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The GTA next Anti-Wishlist

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Posted 3 weeks ago


i had an idea of 2 protagonists, maybe one being female. for the first half of the game they both have a completely different storyline, but then around halfway they cross paths and it takes on a storyline with the two of them. i think this would work great if the map was as big as all the concepts that have been made. utilize the space by having the separate story-lines in completely different locations. but other than that i dont want a map as bad as gta 5s. yes its big and has countryside but if you look at the layout, half of it is useless, compact and the road layout isn't realistic at all. also, i think the cars as a whole in gta 5 are really bad, most of them are ugly af and the categories are all wrong.  

Cars look horrible in GTA V. Not to mention that not even racing games have so many supercars in them. Holy sh*t.



ORLIFE feels like a GTA V breathing 10 year old that hates GTA IV. Anyways, no more kids saying GIVE ME MONEY PLEASE, GIVE ME MONEY on online. No more f*cking updates. They broke GTA V SP totally.

I don't hate IV, don't you see that i also point thing that wrong in V too. Beside, i m 41
Looking at your posts here and the one on your account it seems pretty clear that you hate GTA IV and are a GTA V fan
There is no need to list every single thing you disliked about the game and make 3 repetitive posts...kind of overkill dont you think? Just say be nothing like GTA IV.
He's 41 but likes CoD. Lol

-I don't want peds losing their minds because we've stood too close to them. It's easily the most immersion breaking part of GTA V. I have a feeling R* tried adding this for realism's sake, but it turns out to be more annoying than anything.
-Also I have no desire to see ped interaction come back if it's going to be a pointless gimmick like San Andreas and GTA V. Now I don't expect every single ped to have a series of complicated and intricate dialogue, but it's embarrassing compared to some open world RPGs the best level interaction we've seen is feedback on clothing/hygiene and random mutterings we're likely to forget a few seconds later. It does nothing for us or the game.
If by interacting with certain peds they can offer valuable intel such as to where to find a specific target, weapons stashes etc I can see its potential, but it's just one of those things to me that needs to be done right or not at all.

I parked my car near a ped and the motherf*cker decided to call the police. What kind of logic is that?


Invasion of personal space! ha.

Trooper Fera
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Posted 3 weeks ago Edited by Trooper Fera, 3 weeks ago.

I don't want GTA V/Online to have any effect on GTA VI. 

I don't want ANY cities in San Andreas

I don't want memes/stupid humor (Teabagging in GTA? Please no. *Glares at V*)

I don't want multiple protags. 

I don't want the military. At all. 

I don't want bulletproof tyres. 

I don't want special abilities. 

I don't want overly aggressive peds/wussy peds that constantly call the police

I don't want aimbot/speedboost police

I don't want the police to magically send infinite units to the middle of nowhere for a stealth kill. 

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Posted 2 weeks ago

donald trump.


gay clubs, please limit it to 1 only like TBOGT.

replicated cars then resemble the Sentinel and Oracle.

Hunchbacked stealth, return crouching.

Confederate flags.

Music in other languages, except the bilingual types.

Ability to hold every weapon for pistols, smgs, heavy mgs, assault rifles, melees and shotguns. Except for the throwables, heavys, snipers and specials (skatebroad, flashlight, rope, flare gun, taser, firework launcher, crossbow and anything else like paint guns) Give us the ability to store weapons, we want to switch off with and drop weapons including dlc weapons.

Limited/spamming sprints, give us unlimited sprints like in 1st person to 3rd person.

Poorly created adversary jobs nobody voted for or anticipated.

Verifieds Jobs

Nazi police

Unrealistic representation of gta protagonists like Micheal and Franklin. Trevor was ok, but still awkwardly gay.

Massive countrysides, make them in close proximity to the main story/cities and not exaggerated map/city map

Unexplorable locations like North Yankton.

Motorcycle flight in stunt races

God mode traffic in races with traffic on

Player Skills in GTA 5, bring back GTA 4 skills where everyone is Military Trained/Professional.

No slingshot bots or slipstream bots.

Instant deaths, suicide 

Flagged parachutes and Rainbow chutes

Unreturnable characters like Niko Bellic.

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Posted 2 weeks ago

I don't want Trevor to be in the next Gta,he already killed another Protagonist,no need for another one.

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Posted 2 weeks ago

I don't want Trevor to be in the next Gta,he already killed another Protagonist,no need for another one.

I didn't say he will be in Gta next here, but i did in the wishlist pinned topic.

He did a better job on representing past gta protagonists only.

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Posted 2 weeks ago Edited by The Paradox, 2 weeks ago.

-Special abilities
-3 character system

-Any of the gta 5 characters(except Packie)
-Fantastic things
-Focusing online
-Stupid side missions like yoga
-Map just about mountains
-Only one city
-Locked interiors
-Focusing online
-Keeping all weapons(I want one weapon for each category just like older games)
-5's wanted level system
-Big but empty map
-Updates coming every day
-Focusing online
-Connecting internet to play the single player
-5's car physics
-Toy weapons and sounds
-Did I mention focusing online?

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Posted 2 weeks ago

Overusing stereotypes. I know that Grand Theft Auto is a series that's running on stereotypes, but using too much of them can result in annoying characters and maybe some other stuff.

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Posted 5 days ago

  1. The Mechanic's delivery cool down
  2. Wanted level for parachuting
  3. Top down camera settling for helicopters
  4. Cloned shop owners
  5. Closed hospitals
  6. Closed prisons, jails and police stations
  7. Closed Interiors for everything
  8. ability to hold every weapon for most wheel selections
  9. Slipstreaming and Aimbots
  10. bigger maps
  11. All male protagonists
  12. player skills
  13. All pedestrians who don't fight back
  14. friendly ai pedestrians who bully
  15. mixing street races with stunts races when voting for new jobs
  16. Keeping very unpopular adversary jobs and verified jobs
  17. limited time items and holiday items

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