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Gta 5 Coloured Joggers Glitch (Purple,orange)

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Posted 02 October 2016 - 09:40 AM

Coloured Joggers glitch 1.35 (Purple,Orange)

Written Tutorial:
1) bookmark the race called give cars under the map job (link in my description)

2) When you have the job save it as a playlist make sure to do this it is really important

3) start up the job then confirm settings and launch it up and once you spawn into the job pull up your phone and quit after a 3 seconds

4) Once you spawn in press start go to online, jobs, rockstar created and find the adversary mode called sumo II then invite a friend and start it up and when it comes to the screen where you have to choose the outfit you want if you want purple joggers stay on the team if you want orange jogger switch to the other team then launch up the job

5) Finish the job (doesn't matter who wins) then once you get to the voting screen tell your friend to like and continue and make sure you don't press anything then once it continues tell your friend to click replay then all your going to want to do is to tell your friend to watch the botom right corner where the timer is whilst you press the psn button go to recent activities and click on the playlist you just played

6) tell your friend to tell you when the timer goes exactly on 0 then all your going to do is click join playlist then once you've done that if done correctly you should be in the cloud and once your about to spawn a message should come up click no then you will have the awesome looking joggers

Video Tutorial:

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Posted 3 weeks ago

Still working in 1.42 (02.21.2018)?

Tails Prower
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Posted 3 weeks ago

This is an old glitch (note topic is from 2016), there is much easier method over on Se7sensins, glitches are not generally up to date here

and to answer the question, it does not work with current update. :santa:

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