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GTA Vice City - Updated SCM

VC Released
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Posted 6 days ago Edited by Jinx., 6 days ago.

IMG Factory is ancient nowadays

No it isn't. Modloader is undoubtly the best way to install mods in VC/SA (note that I didn't include GTA 3 on purpose, there are still some bugs with txd files being unused at certain times - for more references, check aap's xbox and ps2 cars to pc thread), but that doesn't make IMG Factory ancient. Especially when it is still needed for extracting files or for map replacing mods. If anything, IMG Tool 2.0 is ancient.

If you all really like bashing IMG tools so much, then call IMG editing obsolete, as a tool is not a way to install mods.
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Posted 6 days ago

fastman's img console is the best editor as for me

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