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You park like an idiot

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Posted 17 March 2017 - 06:51 PM

When you buy a brand new car in California, you don't have a license plate for a couple weeks, the DMV mails it to your house after the dealership submits the paperwork.  You drive around with the registration taped to the front window.


My truck also had the dealership paper advertisement plate when I bought it, it says HB for Huntington Beach Ram (ignore my mom, lol):




Just curious, where is that?

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Posted 2 weeks ago


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Posted 2 weeks ago

No pic alas, but a true story. I was parked in a paid public car park. The space was tight, but I maneuvered so the was some room to get out of the car and get out of the space. All well and good until the car to my side left and a hulking great Range Rover pulls in. Presumably they had little room as the two passengers (older man in a suit and younger woman in a suit) got out and directed the Rangie closer to my car so the driver could get out. I was sitting in the car the whole time so it they had of wanted to ask if I could shuffle over I would, but no. They couldn't have given a damn. More over there were spaces further back in the car park with plenty of room. Worse was the way they parked left me no room to drive out of the space without further maneuvering to avoid their car and a parked delivery van. I'm sitting their wondering how I'm going to escape when to my delight a traffic warden (odd thing to say) arrives to see who has paid and displayed. turns out the owner of the Range Rover hadn't. Inspite of the squeeze to get out at least I now knew my predicament was less expensive and troublesome than the arrogant sods beside me. My turn to to leave and the gap was tight, but a shuffle later and I'm gone (churlishly laughing that a buch of stuck ups getting layed low).

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