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Stuck on the 7th Peyote "Hunting the Beast"

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Posted 25 June 2016 - 05:31 PM Edited by mrpotsworth, 25 June 2016 - 07:05 PM.

Collected all 6 golden peyotes "i'm quick saved on next to the 7th" tried finding the bodies the only two I can find is the dead hunter right at the start "not hard to miss lol"


and the dead guy around the back of the old house with the old rusty tractor next to the lighthouse...


Can anyone help me? GTASeriesVideos didn't do the greatest job of showing you how to find the bodies 


I've used this map as well http://imgur.com/DoYyWPW still no luck even getting the first one to spawn but I can get one at other side of map to spawn lol?


I even tested it reloaded the save again jumped in a car without even using the big foot call grunt and found that dead guy next to lighthouse.... someone needs to make a better guide.


EDIT: After watching a few videos few people are saying you need to use earphones the hunt continues the hunt for earphones first lol

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Posted 09 July 2016 - 08:12 AM

Yeah I've got similar troubles, been looking for ages, that and dying from falling of mountains

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Posted 17 May 2017 - 07:28 PM Edited by Robaldinio, 17 May 2017 - 11:27 PM.

* B U M P *



This is beyond insane. I'm literally going back and forth between the starting point and the end of the North-East tunnel.


I thought the checkpoints were supposed to be randomly designated but every single time I restart, I either get sent East initially and then North through the tunnel, or I get sent due West into the heart of Mt. Chiliad until a cougar inevitably pushes me down the side of the mountain to my death (after half an hour of rolling, of course).


I honestly don't get what I'm supposed to do. I'm using my headset so I can hear exactly where the roars are coming from. I've tried running, off-roading and flying. 


Although whenever I return to the starting point there is a different body there, I think I've realised it's just the first checkpoint re-spawning again. I actually see the body spawning sometimes. 


I've been doing this for the past three days and haven't got further than the dead deer that's in the ditch after you come out of the North-East tunnel.


Sometimes I'll be following the roars when suddenly it switches to behind me, so I spin around, but then it continues back the way I was initially going. There are one or two points where this happens regularly, leading me to suspect there is supposed to be a body/checkpoint there that just doesn't spawn perhaps? One example is in one of those small tunnels that pass under a road and it's just South of the trail leading to the weed farm. Another one is up on a peak overlooking the freeway just South of the main tunnel.


Is the whole thing just glitched? I'm on PS4 btw.



edit: I'm done. Actually thought I might be getting somewhere when I made it further than the tunnel checkpoint and in fact managed to chain together 5 or 6 checkpoints, including one at the airplane bone yard... was only my 4th I think but the roars completely stopped. I waited but nothing happened. When I moved away, the roars came back but only to bring me back to the same body... Then they continued on towards Sandy Shores. I ended up going around by the 'Beam me up' shrine, over to Trevor's trailer and then it made me double back on a couple. It still seemed like everything was finally falling into place until I eventually ended up right back at the starting location (there was a checkpoint but the actual body didn't spawn this time). After that I was straight back to the deer at the tunnel, then back to the start AGAIN... then as it pointed me North East one more time, I shut that sh*t down. 


I don't really care about a character in Director Mode. I was only doing it because I'm trying to get true 100% game completion, but I've probably already lost anyway since the stock car races have glitched out.


Well done R* congrats on abandoning single player.

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Posted 18 May 2017 - 09:58 AM Edited by MuralDeciphered, 18 May 2017 - 10:14 AM.

* B U M P *




Bodies map : http://imgur.com/xMA9BNZ


Did you used mods ? 


The main problem that i witnessed from all the runs i watched and from my personal testing is that everyone '' breaks '' the mini game by either taking too long or going away from the intended path. You need to go mostly in a straight line to each checkpoints. There's always 3-4 checkpoints between each bodies. If you miss any checkpoint for too long , the path break completely , and the game send you back ON YOUR LAST BODY AND THEN RESUME THE MINIGAME.


If you break the path , you can literally pass 20 minutes turning around just to generate a new path and finally get on it and start again. If you start to be frustrated it's even worse because you'll miss checkpoints even more. Some use super jumps ( you break the path if you go too high away from it ) or mods to travel faster but it's not that useful if you end up breaking the paths constantly.


The best method is slow and steady with patience. The first runs should be to familiarize with the bodies and where they can appear , which paths can be given to you. Once you did it a few times you'll know them by heart and will be able to do it a lot faster. keep in mind that the paths are generated and that luck is involved. in one of my run , it took 3 hours to finally get a path sending me at the end. ( body #10 ) You can't beat luck sadly , sometimes you just have to be patient.


personally i would always keep my straight lines between checkpoints to make sure that i wouldn't miss any. After a while i knew all the paths and checkpoints by heart and could just run toward every area knowing which path was generated. It's a complex mini game designed to fool everyone. Without the final coordinate that we found in the file, all the hunters would have probably turned around in circle for months i guess xD.


Never try to '' skip '' your way to the next checkpoints , you will only end up breaking the code ( which will send you back to the last body you triggered ) 


Also at the end , when you finally reach #10 , wait. Once you approach the body and trigger the camera focus on it , you have 5-6 seconds to reach the bush , or the game breaks and sends you back in the loops. considering it can take 1h + per run to reach #10 , don't miss your chance. ;p You actually reach it ( plane graveyard ) but then you triggered the camera focus and did nothing. the game broke and sent you back in the loops of madness.



P.S: for the main highway tunnel ; you need to run along the tunnel between both highways. don't enter the tunnel. the corpse is laying at the other end of the tunnel between highways , but the game might break if you enter the tunnel , intended path is along it on the exterior.



Directive from this video : 


( Everyone used the in-game weather cheat : makeitrain to obtain Snow ( fog ) , But it's possible to wait for fog on a Sunday , and then a week later after , eat the Monday peyote , which permits players to do it completely legitimately .)


Eat all the golden peyotes in order between 5:30 - 8:00 at the corresponding days and locations while there is fog (snow works). You need to have completed the last one mission ( any ending ) and also have found the 27 peyotes on a completed the game. While in Sasquatch form , you can use a sonar with L3 (CTRL) to locate the next peyote location. After eating the first one on Sunday , an animal or human body will spawn next of you if you did the sequence correctly.

From left to right , Sunday to Saturday ( Spawning conditions ; Game completed , the last one (any ending) , 27 peyotes obtained , Fog (snow works) , 5h30 to 8h00


[7 Golden peyote map] : https://imgur.com/rAMUur4

After you eat the Saturday golden peyote when you followed the right order , a new mini game starts where you chase a beast that takes you from bodies to bodies . Use L3 (CTRL) to locate where the beast went , you shall hear the beast roar back. You need to pass through invisible checkpoints to reach each bodies. Beware that it can take more than an hour ; the paths might end up taking you backward and in circles to confuse you , this is normal. If you go too far from a checkpoint , it will break the game and send you back to the last body you saw to then send you back on the right track.


[Bodies + checkpoints ] : http://i.imgur.com/xMA9BNZ.jpg


When you reach the last body (#10 , southern body ) at the Plane Graveyard , don't approach it immediately , because when you trigger the focus on it , you will have 5-6 seconds to reach the bush area next of the crates where i go hide in the video. If you wait for too long you will hear another growl , that means you failed and the game is sending you back into the loops of madness. ( The beast escaped )

Stand in the bush and turn around... Good luck.

After you kill the beast and see the hallucination ends , the beast should now be available in Director mode under the wild animals category. ( use L3 + R3 to swap from Sasquatch to beast )

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