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Posted 21 hours ago

Great post! As I said during the campaign, it's very easy for a man to run as an outsider and critique the political process and those who have made a career inside it. However, once you actually have to govern as an outsider, suddenly things become far more difficult, because it's a world you don't understand.

Trump made his name as a fringe candidate courting the far right, even though on a personal basis he seems to be more of an inoffensive centrist. He has no stable power base, and whatever base he does have inevitably feel betrayed when he voices moderate opinions. He's like a goldfish in a piranha tank.

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Posted 8 hours ago

So, drug dealers. Should they be executed? Obviously, if a drug dealer commits a heinous crime like murder or something that guarantees the death penalty in the states that allow it, then that's one thing, but what about for your average street dealer or trafficker? I can see this being debated for a long time before anything is actually implemented or shot down.

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Posted 8 hours ago

Drug Wars are retarded AF. You could Tax drugs and sell them at a specific amount that doesn't bring harm to its users, especially Weed.

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  • Hmmm nice bike

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Posted 8 hours ago

Yeah, the last few 'wars' on drugs didn't really work out too well. Especially the PR campaigns like "Just Say No." Weed is the one thing that they shouldn't even bother going after even though they probably will, despite the fact that there's way worse sh*t to be doing than smoking pot.

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Posted 6 hours ago Edited by Darth Yokel, 6 hours ago.

So, this Cambridge Analytica thing is exploding. Their offices in the UK have been raided by the police a few hours ago.



Channel 4 will release another video tomorrow. This time about what CA did to elect Trump and how they did it.

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