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Red Dead Wishlist

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  • CGFforLife

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Posted 26 June 2017 - 01:52 PM Edited by CGFforLife, 27 June 2017 - 01:00 AM.

I never played the game since i am a pc gamer but the game seems fun, my wish is this game would released on pc

I think a PC version will release later in 2018 maybe September - October. (Maybe with Undead Nightmare 2?)
There's a huge amount of players on PC. 
Plus we're likely to get the Rockstar editor!
I hope so :)

  • Holland_Hicks


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Posted 15 July 2017 - 10:29 PM

- A compass at the top of the screen instead of a radar

- A more simple story with an emphasis on characters rather than being bogged down by set pieces 

- A more well rounded protagonist that is consistent and doesn't make empty threats (Looking at you John Marston)

- Weather that has an impact on the world, NPCs, and player character(s)

- An overhauled mission structure (More freedom on how to approach objectives)

- Gunplay that focuses more on staying on the move and using dead-eye rather than ducking behind cover

- Enemy AI that flanks you, tries to draw you out of cover

- A health bar

- You don't get killed instantly by wild animals 

- Dying has more of a consequence like in GTA

- The ability to rob everyone and everything

- Either expand upon or ditch the fame and honor meters

- Expand hunting (Traps, Animals can hear and smell you, hiding in tall grass, the option to go prone)

- Special outfits as well as more clothing options but don't go overboard

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  • Drummerman74

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Posted 3 weeks ago

I know these are things I will never see, but.....


-Most important for me, is bring back the option for Friendly/Normal/Hardcore modes.  I played RDR in Hardcore mode simply because the majority of the players in HC mode are the more serious players. (Really wish GTAO had this option.) Nobody going around and annoyingly shooting your horse, and no big pink symbol above your head.


 FOR HARDCORE MODE: Have the option to NOT have a huge emblem/logo and your name above your head!!! So, you could literally pass for an NPC.  In real life, if you were looking for someone who was hiding in a bush nearby, you wouldn't see a big neon star above their head! This would make it so much more realistic and fun. Imagine someone looking for you and you're hiding in a bush or behind a barn or something, You could be just around the corner, or for all that person knows, you could have quietly snuck off and they are now looking for someone who is not there.  You could then implement better sound effects....something like if you were standing near the person, and they moved, then maybe you would hear a rustling or footsteps, or even see a shadow or something. Another reason I like HC mode, albeit if you were on the move, or pulled your weapon out, your name appeared above your head, and you appeared on the map until you were still again.

Also for HC, in addition to nothing above your character's head, have the option to NOT appear on the map at all, moving or not, weapons drawn or not. There is nothing more frustrating (and unrealistic) than someone who teleports over to Pike's Basin while you're clearing it out, just to sniper you because they know you're there.  If someone is passing by, and they shoot you, fair game. But if they are in Armadillo and you are not appearing on that map, they won't know you're there.  But have the option to be on the map if you like. Maybe the


-If nobody SEES you shoot and kill someone, NO LAW ENFORCEMENT!  I can see if there are a bunch of NPC's or online people around, fine. That's realistic that someone would probably report you for that. And that goes for shooting real online players as well. Nobody around, nobody knows. Or, if they must keep this feature the same, shouldn't law enforcement appear the same if you shoot another online player? After all, NPC or real player, people are people lol

-Dedicated servers

-Have to feed yourself/your horse every so often.

-Swimming.  Hopefully we can at least go in the water and have a chance to survive, rather than dying because the tip of your cowboy boot touches the water.

-No teleporting.  This is supposed to be the wild west, not Doctor Who.  Maybe keep it in Friendly mode or something, but in Normal and HC, take it out. It's more realistic to have to travel.

-Planes? Not sure what year RDR2 is going to be set in, but the first plane ever was invented in 1903. Maybe put one in one of the missions in single player or something, if in fact this game is set in 1903 or later. 

-Make it harder to kick people from the room. Too many times I've been kicked for absolutely NO REASON.

-Better card games

-Better hunting.  I thought the hunting in RDR was actually pretty descent, just a few minor things like the bears for instance.  You shoot 1 bear, and as you're cleaning it, another one kills you. Not very realistic, at least not when you have a kill streak of 5 or 6 bears because every time you shoot one, another one appears as you're cleaning the last one you shot. (Mind you this made for some good cash lol)

-No more flower picking please.

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  • TheManWithNoName


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Posted A week ago

Auto Holster On/Off option
Auto Reload On/Off option
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  • arno_cat

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Posted A week ago

Customizable Outfits, director mode and centered 3rd person camera...

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