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Posted 5 days ago

Thought the combat was superb. If you want proof, go ahead and replay mass effect 1. I felt like it was miles ahead of the trilogy and thought to myself "I don't remember combat being that bad"

I know, everything is a matter of opinion, but if there is ONE single thing that andromeda did right then it's the combat. I could not understand a fan of the series who says the combat is bad. If you're a total newcomer then alright, you might dislike the combat for whaever reason, maybe it's not your type of game. But calling the combat bad in comparsion to the trilogy sounds ridiculous.

In the triligy, you just moved from cover to cover in a linear level and used your abilities occasionally. In Andromeda, the open world, jetpack and boost makes combat flow better, offers different ways to play and your skill system lets you entirely rearrange your combat style whenever you start getting bored of it. That way it stays fresh throughout the whole game.
Even the linear sections felt more open.

.. not being able to give direct skill commands to your squadmates might be a letdown to some, though IMO it wasn't that tragic. It made the combat way more surprising and badass when your squadmate suddenly assisted you and I even had a few good laughs when Drack was stealing my kills with his hammer.
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Posted 5 days ago

Speaking of the jetpack, I think this GIF highlights how fluid and creative combat in ME: Andromeda can be, even before involving powers.



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