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Getting to N.O.E

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Posted 06 January 2017 - 01:11 AM Edited by Romny Hasagawa, 06 January 2017 - 01:26 AM.

I've finished every mission I can think of from C.R.A.S.H to Zero to Woozie to Caesar(as it stands minus St. Mark's Bistro as some say I'm required to complete N.O.E for that to appear) and of course every Los Santos mission from the first half of the game as well as every Caterina mission and so on.. I've spent the last 83 hours playing this game almost non-stop(excluding Learning to Fly when I had to take a 6 day break to compose myself after spending a total of 533 minutes trying to complete it with a Keyboard.. I don't recommend it)

Given that, I've completed Freefall, High Noon, Up, Up and Away, Key to Her Heart(Got the Keycard) It's been 9 in-game days and I'm still waiting on the call as a side note)

I was told that after Up, Up and Away it goes to N.O.E and with that information I took a trip all the way to Verdant Meadows from Los Santos Customs(lol) to do N.O.E only to find /two/ red circles in one spot at the Simulator station and when I step into them I get sent to the Parachute landing one which I previously completed and got an 83% on. (I managed 80% or higher on all of them except Barrel Roll where I got 100% on that) and I've completed Parachute three times with 74% and above(failed 3 times as well with 62% and below w/ one 0% because of outside interference) and it continues to tell me "retry". No continue at all.

Can anyone help here? I would like to refrain from SnP unless this problem consists for far longer than my patience will be able to manage. I've never beaten this game before and only played it countless times.

Please do help. Thank you very much.


EDIT: I suppose it helps to actually look around for once. I've found N.O.E .. NOE PROBLEM lmao

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Posted 06 January 2017 - 11:26 AM

There are FOUR missions that Must be completed at the Verdant Meadows Aerodrome.
They are all started in front of the Quonset Hut Hanger (where the Rustler is parked) across the tarmac west of the Tower. It should be marked by the Red "Bonfire" for starting missions.

Most players do it immediately after finishing the "Learning to Fly" since it is there.

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