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The Official GTA Next Wishlist

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Posted 5 days ago

I want to be a family man in GTA, do family stuff,have a girlfriend, wife, etc. have a job. 

  • VictorVance1239


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Posted 2 days ago

I just started watching this show called "future guy" on Hulu and it got me thinking why not have some sort of time traveling in gta? I think it would be a cool twist if some where in the story something happens that requires the character to travel to the past which could be the 80s or some other era.


Giving us two versions of the same city that players could explore in online after completed this part. Sounds silly but we all know there's already quite a bit of silliness in GTA and I'd think this would fit in just fine.

  • Thefames

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Posted A day ago Edited by Thefames, A day ago.

New features for next GTA Game here some list



1. Return of GPS voice map direction from GTA4 but improved

2. Mini map in GTA5 will be display 3D buildings similar to google maps

3. GTA5 map on main menu screen should be google earth similar

4. Improve cover system

5. Better heist missions

6. The ability to enter more places and also enter airports, bus stations, train stations

7. More detailed city 

8. Interactive city with Pedestrians, Clubs, bars, food places etc

9. Weather effects in game such as light wind, thunder storms, heavy rain, water droplets

10. Mini Games such as bowling, arcade game,  jet ski, boats, parching, darts, hunting, Club Management(GTA 4: TOGT), Uber mini game, run special tasks for Peds.

11. Access most wanted list from cop cars like GTA4, street crime missions and more

  • Sleepwalking

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Posted 13 hours ago Edited by Sleepwalking, 13 hours ago.

Running button should be toggleable. I hate holding an extra button to keep running.

  • Fear90Deth

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Posted 8 hours ago Edited by Fear90Deth, 8 hours ago.

1. Bring back the military and the 6th wanted star
2. Jetpack
3.be able to do drug deals on the side to earn cash
4. Be able to steal cars and sell them to chop shops
5.be able to fly and not receive wanted stars and not have to earn a pilots license
6.more heist missions
7.make it where if cops lose sight of you they put up wanted posters and have people one the radio give out your description of what you look like and where you was last seen.
8.make it where if i shoot someone in the middle of no where I wont get a wanted star like the cops know that I shoot someone when no ones around.
9.make it where we can actually buy hideouts and customize them.(single player)
10.longer single player campaign with
More mission that dont involve just driving from one place to another and not really doing anything.
11.add Murder mystery missions where you get framed for a murder or a disappearance of someone and have to either find them or find the real killer.
12. More options of customizing the characters
13.take people hostage and hold them ransom

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