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Resident Evil 7 - Biohazard

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Posted A week ago


​My only complaint so far is the voice actor for Ethan is poor. Example is when you first discover Mia in the cell and you wake her up. Ethan hasn't seen his wife in over 3 years and finally finds her and there is hardly any emotion coming out of Ethan. Seriously? Show some love dude. You got your wife back. Granted... she's not the same. One other worry of mine is that I'm the type of player that loves to take their time to fully explore every inch of rooms in linear games like these. So, I'm worried that in certain scenes I'll be getting chased by Jack or someone else and that will leave me no time to fully explore an area and I'll just have to run past it. Hopefully it doesn't come down to that. 


Ethan's pretty stock IMO. Barely shows any emotion. I know not all characters need to be mercenaries and whatnot, but I think they could've injected some more character in him.



Especially considering every other character's voice actor/actress does a stellar job for their role, like how Jack Baker is priceless.


Like stated above, I wish we could have played as Clancy instead of Ethan.  Would have made the experience even better.  Clancy is our real hero.

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Posted 6 days ago

I loved this game. Before playing this, I had myself a series playthrough (of all the games I have, anyway - I'm still missing 2 and 3), and while I actually kind of liked RE 6, despite its glaring flaws, this was exactly the right direction to take with the series. Despite the first-person perspective and largely different, more self-contained story and setting, this game is classic Resident Evil. Exploring a huge creepy enemy-filled area while solving puzzles is what made me love this series, and seeing it back after a couple games straying from the formula is a huge treat. I really enjoyed the story too, and even found it emotionally involving. 




There are a few issues I had. Most of all, it's just too short. There's not enough of it! There's only so much you can do with a story mainly set on a single homestead, but maybe make each Baker's "episode" (best way I can describe how it works... Jack stalks you in episode 1, Marguerite stalks you in episode 2, etc. etc.) last longer, and maybe expand the setting to include more of the surrounding swamps and forests. Enemy variety's pretty lacking, too - I LOVED the Bakers and even the Molded (for my money, they're the freakiest enemies since the Ooze in RE Revelations), but the game could have used maybe some infected animals (and GATORS), and maybe more Molded varieties. 




And yeah, Ethan himself isn't the most interesting of protagonists, and he reacts with a little too much snarky detachment at points for me to really immerse myself as him. It is kinda funny how he just sounds so done with this whole situation, but I'd have rather had him show more nervousness and fear. And yeah, I felt far more immersed in the brief segments when I was playing as Clancy.




But for what it is, I thought this game more than delivered. I don't play a lot of horror games (I'm a chicken), so this is probably tamer compared to something like Silent Hill, but I can say that this is easily the most scared I've ever felt playing a game. Specifically, it was the scene where you go into the basement for the first time. I eventually grew kinda callous to all the horrors going on, but this was the first time I'd dealt with so many Molded in a pretty small area, and yeah, it was intense.


This might ruffle some old-time fans' feathers, but I also think that first-person is the best choice of gameplay for the series. Don't get me wrong, I love the classic fixed camera angles (atmospheric as hell) and RE4's groundbreaking third-person shooting, but when it comes to actually putting you in the moment and scaring you, first-person is the way to go IMO. One of my scariest gaming moments was in the REmake, when I went into that one hallway you find the first zombie in later in the game, only to suddenly be blindsided by a f*cking Crimson Head! I kinda screamed, no joke :p But just imagine that, and so many other classic RE moments like the L-shaped hallway, Yawn and the giant spiders, in first-person. GAH. It also lets you get a better look at pretty much everything while exploring, which I love.


Anyway, great game.

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Posted 6 days ago Edited by OnceAgainYoungFitzpatrick, 6 days ago.

I just finished RE 7 today. Took me 4 days and just over 10 hours to finish it. I didn't have a problem with the length. It was long enough to get your money's worth, but not so long where it ends up dragging (RE 6). And according to HowLongToBeat.com, most players finished RE 7 on an average of around 9 hours. Which is very close to the length of RE 0 and REmake. 

Source - https://howlongtobea...me.php?id=38051

*Spoilers below*


Overall, this is by far the best RE game I've played and I've played 0, REmake, 4, 5, Revelations 2, 6 and now 7. The first three areas of the game (guest house, main house, and old house) were by far the best, scariest, and most fun to explore parts of the game. I really wish they made these areas bigger and we could have spent more time in them. The houses were designed so well that they really felt like people were living in them. The 4 locations after that weren't as strong or scary. I know the "fanboys" still have their panties in a bunch over the move to first person, but I personally loved the move. This game would have been significantly worse if played in third person. The immersion would have been gone and the atmosphere not as eerie and creepy. I sincerely hope that Resident Evil 8 will continue with the first person perspective and the survival horror aspect continues. I'm also glad my worry of not being able to fully explore an area didn't come to fruition as I was able to fully explore every area in the game at my slow pace.

