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You know you're a GTA IV fan when...

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  • Kane49

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Posted 2 weeks ago

When you pick the revenge ending, to kill Dimitri in the place where the game started, and to not lose the "Niko, it's Roman. Let's go bowling".

  • ThatBenGuy

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Posted 2 weeks ago Edited by ThatBenGuy, A day ago.

When you have a Webkinz plush toy and name it after a GTA IV/EFLC character.
When you listen to songs from Liberty Rock Radio nonstop.
When you whistle to taxi drivers in similar ways to Niko Bellic, Johnny Klebitz, or Luis Fernando Lopez.

  • Raptomex

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Posted A week ago

You visit real-life locations for GTA references.
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Posted A week ago Edited by TWIST_OF_HATE, A week ago.

When you go out from home, look at rainy weather and voice in your head says you:
- "Hmm. RAINY_COUNTRYSIDE timecyc."

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  • MeatSafeMurderer

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Posted A week ago

...you redownload it before it gets neutered, decide to fire it up, and immediately think "god...GTA5 sucks, why did I ever ditch this game".
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  • gtafaninwest


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Posted 5 days ago

You bought the GTA IV and EFLC when they first got released and the bought the complete edition later, for console and PC.

Mangled Crow
  • Mangled Crow

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Posted A day ago

You experience IV & EFLC again and question many awesome things that weren't in V.
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  • jkim_1

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Posted A day ago

Wow theres so many, where do I start...?

- I call an acquaintance of mine Niko Bellic because of the one time he was piss drunk and his cousin from Russia (ironic, right?) just came to the states and he was like MY COUSIN MY COUSIN IS BACK. Ever since then Ill text and even greet this dude with Nikooooo Bellic my cousin.

- when something goes wrong, I always think to myself this is f*cking bullsh*t!!! In Nikos voice.

- inferring to this friend whom I call Niko Bellic, every time he has a girlfriend I call her Mallorie. Its been almost ten years since this game came out and Im pretty sure Ive called 5 different girls Mallorie. Obviously Mallorie doesnt date Niko but speaks volumes to my obsession of this game.

- More than half of San Juan Sounds is in my playlist... they got some good Latin Reggaeton hits. Anybody who is a fan of this genre will see SJS as a nice compilation of songs.
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  • RaMMy

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Posted A day ago

See a taxi IRL and yell ''yellow caaaaar''

  • Legomanarthur

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Posted 15 hours ago

When you get 100% completion of the game for the first time for its tenth birthday.

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