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Posted 11 December 2016 - 03:21 PM

Right now, any and all DLC/content ideas get put into the "GTA Series" category, and I think it's kind of silly. 


There are loads of great and interesting ideas and concept threads out there, and we know that Rockstar DOES read them, so why not make a space for those people to share their concepts where they will be easier to find? I'm pretty sure we had that once, but I have no idea why it was reshuffled the way it is now.


Directory would be:


GTAForums > GTAOnline > Concepts and Ideas

Posting Guidelines:

1. DLC Concept threads shall be titled "[DLC Concept] (insert DLC title)".

2. Suggestions for individual changes to the game, i.e. "Please remove Herobrine", shall be titled "[Suggestion] Please Remove Herobrine".

3. DLC Concept threads must be fairly substantial. One paragraph does not a DLC concept make. DLC Concepts should also be based on a specific theme, i.e. "Nightlife DLC" or "Tuners DLC". Include things like new vehicles, clothing, weapons, jobs, and job types. DLC Concept threads that don't offer a fair amount of ideas will be locked or deleted.

4. Suggestion threads need to be more than a wish list. You need to make the case for every suggestion you're making. In other words, if you want Herobrine removed, you need to explain WHY, and how it will benefit the game. Suggestion threads that simply say "plz rockstar remove herobrine thx" will be deleted.

5. Constructive Criticism is encouraged. Do NOT flame someone for posting what you think is a "bad" idea. Any negative behavior in this sub forum will result in disciplinary action. If someone posts an idea you think is terrible, you may do one of two things: A) Offer polite suggestions on how to tweak it to make it better, or B) Don't reply. Telling someone their idea is bad or stupid or whatever is strictly forbidden.

6. In following with #5, let the mods/admins do their job. If someone makes a post that does not meet the guidelines, it's not your place to say anything. The mods will lock it or delete it soon enough. You posting in that thread brings it back to the top of the sub forum. Instead, just ignore it and let it sink until mods get around to dealing with it.

7. Do not steal other people's ideas. If you want to include their ideas into a thread of your own, give credit where it's due.



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Posted 12 December 2016 - 06:10 PM

We had a subforum like this at one point in the GTA series section. I'm not sure but I think it just didn't get the visitors needed to warrant its own subsection. But I've been away for a year or so when it got changed so take away from this what you want. :p

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