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The Official GTA Next Wishlist

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Posted A week ago Edited by Cesare, A week ago.

I hope that GTA 6 will bring back the green tank that was available in GTA 3 and GTA Vice City. GTA 6 should have multiple tank designs with hulls which has different speeds and armor. This is something that Rockstar should consider.


GTA 3 and Vice City tank:



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Posted 5 days ago Edited by Ondr4H, 5 days ago.

As much I hope for Vice City location in mid eighties covering all drug wars, I even more hope for another game in Liberty city in the seventies.

Why?Real NY was in seventies pretty shi*hole.Corrupt police, gang wars, city in major debt.
Imagine all these old train tracks around city working, or working old factories.This Liberty city can has completely different feeling.

I know there is Driver:Parallel lines, but this game isnt too complex.

P.s.:My dream is another gta in London, it could be fun covering all these idiotic European laws, politics and nowadays leftist european society.

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Posted 3 days ago

* Theme/Sub Plot: Big Pharma and the American Psychiatric association are experimenting on citizens and planning a massive drug / stock market push - derangement of society - moral looseness etc - Life Invader paralell - maybe using Artificial intelligence, bitcoin, meta-data, Gov spying etc 

* Cities: New Orleans with voodoo and black magic underworld

Add City: Detroit and ganglands

Add Culture: Native American protagonist and culture theme

* Multi - City travel

* More interactive planes/cargo control

* Flight Avionics - Flight Controls

* Interactive flight radio chatter and radio interactions/commands - air traffic control

* Malls

* Considering contemporary news: perhaps border or refugee related scenarios

* IED's

* Drones - Drone attacks

* kidnaps

* more player/story choice negotiation dialogue 

* yachts

* more interactive interiors and spaces

* aircraft carriers

* international sub-plot theme ( like chinese of GTA5) - maybe russians/arabs

* intercontinental travel - africa as mission segment?

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Posted 2 days ago Edited by Thefames, 2 days ago.

Grand Theft Auto 6 wishlist for *R Games and GTA Fans 


Street names realistic like GTA4

Google Earth and top 3D view like feature for GTA map and mini map feature 

More advanced customization regarding apartments options in Online and Single Player 

Different type of real estate to buy in GTA6 from waterfront property to boats to regular homes in hills.

New feature in GTA Online you can buy apartments instead of home or condo you can buying entire building rent it out to other players or your crew members hide out they have to pay every 1 week in GTA days.

Different license plates in GTA world like sometimes you will see cars driving with Liberty City, San Andrea, Vice City, Carcer city plates

More interactive gameplay such as more open interior or places to go like clubs, bars, pool halls, famous landmarks, airports and many more.

*R should re-open airport interior in GTA6 like in GTAVS and GTAVCS with more detail and Innovation.

Buying Property will return like GTAVCS and GTA5 but with new features and customization of the property also type of business.

More Advanced Weapons and target system

Smarter Peds than before also more interactive within game world

Every car in GTA6 will drive different and feel different

Weather in GTA6 is more realistic it will impact everything in game like driving more slippery, target system etc.

More Side Missions with new features, ability take airplane and public transportation but more advanced than before

Mini Game like bowling, pool games, darts, go kart, parachuting, jet ski racing, boat racing, airplane challenges, tennis, golf, hunting, roller coaster

Uber like feature in GTA6 players can use their personal car as taxis take peds anywhere in the game or GTA Online players who don't want to drive

Airbnb like feature in GTA6 players but GTA Online only you can rent your space in building for enter players to stay or Peds 



More ideas are coming 

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Posted 19 hours ago

I want everything to be interactable, if it's there you can interact with it.

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Posted 6 hours ago

I want another 1980/90 themed GTA so bad.

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