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Posted A week ago

That SuperGT was an experiment for a new trick I discovered with OpenFormats, which can allow the adding of new parts (like license plates) while perserving the original bug-free mesh.




Wow, we need to know that trick. So that means no "zero gravity" hoods?

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Posted 6 days ago

So that means no "zero gravity" hoods?


I'm not quite sure what you mean by that, but any bugs caused by Zmodeler can be bypassed doing the Openformats thing.


The only problem is that I'm terrible with writing tutorials, so I may have to tell it to someone and they can translate it into an understandable tutorial. Any takers?

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Posted 5 days ago Edited by Thundersmacker, 5 days ago.

The next project, as you may have guessed from my profile pic is a revision of my coveted Ensenada Trophy Truck.


After the Cunning Stunts DLC was released and I converted some of those cars, the Ensenada felt out of place and wasn't detailed enough to complement the new official racing cars that Rockstar made. So that's why I've been working on updating this monster for some time, making some much needed changes.




In the above pic, you can see that the Ensenada now has more accurate proportions to it's real life counterpart. The new tires have been taken from the Vapid Trophy Truck with modified textures. You can also see that the rear fenders are actually thin now, like a fiberglass fender should be.




An all new interior from the Omnis, which is much better than a black dash with some random gauges.




Props go to Boywond for these new windscreen surround decals. They turned out great!




As you can see, a lot more detail is going to the internals of the truck. You can see the canisters for the shocks and the mounts for the hood, along with a cooling duct.


What is not done yet is the back area, which will be completely new and based on the rendition of the truck from Forza Motorsport 7 and the upcoming game Gravel.


My first and only scratch built should hopefully look right at home with the Omnis and Tropos after this. :colgate:

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Posted 4 hours ago

You know what? Everywhere on the real truck (tires included) that says BFGoodrich, yours should have BJGoodhead.
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