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Why does Lamar like Trevor but not Michael?

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Posted A week ago

Because he is jealous of Michael and Franklin's relationship.  <--correct answer

Cutter De Blanc
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Posted A week ago


Whatchu talkin about these guys are big homies


How did you do that? Mods?


I brought Michael outside during "The Third Way" and took a selfie

  • junkpile

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Posted 3 days ago

Lamar and Michael actually get along pretty well...
"Can you tell me where Bertolt Beach house is..."
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  • Sleepwalking

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Posted 3 days ago

I always wondered what if Lamar is sent to steal yellow suv instead of Franklin.

What would be the dialog between Michael and Lamar.

Gettin up
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Posted 2 days ago

They do not know each other and Trevor tells Michael is a traitor to him.

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