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Wanted Level Editor

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Posted 2 weeks ago Edited by Jack, 2 weeks ago.

first , i managed to assign different cars(original game models) to the pursuit and the emergency lights and sirens work , but they do nothing, they just spawn and drive around with cops in them , they don't really join in on the pursuit




second , added models seem to work just fine and chase me but they have no emergency lights/sirens at all.

Can added models activate the vigilante mission?



third, is there anyway through the ini where i can change the default menu activation key to something else ? i use Rshift for sprint and other Mod Binds and it's really inconvenient

Keys can now be altered through menu (or the ini).


Download link at gtagarage is updated (last mod version is WLE [GTA SA] 10.16)


Hi Jack, is the ini file included in this editor, the default settings of the vanilla game?

No, all settings are set to default. Menu can help you. Just close the ini before you use the menu.



I've also enjoyed your helicopter mod.

I had so much fun creating that mod. Good old times. Btw you can set the heli speed through wanted level editor menu now.


EDIT: The menu had some problems (corrected). Download link is updated.

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Posted 2 days ago

Hello, I got some questions, sorry.


Whenever I put hunters on military zone (at 5 stars) they appear but drive really badly, even crash their helicopter and explode. I guess this could be changed with the hunter handling right? 

and besides that, the Hunters don't attack with their missiles or machine guns, they act like police helicopters (with megaphone sounds, etc). Do you know how I can make them use their weapons instead?

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