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Posted 16 hours ago

I'm sure you can imagine some hypothetical and unrealistic dream where people collectively dissolve all authoritarian structures within society and start to cooperate on a basis where there are no relevant differences in rank or influence between people.

Of course I can, because such a thing already exists and takes place daily. It is neither hypothetical nor unrealistic. It is already a reality in the lives of many. It exists wherever people are confronting or struggling against domination, exploitation, oppression and authority in general.


Where people are intrinsically motivated to work and contribute to society regardless of the reward.


So the only thing that can motivate people to do anything at all is the forced threat of starvation? Surely people have their own individual interests, and should be free to pursue them because that's what they'd like to do? I don't see how that's 'coercive to the individual' when the vast majority of people within the existing are forced to take whatever job they can get with no regard for what actually motivates and inspires them as individual--with no regard for their individual interest. I don't stock shelves for a living because I f*cking want to.



human nature

Social construct.


Much more relevant to my judgement that you are authoritarian is the behavior and ideas of the people you support. If you think the way to make political progress is by intimidation, random destruction and violence then you are authoritarian. If you don’t believe in progress through dialogue and freedom of speech then you are authoritarian.

I'm not interested in making 'political progress', but in fermenting social insurrection. Anarchism is not--as I understand it, though other anarchists may disagree--a political philosophy, but a tension. Of course, that doesn't mean I limit my 'support' to actions that are violent and/or destructive. I 'support' a diversity of tactics, from rioting to housing refugees.

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