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GTA IV Patch Patch

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Posted A week ago

Apparently, someone did fix scripthook completely, but nobody knew about it. A friend got the link from FiveM devs, he then gave it to me to test it, and it spawned all cars and player models without any issues whatsoever. GET IT HERE.


Edit: EFLC seems to refuse to start for me with the fixed scripthook and snt at the same time.

Edit 2: Yeah, this only appears to work for IV, but not EFLC.


Thanks, will give it a try real soon. Its a shame it don't work for EFLC though !

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Posted A week ago

That's weird. Did you use the old scripthookhook that had a file called !ehook.asi? Try deleting that file, as well as the nativelist and nativeignore text files. Also, did you extract the scripthook itself from the archive (since it seems different from the original one)?


I used the scriphook it came within the .zip you linked. There were two files, scripthook, and scripthookhook, and I used both. There wasnt any !ehook.asi or nativelist/ignore text files neither.




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Posted A week ago

That's strange. Then I have no idea.

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Posted A week ago

Looks like another update is coming.




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Posted A week ago

We have a dedicated thread for that: http://gtaforums.com...th-iv-and-eflc/

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