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The Official GTA Next Wishlist

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Roger Cheeto
  • Roger Cheeto


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Posted 2 weeks ago

I really want these guns in the next game, hopefully we see them.


yea and dont have the sh*t fire rate, let me shoot as fast as i want ffs

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Ghost Pulaski
  • Ghost Pulaski

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Posted A week ago

I want a map with all the 3D era cities combined, plus the porter tunnel leading to the countryside and whatever is beyond therem

  • evd


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Posted A week ago Edited by evd, A week ago.

-tricks for bmx

(L3 + R3) for dave mirra mode - ish


buying werehouses and building skateparks

(for diehards and hobbists)


-graffiti war 

  • rebeldevil

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Posted 5 days ago

I'd like to be able to put a waypoint on a moving target and get GPS guidance to it.
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Payne Killer
  • Payne Killer

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Posted 2 days ago

I want the guns in this next game to have a proper feel, every weapon in Max Payne 3 packed a punch depending on the enemies and whether or not they wore body armor. It's like R* took what they did with GTA 4 and polished it, too bad V was a gigantic downgrade in the combat section.

This Mini-30 was my favorite, packed a nice punch and could penetrate body armor with ease.

Body armor in MP3 felt real, best work R* has ever done, hitting someone with certain weapons would make them hold the spot the bullet(s) hit, giving you time to pull off a headshot. If R* were to put this much dedication into a next gen GTA I'd be happy with it, I want a game to make me feel like the character I'm using is a killing machine.
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