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What makes YOU awesome? :)

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  • AreWomanMadeFromSand?

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Posted 06 April 2018 - 04:02 AM

I really like having straight hair, it can be cool to style it in different ways (btw I know that sounds kinda superficial but hey saying it makes me feel pretty :lol: )

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Absar J Khan
  • Absar J Khan

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Posted A week ago Edited by Absar J Khan, A week ago.

With no pimple face would make me awesome.Total sayin is that nothing can make me awesome now.

  • Samcrow

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Posted A week ago

I can snap with my toes..

Evil empire
  • Evil empire


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Posted A week ago

I don't give up easily, I have a good potential in strategy, I'm a good imitator, I can stick my feet against each other at 180°, I had 16/20 as a average note in english making me the best in my class without any effort. I can also burp at will.

  • Korpi


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Posted A week ago

That I just kissed a beautiful, sweet girl I like a lot yesterday.

  • VenomDYOM

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Posted A week ago

Nothing can me make awesome, only that I am learning karate and the end.

  • Vigilante88

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Posted A week ago

It's been raining off n on all night over here.. I'm out in the front sitting with a cat that comes here every day. I'm tired af but I can't just leave him out here by himself. I hooked him up with food and everything but I'd feel like a dick if I just left him here alone. I'm the only person he has. ): poor guy. He knows I always got his back though.

Does that make me awesome? Lol idgaf what you think. I know I am. ;)
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  • Lucy_Woooolfe


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Posted A week ago

^ cats only choose awesome people as companions. q.e.d.

Hot Pursuit
  • Hot Pursuit

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Posted A week ago

Because i'm just awesome that people are jealous of me when they can't just admit that they were my fans

Loch Dawg
  • Loch Dawg

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Posted 6 days ago

That I just kissed a beautiful, sweet girl I like a lot yesterday.


nice bro hold onto that feeling because let ol' loch dawg tell you that feeling of giving that significant other in your life a big ol' smooch on lips in the early days of your romance is something you'll continue to come back when after a few years into your turmoilous relationship you stick your head up through the storm clouds and realise there is nothing keeping you there anymore. not the memories created on your recent overseas holiday to fiji, not the fact that you and they have been co-living together and half of your wordly possesions are under ownership of theirs. you'll have an awakening one night during the working week as you stare at the same sh*tty stirfry you both make every wednesday, she cuts and prepares the ingredients and you fry them all together in that circulon jamie oliver wok you bought as an add-on to the original cooking kit that year of your relationship you spent both watching chefs table on netflix and visiting high end dining restuarants around eagle street pier. the secret to a good beef stir fry is to put the wok on at a high heat and quickly sear the thinly sliced protein before adding your vegetables to the party. seasoning can range from oyster sauce to just a mix of soy sauce and honey. you'll look at them across the table and realise there is an unsettingly precense in the air over dinner, they're not interested in your day, the pulled pork burger you had for lunch or the ted talk video you watched on your commute home from work. they just want to eat in silence. you start to realise all they want is silence and nothing more or nothing less from you. you can start cleaning the dishes loudly after dinner in a passive aggressive manner to see if it stirs a reaction but you shortly realise that you yourself don't care either, you just want silence, all you've wanted it silence for so long. to be alone. without them you could get that tattoo you've always wanted and finally buy a cafe racer cruise around mount glorious on the weekends. you don't want to be dating a sensible person whose currently employed at the mid-management tier for a large accounting firm with clear pareer progression to the top. you want to be dating the maniac depressive you first met at the back of rics smokers lounge eight years ago, spilling their gin and tonic all over your bonobos chinos and apologising profusely as they continue to ply your mouth full of winfield gold ice blasts. as you fall asleep that night after another unenthusiastic handjob from your significant other you start to wish you could still feel the same spark from the first time you kissed them. you had just finished watching drive, both of you lying on your bed at your parents house in complete darkness as the tv credits flicker on the screen and you thought to yourself "there is something special about this person and i want to be romantically invested in them" so you build up the courage to kiss them and when you finally do, the world is different but for the better. and as you lie in bed replaying that perfect memory in your head hoping that maybe tomorrow you'll wake up with the same feeling you felt all those years ago you realise that all the events leading up to the eventual break down of your relationship were destined to happen the moment you kissed them all those years ago.

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  • FukNRekd

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Posted 6 days ago

...Not having to read all that. ^^

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