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GTA IV Installation Data Error

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Posted 28 November 2016 - 08:06 AM

It has been ages since I last installed GTA IV on my laptop and what a bummer to find that my DVD got corrupted somehow. Here is what happened when I tried installing the game:






I can't post a picture of my disc because I don't have any decent camera with me ATM. But if you want to know; yes it's condition is poor. I still don't get how did it get so much scratched when I didn't even touch it for past 4 years. It used to at least bypass these errors after a few tries but this time, it is just stuck.


So here I am for help. I have tried the following steps to see if things can take a turn for the better:


1) Downloaded some applications which would forcibly try to copy the data2.cab on my HDD. Problem is, it took ridiculous amount of time to even copy 1 MB of the corrupt data. So I called the quits.

2) Ran a DVD cleaner in my laptop to see if the cause of problem was from it not being able to read correctly; which turned out to be false assumption.
3) Finally, applied toothpaste on the surface and tried to clean the scratches but it seems I just made the disc become even beyond repair.


Now, I don't want to download illegal iso of the game just for this issue but worst case scenario, I might have to. Chance of me buying this game again is close to nill. If there are any alternative solutions which could help me overcome this problem then please reply.

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Posted 26 January 2017 - 01:03 PM

Try teracopy to transfer the files

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