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Mapping Red Dead Redemption 2! Landmark Analysis Thread

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Posted A week ago

^ I also think the map might be legit ... isn't it a duck f*cking something?! Noone other than R* would go into so much detail :)

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Posted A week ago

Does Rockstar or Take 2 have their very own, unique engine that they will not share with anyone else? Because I feel as if they are the PIXAR of videos games. I've never sold any of my R* games because of this.

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  • Spider-Vice

    ...I will very carefully explain to you why it cannot be.

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Posted A week ago

Yes, Rockstar Advanced Game Engine. It's pretty advanced indeed.

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Posted A week ago

Placeholder names are used all the time in game development.  The team needs to know what identifies one area from another before the narrative time has finalized any names.  It's sometimes safe to use names their legal team has already cleared... typically from past projects.  The New Bordeaux thing is a bit strange though.  Although both games are published by Take2 and if the biggest game at the time to feature a bayou was called New Bordeaux... seems like an obvious placeholder name to give it.

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Posted 4 days ago Edited by Johnson Johnson, 4 days ago.

Whats up with this river in beechers hope?

Rockstar Vienna
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Posted 4 days ago

Whats up with this river in beechers hope?

If you're referring to that purple line in the leaked (maybe fake) map... That's not a river, it's a border line. Like the one through the "Heartland Oil Fields" or "Drewberry Creek".

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