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Looking For A Crew? Free Agents Recruitment Topic

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Posted A week ago

GTAF Username: SlevZ33

Social Club Username: SlevZ33
Platform(s): XB1
GTA MP games played: GTA:O, GTA IV
Other MP games played: FPS, Racing, Soccer
Age: 26
Timezone: Central
GTAF Activity: Active lurker. Pretty regular in the "Rate my ride" section.
In-game Activity: Pretty much daily.
Gang History on GTAF: None that really grew out of 4-5 members or nothing with structure. 
How can you contribute to a gang/crew: I don't mind the grind of GTA. I have CEO/Hangar/Planes, Choppers, Biker club. Just need people to run with
Anything else: Car crews, Role-play, or money motivated. Let me know.


Hi there SlevZ33! You look like the type of person we want in New Phoenix Legion! We will be sending you a message on Xbox Live shortly from one of our leaders.

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Posted A week ago Edited by Shade91, A week ago.

GTAF Username: same as gaming id.

Social Club Username: DeadlySoul91

Gaming ID(s): ARivalSinner91

Platform(s): Xbox 1

GTA MP games played: GTA V

Other MP games played: Ark, 7 days to die,Destiny 2,

Age: 26

Timezone: PST

GTAF Activity: read in-game.

In-game Activity: hiest missions or other just looking for a active mature crew.

Gang History on GTAF: APMC/DDMC/APOC/FOMC/Fam1

How can you contribute to a gang/crew: Active/Friendly/team player/loyal

Tell us about yourself as a person: Good all around

Tell us about yourself as a gamer: Game a lot on down time other time is work and gf/kid

Please message me on xbox only thank you!

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Posted A week ago

GTAF Username: PickleRickWins

Social Club Username: picklerickwins
Platform(s): XB1
GTA MP games playedGTA:O
Other MP games played: Battlefield 1, Rocket League 

Awesomeness: Yes
Age: 30
Timezone: Central
GTAF Activity: I'm new to the forums. 
In-game Activity: Basically every day.
Gang History on GTAF: Had a small crew that was active for a while but nothing super organized.
How can you contribute to a gang/crew: I have a lot of stuff. Hangar with lots of planes, MC Club with Weed/Cocaine, Import/Export Garage, Warehouse, Bunker, Most weaponized vehicles including bombushka and mobile command center. I enjoy most aspects of the game, and I don't mind helping other people run missions and make money. 

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Posted A week ago

GTAF Username: j-moose
Social Club Username: j-moose
Platform(s): PC
GTA MP games playedGTA:O
Other MP games played: PUBG, Battlefield 1, Elder Scrolls Online
Age: 30
Timezone: New Zealand
GTAF Activity: New to the forums
In-game Activity: Most days at the moment. Have had periods of inactivity in the past (mostly due to not having anyone to play with.)
Gang History on GTAF: None
How can you contribute to a gang/crew: I have access to many vehicles, a bunker, hangar, MC with all business types, and i'm a relatively experienced player (Rank 150+). I have finished all heists (haven't done any in a while though.) I enjoy pretty much all aspects of GTA:O including helping/working for others. I'm comfortable and experienced using both controller and mouse + keyboard in GTA:O.
Tell us about yourself as a person: I'm a 30 year old male from New Zealand with a lot of spare time as i'm currently out of employment due to long-term illness.
Tell us about yourself as a gamer: I enjoy most game genres and play games across many platforms, although I'm primarily a PC gamer these days. I would say that gaming is my primary hobby.
Anything else: I'm looking for a truly active crew with preferably tens (or more) of daily players. I usually play during the afternoon/earlyish evening NZ time, which is roughly late evening - early morning US time.

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Posted 5 days ago

So the bits you'll want to know about me: 23, I do have Discord/TS, and I'm an active player. Rank 123. I have a lot of disposable ingame funds, and am able/willing to host or play heists and not get a cut.

I am seeking a crew that has mandatory microphone usage. 
Fair warning however: I do not, have never, and will never share my game stats publicly, so if you require such, I must respectfully ask that you keep walking.


 Still looking for a crew.

In the meantime, I'll go back to dominating lobbies in my Pyro.

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Posted A day ago

GTAF Username: KC_Purple

Social Club Username: KC_Purple

Gaming ID(s): KC_Purple

Platform(s): PS4

GTA MP games played: GTA V

Age: 21

Timezone: CST

GTAF Activity: Every other day

In-game Activity: almost daily
How can you contribute to a gang/crew: I'm a earner and a good shot

Tell us about yourself as a person: I'm chill and I don't talk too much

Tell us about yourself as a gamer: I don't have much money, so i'm always down to earn, I don't rage but i do get even, and I like to play.
Anything else: I'm looking for more of a Mafia styled crew, but i'm always open to other ideas.

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Posted 3 hours ago

GTAF Username: Phantasmio

Social Club Username: Cursive

Gaming ID(s): Phantasmio, Oniari

Platform(s): PC

GTA MP games played: GTA V

Age: 23

Timezone: EST

GTAF Activity: Newer member, happy to use more if preferred by crew

In-game Activity: I'll play a bit daily. Been tough to keep playing solo
How can you contribute to a gang/crew: I own all business types (CEO/MC/Car Warehouse/Hangar/Bunker), upgraded MC businesses, MOC, huge library of vehicles from super cars, to silly cars, to jets, APCs, helios etc, Yacht. I'm a decent shot, a very reliable driver and pilot. 

Tell us about yourself as a person: I'm friendly, calm, and respectful. Not looking to cause any trouble and very understanding, just looking for some other chill folk to play with :)

Tell us about yourself as a gamer: I love to play GTA in general and my game tastes range over all kinds of genres. I'm level-headed, you won't hear any raging or really any negativity from me, I'm just happy to play with some people. I love all kinds of playstyles and am open-minded to basically anyway we can play. From serious business and money-making, to goofing around, to free roaming, to doing missions and heists, pvping in versus modes and just causing chaos. You name it and 9/10 times I'll be down.
Anything else: Just looking for a friendly crew, no drama for basically anything. I don't mind crew styles or themes either, like uniforms and such, even just RPing. It's all fun to me.

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