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The Official GTA Next Wishlist

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  • TeenBritDude

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Posted 2 weeks ago

Dont know if this has already been said but customizable apartments and ability to renovate like Saints Row 2

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  • SabreGT

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Posted 2 weeks ago

A greater number of diverse car theft main story missions like the Devin Weston car theft Missions in V.

  • TruthHurts

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Posted 2 weeks ago

Well im big fan of the series since Grand Theft Auto III. I wonder next GTA will be good or same crap like GTA V was. All I want is what GTA been until GTA V - amazing, mature single player experience, good story, interesting map ( with interiors for f*ck sake ) and great atmosphere. Not this f*cking bullsh*t for 14yo kids which is GTA V and their GTA Online. Updated like Cunning Stunts giving me cancer.

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Big Molio
  • Big Molio

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Posted A week ago

I'm hoping that you can adjust the physique, height, build etc of your character next time.


I want to play as a midget.

  • GrudgefromSanAndreas

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Posted A week ago

  • Make 2-door 4-seater cabrios (and eventually coupes) capable of carrying driver and 3 passengers
  • Make some vans and trucks 3-seater
  • make some vans and minivans capable of carrying driver and 5 to 6 passengers
  • eventually make all wide cars capable of carrying driver and 4 to 5 passengers
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  • iwillr0k

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Posted A week ago

I'm hoping that you can adjust the physique, height, build etc of your character next time.


I want to play as a midget.

I don't think thats gonna happend. R* puts alot of work into the characters. GTA it's not Saints Row. It's gonna probably have the same customization as GTA V. Or even San Andreas. But the Height and sh*t, probably not happend.

Since I start playing GTA, my dream was to enter all houses! Like, every door would be open! I don't why though  :lol:

  • SonnyNapoli


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Posted A week ago

- Setting in some major east coast city, like Liberty City, Aldreny State (full recreation of New Jersey from South to North, Atlantic City including), or some new cities, never used before, based on Philadelphia or Baltimore.

- Setting in 70's-80's, with organized crime storyline (Cosa Nostra, Irish mob, Black mafia, ect.)

- Strong and dramatic storyline, with only one character as protagonist, who will rise through ranks in his organization

- Character development during the game, based on player choices

- Gameplaying features unlocked step by step, depending on player achivments during the storyline and side missions, like organizing small crew, developing it into bigger gang, recruiting and commanding troops, stuff like that

- Features like setting up legal or illegal ventures or taking it over from the rival gangs, developing business.

- Money laundering feature, as neccessary part for setting up legitimate business and legally buing stuff

- Big variety of clothing, hairstyles and stuff like that to represent 70's or 80's style

- Lots of Lincolns and Cadillacs as a choice of vehicle

- Good fighting system

- Great variety of melee weapons (making melee weapons the main weapon in the begging of storyline)

- Vietnam war era weapons, from American Colt M1911 to M60, to trophies, like AKM's and RPK's.

- More graphic violence, like dismemberment, detail exit wounds and stuff like that

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  • BillGates

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Posted A week ago Edited by BillGates, A week ago.

Jesus, I posted this as a topic 5 min ago, and it may have been deleted by the mods because it may sound like I was leaking stuff. But I was joking.. That being said, it would be awesome if:


You play as a cop in the next game (one of the protagonists).

  • yungboss

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Posted A week ago


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  • DoomSkuller

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Posted A week ago

A few requests I had made for GTA V/OL that I doubt will get added to there, so I hope the next gen game will be more viable for them:

sniper rifle sway, a breathholding mechanic (hold left stick button while ADS), and the ability to go into crouched and prone positions in turn (hold the Stealth button while not ADS).
Holding breath and going prone would both individually reduce rifle sway, and stack together to minimise it.
Moving around would increase rifle sway.

A more dynamic game world. Multiple freight trains which go in different directions and make stops at various places, buses that make stops and NPCs that get on and off the buses and passenger trains, dynamic road work, et cetera.

 a shopping cart function to vehicle customisation encompassing resprays, liveries, underglows, and rim colours, so we can check out different colour combinations (namely primary pearlescents and primaries+secondaries) before purchasing the colours

Shyabang Shyabang
  • Shyabang Shyabang

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Posted A week ago Edited by Shyabang Shyabang, A week ago.

Roller skating:



and penny boarding:


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  • VictorVince1239

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Posted A week ago

I hope there's some heists/contact missions in the next installment that has the player needing to go through some of the most dangerous animal predators out there. 


a herd of Lions, Sharks, Alligators, etc.


Having no choice but to deal with these things in missions that involve going across the ocean to the island.  


Also wouldn't mind seeing some fire ants/bumble bees who can actually sting you...just all types of things to make missions more challenging than just dealing with people with guns. 


Especially if they make some of the zombies be past gta characters. Johnny, Vlad, Roman, Trevor or Michael, some old lady that people could assume is CJ and Sweets mom, etc. 

  • Mr.Green.

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Posted 6 days ago

I want better physics like this (and if you dont like it - buy amor stage 4..) 

- a winch for cars

- a grappling hook, like the one in "just cause 3"

- more interaction with buildings ... like in "just cause 3"

- a bigger map with snow on montains, big desert, creepy forrest

- mutch better brakes (it feels like stopping a train actualy)

- JOBFILTER - i dont want play user created jobs with rocketluncher and other explosive one shot guns !

- Jobfilter for jobs i dont like (block them)

- Better weather and effects. If we get snow- i want to hear the snow under my feets / wheels!

- balanced speed - a truck should be mutch slower as a sportscar

- less agressive police 

- live signs of R*..would be cool to get some feedback & conversations (like in all other online games)


Life signs

  • Mikezx6r

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Posted 16 hours ago

I just want to see a GTA title support system link.

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