • Invision Power Board || State of art forum software, used by GTAForums and other professional forums.
+ Forum Services
  • InvisionModding || Another community offering all your IPB needs, from themes to mods and tools.
  • IPBFocus || Professional themes, but comes at a price. confused.gif
  • ZetaBoards & InvisionFree || The official community forum for Zetaboards and InvisionFree, with access to hundreds of themes, mods, tools and support.
  • ZetaboardThemes || Not many, but has quite a few nice looking themes for Zetaboards.
  • Outline || Another personal favourite of mine for Zetaboards themes, mods, tools etc.
  • MyBB Central || Offers mods and plugins for MyBB.
  • MyBB Mods || Official mods and plugins site for MyBB.
Coding Tutorials
+ HTML Tutorials
  • CodeTutorial || Has everything you need to know here.
  • EchoEcho || Easy to navigate site.
  • Tizag || Another site with everything you need to know.
  • HTMLDog || Great guide for beginners.
  • W3 Schools || Excellent guides and examples for beginners.
+ BBCode Tutorials+ CSS Tutorials
  • CSSTutorial.net || Apparently has everything you need to get you started in minutes.
  • EchoEcho || Lots of guides and tutorials.
  • W3 Schools || Excellent guides and examples for beginners.
  • Codeacademy || Easy starter guides and examples for beginners.
+ PHP & MySQL Tutorials
  • PHPFreaks || Useful guides on PHP.
  • CodeWalkers || Lots of handy tutorials.
  • PHP.net || More PHP tutorials.
  • Talk PHP || "TalkPHP is more than just a resource for PHP related information. Here at TalkPHP, we pride ourselves on our friendly, active and experienced community. From beginners to professionals, everyone will find something to talk about at TalkPHP."
  • W3 Schools || Excellent guides and examples for beginners.
+ Javascript Tutorials
  • Javascriptkit || Great list of tutorials on here.
  • PageResource || Tutorials, plus the chance to just copy and paste pre-designed code.
  • W3 Schools || Excellent guides and examples for beginners.
+ Code Prototyping
  • GitHub Gist || Create and share code snipets.
  • IDE One || Prototype and test code for number of languages, including C++, Java, PHP, Python, and many others.
File/Image Hosting Resources
+ Free Image Hosting
  • Imgur || Quite easily one of the simplest and best image hosts there is. Allows you to either upload from your computer or drag & drop your image onto the page.
  • Imageshack || Decent storage and image hosting.
  • Photobucket || Unlimited storage on your account.
  • TinyPic || Another simple-to-use image uploader. Allows for upload of videos aswell.
+ Free File Hosting
  • Filedropper || Allows for free hosting of files up to 5gb.
  • YouSendIt || No file host as such, just allows you to send files to Emails.
  • Rapidshare || Just create an account and get hosting.
  • MediaFire || Includes a Drag & Drop feature.
  • TinyUpload || Another file hosting site, from makers of tinypic.
  • Mega || Widely popular and from the creators of the famous MegaUpload. Fast & Reliable file hosting.
+ Graphics Tutorials
  • Pixel2Life || One of my personal favourite sites back in the day.
  • Tutorialized || Lots of graphic programs covered.
  • PSD.Tutsplus || Very professional looking site with great PS tutorials.
  • Good-Tutorials || Personally use this site alot, since it's a databse of all tutorials.
  • GFX Tutorial Archive || Compliation of all tutorials from GTAForums.
+ Stock Image Resources
  • DeviantArt || Had to be first on the list. Find various images and whatnot on this amazing site.
  • IStockPhoto || Requires payment.
  • SXC || Free images can be found here.
  • GettyImages || Used by ALOT of publishing companies, these images can be free or paid-for.
FTP Applications
+ Windows+ MacFree Text Editors
+ Text EditorsGTAForums Tools
+ Add-Ons & DownloadsCredits & Reference Links
+ CreditsPlease do note that I've collected the best and most popular links and deleted the outdated ones. I'll try keeping the topic regularly updated. PM me if you want anything added or just put it in the topic. :)
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Posted 21 June 2017 - 08:52 AM Edited by K^2, 4 weeks ago.

A little error I believe...

+ Windows

"SmartFTP || Free FTP App" is written twice. Fixed, K^2

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