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GTA III Special Vehicle Guide

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Posted 2 weeks ago

That Pink Blip won't hurt your Game or anything, it will only stay there and be annoying forever. Happens when you make DP Vehicles on Mobile using Deal Steal. This same exact thing happened to MorsPrincipiumEst when he was making his own III Mobile Save.

Also it seems to not only be only one Pink Blip, but rather more on top of each other...

Weird stuff happens in III and the game isn't exactly "glitch-proof" (in terms of reloading and every side effects from before are gone), so you'll have to live with the Pink Blip.

You can think positively about this though, that shows that your Save is "more unique" as you have a Pink Blip on the Radar, but honestly with 4 DP Vehicles made from Deal Steal (on Mobile!!!!), this Pink Blip is worth it.


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Posted A week ago Edited by ITZ_CHAFIKO, A week ago.

Btw, why didn't you include the unique Ghost in your guide?
If you have the Black FBI car, then I see little reason why you wouldn't include the 2nd unique vehicle in GTA 3 (I know the garage will crash when you try to store it, but still)

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Posted A week ago

Because the Unique Ghost Missing is unobtainable. Unobtainable Special Vehicles will NEVER be in the Guides. You can put the Ghost Missing in the Staunton Island Garage, but then the Game will crash if you try to open the Garage Door, or how it is on the PS2 Version, it would crash because the Garage Door even closes, it would crash if you just put it inside. So there is simply no reason to include it in the Guide.

EC Black FBI Car is in the Guide because it's EC, you can't get the Color from Pay and Spray. And besides, you can make it DP and then it will be a One Time Only Special Vehicle, atleast on the PS2 Version.

The only Special Vehicles that really need to be added are the NE Taxi and NE Hoods Rumpo XL, but I'll get to the 3D Era Guides once the IV Guides are polished.

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Posted 5 days ago

You guys sure this car is EC?
I'm not seeing much of a difference...
The left one is the EC one.


Honestly, who knows, tbh.  I have CW for iOS and I can tell you right now that the Colors were "updated" for that while on PSP there is more EC Vehicles and such.  It's simple to see because on Mobile when you reload/replay a Mission, some of the said EC Vehicles on PSP will actually be randomly generated every time the Mission is started on Mobile, while on PSP, they are Set Colors and some of them are EC, as well.  I also see that for LCS Mobile, there is a Black Body PCJ-600 (Fender isn't Black, though) that doesn't spawn for PS2 or PSP, but only Mobile.  With that said and seeing it first hand how Mobile Ports are always changed and jacked up compared to the other Platforms, it wouldn't surprise me if something is changed for III and such Vehicles are not EC anymore and just appear in traffic.  I know that the Infernus was ALWAYS EC2, on all Platforms.  The Body Color DOES appear in traffic, but the door handles/badges and such don't.  Mobile is just a headache and a clusterf*ck of issues.  I suggest only playing it as a last resort if there is no other Platform to play on...

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Posted 4 hours ago Edited by MM KJ, 4 hours ago.

Hey guys, my 1-save starter save is finally looking up, and I mean it! All the difficult things have passed and I REALLY HOPE I won't make any mistakes anymore! You believe how hard can it be to get Barracks OL early? Enforcer early? You are right, it's not hard. Well not as long as you are not doing a perfect fckin save and you mustn't kill any peds or explode vehicles. Even though I started in September and have obtained Barracks all the time straight after bringing Kuruma to SV, I succeeded a week ago. Barracks kept falking oddly onto a tunnel, I accidentaly killed cops or died myself when trying to get the Enforcer. Sick. But all this is done now, also Shoreside bridge package, as well as rampages and all the other stuff, nearly. Couple of stunts and packages to collect and then complete the Shoreside Vale export garage. If something goes wrong.. 😠 III and VC have always been on standby on my taskbar.. III from September and VC from August 2017. I really wanna close them already :D.

But before that, some things to confirm. FBI, BF Injection and Rhino are not obtainable early on?
I hope I can soon finally release my personal effort of the fckn lifetime.. 1- safehouse visit minimal stats III starter save.
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