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Posted 20 hours ago Edited by DOOM!, 20 hours ago.

It bothers me a little you can't quick switch your weapon and have to stop the action to bring up the weapon wheel. Cover feels alright in my book though.

Don't know what system you use, but on the One I hold X and it quick switches to my assault rifle.

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Posted 18 hours ago


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Posted 12 hours ago Edited by JZFB, 12 hours ago.

I'm about 11 hours in now (although I started over after finishing Eos the first time, so perhaps not super far into the game) and fairly impressed. For me, this hits a lot of the right notes and feels like the kind of game that both Mass Effect 1 and to a lesser extent, 2, wanted to be but weren't.


This cover system though.. not that the old system was any good either lol.


Edit: I just found the respec station... f*ck my life lol

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Posted 11 hours ago Edited by Queen, 11 hours ago.

Now that I've had proper time to play the game I feel it's safe to say this game has met my expectations. Yes, the facial animation is lackluster, but so f*cking what. Fallout 4 had sh*t facial animation and that didn't take anything away from my enjoyment of the game. Hell, the original Mass Effect trilogy had less than great facial animation, yet I still became a die hard fan. So moving on...


The combat in this game is pretty sweet. It's leagues better than the other games and the cover system isn't all that bothersome. Yeah, I've popped out of my cover like a rookie, but I've adjusted. I've died a few times already on normal mode. It just goes to show the game actually presents a challenge, which is refreshing. Of course, I feel overloaded with objectives and sub-objectives, but thankfully the game does a great job of helping you focus your efforts.


And holy sh*t. They did a terrific job improving exploration and mining. This game takes these flawed elements from ME1 and ME2 and improves upon them. It's kind of satisfying driving my Nomad and mining right then and there. And there's plenty to see and look at in those travels. So far I've finished Eos and that world in and of itself is gorgeous and has plenty to do. It's a far cry from the empty worlds we got in ME1, or the lame point and click on a planet to probe it in ME2. 


As I've been playing the game, I've been critical. After hearing the bad reviews I've been searching for those cringe worthy moments. That and I'm a die hard fan and would hate to see any inconsistencies or bad script writing. There were two moments that I cringed. The "my face hurts" moment with Addison (though her character has improved) and Ryder awkwardly snoring during a conversation with Peebee (shouldn't WE get to choose if our character is a dick or not?).


I'm mostly interested in seeing how the original Trilogy effects this new installment. Before the game started we were asked if Shepard was male or female. So there must be a moment when he/she is brought up and we discover the truth about our home worlds. The how and when is the question...and "if" it gets brought up. If it doesn't, not gonna lie, I'll probably be disappointed. 




Friendly reminder: Please hide spoilers. :)

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Posted 10 hours ago Edited by HaythamKenway, 10 hours ago.




When the humor does work, it hits right on target.

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Posted 10 hours ago Edited by DOOM!, 10 hours ago.

I don't know who mentions this, but someone on the ship whenever the crew is all together, asks if the translatoring machine is working because Jaal was just sitting in silence. It's jarring that all species can communicate with each other in the ME trilogy, with any explanation besides, "hey! we have technology that translates all languages into one".

Liam and Jaal, though...

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Posted 8 hours ago Edited by Mukkus, 5 hours ago.

Just completed ME 1 after 25 hours  as a soldier, and now take my complaint about gun accuracy back. I see it improves with better weapons and apps. I liked it more than Halo 2 on. Downloading ME 2 now as engineer. I ended up with way over a  million credits, so next time I wont be so cheap buying gear.  I assumed that I would have to buy something expensive like ship's weapons later on.

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Posted 7 hours ago Edited by DOOM!, 7 hours ago.

Jeez, im at 18 hours and
I haven't f*cked really with extra side missions on other planets, I've scanned all the planets I could, but haven't messed with the side missions... which I keep procrastinating about, which I need to do before I beat the main story.

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