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Red Dead Regrets

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  • Pepperjack

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Posted 18 October 2016 - 07:13 AM

Ever regret something in Red Dead? I had started a new save earlier, did a few missions, then started the stranger mission where that old womans husband turned out to be dead for years, anyway.

During talking to her for the first time the damn jackalope walks by during the cutscene, what are the odds? I usually record stupid and pointless stuff and some crazy moments in games, this is the one time I didn't do it, usually no one ever sees this stuff, but I regret not having some sort of video of it

  • Fuzzknuckles

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Posted 18 October 2016 - 08:35 AM

In my first playthrough, I ignored the guy with the flying machine and never saw him again. Only got to see his story the second time I played. 

  • Pedinhuh

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Posted 18 October 2016 - 12:53 PM

Well I saw my first horse die by a stray bullet and I couldn't do jack to save it...


Payne Killer
  • Payne Killer

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Posted 20 October 2016 - 11:32 PM

Completing the story and having to use Jack.
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Posted 21 October 2016 - 01:25 AM

The only thing I regret was when I got the limited edition on 360 and got all the cool stuff with it I didn't carry it over when I made a new gamertag when I got my 360 S a few months later. Eventually I got all the stuff through buying anyway except the soundtrack.:(

Piggsy pls
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Posted 21 October 2016 - 03:35 AM

The first time I got to Mexico, I got attacked by a f*cking cougar, and it interrupted that beautiful song.
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Original Light
  • Original Light

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Posted 21 October 2016 - 07:35 PM

Not being able to headshot every single U.S. Marshall waiting outside the barn before they killed John. 

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Femme Fatale
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Posted 22 October 2016 - 04:44 PM

I regret killing the cannibal...
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  • KratosDrake

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Posted 17 April 2017 - 09:56 PM

I regret using cheats and not being able to pass through New Austin because of the no savegame stuff...

(the closest I got to Mexico was the mission where you go with Irish on a boat to Mexico and I was going good, then I had a freaking stomachache and stopped playing...)
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  • KYX

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Posted 19 April 2017 - 04:10 AM

Never finding the strange man on my first playthrough. He is without a doubt the best character of the strangers side missions... And knew about him after i completed the game. Had to watch his missions and cutscenes on Youtube... Sigh...

  • raebbitos


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Posted 30 September 2017 - 11:03 PM

Trying to do a low honor run.

  • Awesom-0

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Posted 25 February 2018 - 07:15 PM

I bought a few DLC packs even though i got the GOTY edition. I thought it only came with the Undead Nightmare DLC. That was back when i first bought the game, because i never heard of it before.


Another regret i had was finishing the story and being forced to play as Jack Marston. That's why i usually create two saves in the game. One for John Marston with everything unlocked and before he meets his family, and one with Jack Marston 100% completion save.

  • KWF1981

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Posted 15 April 2018 - 11:09 AM

Not playing online.

Given the great fun I had in GTA:O, I really can't wait to try this out in RDR2 as it's the only part I never did try as when I did get into this was long after release and I'd seen much cheating being talked of, makes the trophies/in game achievements hard work now with all that going on.

Cutter De Blanc
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Posted 2 weeks ago

Whistling for my horse the very first time I got to mexico

I heard everyone talking about this badass song when they get to Mexico and I was like "what the f*ck are you talking about"

I had to replay the whole game to see what the big deal was

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