​One of the biggest positives I have for this game and one of the biggest contributions to the game's scariness was the extremely well done sound design. The sound design was at its peak when you're exploring the 3 different houses. So many little bangs and creaks in the background as you're walking around makes you paranoid that someone is close to you and you need to hide. I thought the boss battles were hit and miss. I liked the boss battle in the morgue with Jack. Chainsaw against chainsaw was a pretty unique and cool fight. The boss battle against Marguerite in the greenhouse was cool too. I did not like the boss battle against huge mutated Jack with all of the eyes though. That one was frustrating as it took me a while to get all of the eyes. Especially when it was down to 1 and 2 eyes left and it took me forever to find which one I was missing and having to shoot at the eye just at the perfect time. The Eveline boss battle at the very end was also pretty easy and not the best. But, I was also playing on the easiest difficulty, so maybe that's why. In the end, the Eveline and mutated Jack boss battles were just too over the top for me. I know Resident Evil games have always been over the top with their enemies, but I felt like this game was the closest to reality and the most serious and mature, so I was hoping the enemies would reflect that. And the enemies did until those two boss battles come and the enemies just turn into huge masses and all sense of reality is thrown out.

​I enjoyed Mia's character. I still think Ethan's voice actor did a bad job. When Mia and Ethan were in the helicopter at the end of the game and Ethan is telling Mia that he's glad she made it or whatever, he says it with literally no affection whatsoever. You're talking to your wife and the two of you just made it out of hell, show some freaking emotion. Give your wife a hug and kiss or something. I do agree that towards the second half, it did get a little more action-y and less scary. The scariest parts of the game were hiding from Jack and Marguerite. Once they were killed, all you had to deal with were the Molded and while they are somewhat creepy, you're never really all that scared due to knowing the Molded can be killed with a couple of bullets, when Jack and Marguerite could not be killed and all you could do was run or hide from them. I do agree that there should have been a larger variety of enemies. Other than the Bakers, the only other enemies I can remember were the Molded (and its few variations), the large flying bugs, and spiders. RE games always have a much larger variety of enemies than that. A small negative though.


Did anyone else feel like the overall visuals seemed a little muddy and grainy? No doubt this is the best looking Resident Evil has ever looked, but I just thought the filter over the visuals were grainy and muddy looking. I do know that the Xbox One version is the worst looking out of the three, so maybe that's why. 

​Not sure how I feel about the "Not A Hero" DLC being centered around Chris Redfield. Although, it is interesting that he introduced himself only as "Redfield" and not Chris. Which some think that means he's really not Chris Redfield. I'm probably in the minority here, but Chris Redfield is my least favorite protagonist. He was alright in REmake, but he was awful in 5 and 6. Chris's campaign was by far the worst campaign in RE 6 and he was as equally bad in RE 5. Chris is just so boring and one dimensional. He's your typical buff soldier military type that has no personality other than always being serious and wanting to getting the job done and nothing else matters. He's just not fun to play as. He's a bore and you could care less what happens to him. Leon is at least more interesting due to his complicated relationship with Ada and Leon being able to crack some jokes here and there. I'd rather have a DLC where you play as Mia or Ethan. I want to get to know them better and learn more about their story. Maybe even have the DLC center around the Bakers, as they were the most interesting characters in the game. I'm just hoping Chris is a lot more interesting this time around and has more of a character in this DLC. 


It was really nice seeing how many aspects of the old Resident Evil games they brought back. The useful maps with the colored doors telling you if they've been opened or not. The item boxes. The safe rooms. The safe room's theme (although this safe room theme was one of my least favorite, RE 4 still remains my favorite). Limited ammo. Item management. Puzzles. Large flying insects and spiders. And "fanboys" say RE 7 isn't a Resident Evil game  :facedesk:  I was satisfied with the ending. I got the good ending. I have no clue how ANYONE could have picked Zoe over Mia. Who the hell would pick some girl they JUST met over your own freaking wife? Granted, I still felt bad leaving her behind, since she was helping me throughout the story. But, in the end, it wouldn't have mattered if I picked Zoe anyway, as Eveline would have ended up killing Zoe and then I would have to kill my own wife. Anyone who got the bad ending, I'm sorry. That must have really sucked seeing that.


I would have liked a scene at the end where Mia and Ethan meet the Bakers after you've killed Eveline and they've returned to their normal selves and they thank you. Although, it is interesting that Lucas seem to have escaped after you outsmart him in the story and is still out there somewhere. I guess I'm not sure if Jack and Marguerite and Zoe are dead or alive? And I found it confusing how Eveline turned out to be granny?


This would be my order of the RE games I've played in order from best to worst. Note, I've enjoyed playing every one of them, although RE 6 and 5 have some major flaws. 

​RE 7, REmake, RE 0, RE 4, Revelations 2, RE 6, RE 5.


Looking forward to picking up the remaster of RE Revelations 1 in August and the RE 2 remake whenever that comes out. After those two are out, the only main RE games I wouldn't have played yet would be RE 3, and Code Veronica.

How is the Banned Footage Vol. 1 and 2? Does it expand on the main story or is it non-canon? Also looking forward to the extra story episode they're working on for RE 7 in addition to the "Not A Hero" DLC. Hopefully that story episode revolves around Mia or Ethan or Bakers.


Resident Evil 7 gets a 9 out of 10 from me. Can't wait to play this on an Xbox One X in 4K. Will be absolutely gorgeous. I recommend RE 7 to all RE and horror fans. You are doing a disservice to yourself if you haven't picked it up yet. I also hear the VR version is fantastic if you have a PlayStation VR headset. 

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