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Things GTA V did better than GTA IV

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Posted 31 July 2017 - 09:03 AM

everything, im playing Gta V on Ps4 for the first time since 2 days and i have to say the game when Trevor is available to play is very good

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  • GTAUrbanCamping

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Posted 31 July 2017 - 10:06 PM

I like the tractor trailer options. Was stuck with straight trucks or just the tractor.

I did like the bowling, though.

  • CGFforLife

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Posted 2 weeks ago Edited by CGFforLife, 2 weeks ago.

I'm glad it's possible to lose the cops with plane/heli


Better Story and writing

Better Characters

Better AI

More vehicle storage

Los Santos much more accurately represent Los Angeles than Liberty City/Alderney representing New York City/New Jersey


Mission Variety



And finally... No more pointless shootout or chase mission, like Easy as Can Be, Taking in the Trash, Undertaker, Entourage; which is IV mission that contain pointless shootout or chase mission

Am Shaegar
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Posted 2 weeks ago Edited by Am Shaegar, 2 weeks ago.

Trevor as one of the main protagonist. I find him a lot better than the boring, one note character Niko - both in terms of the story (character development), and roleplaying possibilities. His unpredictable nature, well written lines, and brutal honesty makes him more appealing to me over Niko who has nothing to interesting to talk, or offer the player, other than about his past, and having a sad look on his face, Even the serious games like Mafia 1 don't try so hard to maintain a serious tone, beyond what makes sense, and can be logically understood. It seemed like Rockstar had the most fun in developing Trevor's character as it really feels a lot more fleshed out than the rest of the trio.

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sea cucumber
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Posted 2 weeks ago

i get 20 fps on gta 4, while on gta 5 i get 50

  • Awesom-0

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Posted 2 weeks ago Edited by Awesom-0, 2 weeks ago.

Ok, my turn.


• Three main characters. with awesome character switching mechanics.


• Car customization, being the most in-depth in the series with performance mods and cosmetics.


• A huge map with variety, being the biggest in the series.


• Weapon variety, with tons of different guns and attachments, and you can also cary all of them in your inventory inside of a convenient weapon wheel.


• Vehicle variety, having the most in the series.


• You can actually swim underwater, experience tons of aquatic life and finding tons of hidden tresure.


• More player customization, with barber, tattor, and clothing shops.


• having a better phone system, where you can take pictures, buy vehicles, and watch tv. 


• Animals like cats, dogs, sharks, whales, and deer. 

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  • CGFforLife

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Posted A week ago

Better cheats
No paying tollbooth
No more dating simulator
No more restriction

  • highspeed

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Posted A week ago

For me personally, the driving all day long. Yes I know GTA V's driving isn't perfect, but I'd rather that than the boat, burning out near going anywhere in a straight line bullsh*t that GTA IV presented to me.


If you think about it, it's called grand theft auto for a reason. You drive around so much in the game, so the driving has to be atleast half decent.

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  • JB1982

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Posted A week ago

One of the things I have always liked about the GTA games is the radio and the songs. IV was a disappointment on that front to me (EFLC was an improvement though) so I find myself listening to Independance FM whenever I play it. V was a welcome return to form on that front and I never feel the need to add my own songs to the game.

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Posted A week ago

Car Customisation

Weapon Customisation

Stand alone vehicle storage (should have been more though)

Mele physics were better IMO

Mission variety (Although IV's missions were more in tone with a GTA game)

Weapon wheel - ultimately just more convenient

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