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The Read Dead Chain Story!

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Posted 11 August 2016 - 11:12 AM Edited by fashion, 11 August 2016 - 11:18 AM.

How to play

I will start the story by writing one line or paragraph describing what happened. Eg:

"John finished feeding his horse and decided to head out. He grabbed the sattle and headed into town. Because it was still early in the morning, he decided to go to"


Then there will be 3-5 options for you to choose from. Eg:

A) The local bar

B) The train station

C) See Dickens

D) A shop

E) the farm


The next player would then pick one, and write what happens next, then leave 3-5 more options for the player below to pick from, and write about. Etc, Etc.




1) Write nothing sexual, whatsoever. So nothing like [CHARACTER 1] approached [CHARACTER 2] and spread his cheeks.... Very minor things are allowed though just don't go all out.


2) Main Characters can't die. If they do, they simply wake up at the doctor.


3) I decided to make the RDR ending never happened because nobody likes Jack and we don't know enough about him.


4) Have fun! The GTA section could do it, maybe this topic can help to make this section more active so spread the word.


Because why not? :)

GTAV Chain story topic I copied some stuff from: http://gtaforums.com...ge-1?hl= chain
(Credit goes to Ezza.)

Here it goes:

John Marston wakes up in his bed on a sunny morning. He's hearing someone knocking rapidly at the door but before he could jump out the bed, his wife Abigail opened the door.

"Darling, wait!"

Who's at the door?

A: Bonnie MacFarlane
B: Landon Ricketts
C: Irish
D: The Police
E: Kidnappers

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Posted 11 August 2016 - 01:42 PM

C: Irish

"Hello me lady, i'm looking for a grumpy guy covered in scars and good with the revolver"-Abigail calls for John- "Irish? The hell you doing he- Iughh, is the morning, why you already smell like liquor you bastard?!"- "Look listen, i need your help!"

Irish asks for:

A- Hiding in the farm with the Marstons for a bit from unknown pursuers.

B- Help with a group of bandits that he owes money to.

C- Needs money to buy a treasure map.
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Posted 11 August 2016 - 05:14 PM



"Johnny, my boy. I'm just lookin' for a place to duck my head for a day or two. I ain't askin' for much."


John stroked the stubble on his chin, then looked back at Abigail. With an apprehensive expression colouring her face, she shrugged. John sighed, then looked back at his old acquaintance. 


"Irish, just what the hell are you up too? Are you tryin' to put my family in danger!?"


Sensing those old, familiar feelings, John shoved Irish back outside, then signaled Abigail to close the door behind him. As he stumbled backwards, Irish lifted his hands up and shook his head quickly.


"My intentions are pure, Marston! I'm just looking for a safe haven!"


John gave Irish another shove, edging him towards the porch stairs.


"This is my home, you drunken fool! Not some place you can hide out!"

"Please, Mr. Marston, just one night, that's it!"


John gave Irish one last shove, pushing him over the porch stairs and onto the dirt. Irish winced for a second then looked over towards the thicket that divided John's ranch from Tall Trees. The sun was setting, poking holes through the trees, casting golden rays of light on Beecher's Hope.

Irish raised a hand to block the setting sun, and looked back at John who was towering over him.


John expels a sigh and..

1) Offers him a bed in the barn.

2) Reaches for his Schofield Revolver that was tucked away in his holster, threatening Irish to get out.

3) Notices something in the distance, a gang of Outlaws heading towards Beecher's Hope.

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Posted 11 August 2016 - 06:22 PM Edited by fashion, 11 August 2016 - 06:32 PM.

3. Notices something in the distance, a gang of Outlaws heading towards Beecher's Hope.

Irish grabs John by the jacket and starts crying out loud:
"John, I'm begging you, help me out! It was just one bottle of that.. *hicks* tha imported stuff from..."
John pushes him away in disgust.
"You lying stinking buffoon, all you'll be drinkin' to the rest of ya life is opium if you ever touch me again!"
"-b- But please listen, I'll do anythin'! Hide me, if they see 's together they'll kill you too! Oh no, God bless us all!

The group of smugglers is getting closer, there seems to be at least 15 of them and a wagon.
Abigail runs out.
"Damn you Marston and your drunk friends, putting your wife and son in danger! f*ck this drunk bastard, we should hand him over immediately."

What's the plan?

1. They let Irish hide inside before the smugglers approach.
2. The family hides, John and Irish confront them.
3. John confronts them alone.
4. Everybody grabs a horse and rides away.
5. Irish gets punched in the face and is gonna be handed over to avoid any trouble.

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Posted 17 October 2016 - 10:47 PM Edited by confederatestatesgta, A day ago.

1. they let irish hide inside before the smugglers approach.


"get your ass inside before they see us!" john

"ok thanks john. irish

"the only reason im doing this is because you helped me get to mexico." john


the outlaws approach the house and the leader yells out

"bring the irish man out we know he is in there" unknown

"we dont want to have to kill you but we will" unknown

john looks out the window and sees the whole gang all armed with guns.


"what did he do to yall to deserve this attention?" john

"he stole our beer and when we tried to stop him he shot a few of our men and stole my favorite horse!!" unknown

"ok i can understand the anger and if he did that to me i would probably want to hurt him too." john says while looking angrily at irsh.


"hes lying john that aint how it went at all!" irish

"shut up you irish bastard!!" unknown

now listen here mister i dont know who you are im sure your just a regular person who just wants peace." unknown

"i dont know what he told you but everything he says is a lie." unknown

"oh i believe you he has screwed me over many times in the past he even tried to rob some nuns a while back before i stopped him" john

"well thats quite a story mister whats your name?" unknown

"its john marston and yours?"

"john marston? i know you your that outlaw who ran with dutch and his gang right?" unknown

"yea i was part of it until he betrayed me" john

"i have had dealings with them before you must have been gone when i met em" unknown

uncle hears all the commotion and wakes up from his usual nap and comes in the living room.


"what the heck is going on john?" uncle

glad you decided to join us old man" john

"i recognize that voice you wouldent happen to be sergeant ralph barkly of the confederate army would you?" unknown

"what the hell aint no one called me that in years." uncle

"you dont remember me? captain george carthey"

"oh sh*t john you got to kill him quick!!" uncle

"whats the matter ralph you dont want john to find how you f*cked up our chances of winning the war?" george

"well you better bring out irish and ralph NOW!!!!!" george

"no irish is an idiot and if he screwed yall over i will see to it he gets punished. and whatever your rivalry is with uncle can just be forgotten the war ended a long time ago." john

"ha ha yea sure you think im an idiot sure i know if i leave irish will be let go to hurt more people and ralph will get away with his crimes he should be court martialed.george

abigail moves up to john while jack goes and grabs a rifle.


john what are we going to do?" abigail

but before john could answer george interrupts him.

"well if you aint gonna give them up i will just kill them now" george

george throws a molotov at the house starting a fire.


what do they do?



1. they try leave out the back door

2. shoot at the outlaws

3. try to put the fire out

4. someone comes to their rescue and attacks the outlaws


ok i put the names of the people who talked after the sentence. and the person who is unknown is the leader. his name is revealed later. i hope this is good enough to continue the story.

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Posted 30 January 2017 - 04:13 PM

come on anybody? this is a cool thread idea i want to see more to the story.

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Posted A week ago

come on anybody? this is a cool thread idea i want to see more to the story.

I would, but I can't tell who is doing what in your post. Separation and clarification is important.

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