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Scorn - Greenlight

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  • Craigsters

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Posted 02 July 2016 - 10:41 AM Edited by Craigsters, 02 July 2016 - 10:41 AM.

This is Incredibly  beautiful and sexy looking H. R. Giger inspired greenlight game













I hope this gets developed into a viable game, what do you think????

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Darth Yokel
  • Darth Yokel

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Posted 02 July 2016 - 11:27 AM

It looks absolutely disgusting. I love it.

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Richard Power Colt
  • Richard Power Colt

    That's a pretty weird and disgusting idea big guy

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Posted 05 July 2016 - 11:53 AM

Needs more penises.

Edward Nashton
  • Edward Nashton

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Posted 05 July 2016 - 04:22 PM

This is totally David Cronenberg meets H.R Giger.


Body horror, Gaah! I'm not too squeamish when it comes to this sort or thing, but this game does it well because, up until this point, only movies have been able to get a reaction from me using this kind of imagery. I wanna to play it. I wanna get further grossed out by it. 

  • RogerWho

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Posted 23 September 2016 - 11:39 PM

Huge respect to people who can make disgusting imagery look so beautiful :p Even though horror is definitely not my genre, this sort of art is just amazing.


For you fans of Giger. Has anyone played DarkSeed II?


I played this back in the Windows 95 era and it was already not very willing to run (it was designed for Win 3.x). It just flat-out won't work on anything modern.


Fortunately, a few months ago I've spent a couple of days to make it run under Win95 under DOSBox and could finally replay it. Great stuff!

  • Fuzzknuckles

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Posted 24 September 2016 - 10:10 AM

Aliens: Colonial Marines 2: The Klumps. 

  • Dealux

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Posted 09 September 2017 - 06:59 PM

This could turn out to be the perfect Doom style game perhaps with more emphasis on atmosphere as opposed to fast gunplay, which is great. I can't think of a more perfect formula for a shooter game (except for a modern Quake game that looks like Quake 2 but modernized).

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