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Soldiers & Haitians

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Posted 14 November 2016 - 03:17 AM

Hi,I have two questions.


First is why soldiers attacks you on the street where you are near their base? I mean,I'm not in their base,I'm on the street? This happens even before mission "Sir,yes sir" so there is no logic.


And second,in which part of the game Haitians start to attack you where you are in their hood? I played with 100% save file and they always attacks me.I hear this happens only if u buy Kaufman Cabs?



  • j7n


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Posted 14 November 2016 - 02:30 PM

The Haitans turn hostile after completion of the Auntie Poulet mission strand, more specifically I believe it is the mission Trojan Voodoo for the Cubans. Those missions are optional and not required for the storyline. I have chosen not to do them because I hated Auntie Poulet. The Haitans don't care about Kaufman Cabs. It is quite annoying that they will spawn inside this property though.

The soldiers are technically a minor gang. Their hostility is rarely a problem because they seem to spawn after a delay. It is possible to quickly drive past their base, or drive straight into it and get the machine gun, before any military will spawn. Curiously, cops can protect the player from soldiers in a sense. I noticed that soldiers will not shoot if a cop is near by.

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