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Posted 15 January 2016 - 01:52 AM Edited by GloryBox94, 15 January 2016 - 01:52 AM.

This is the time to let flow our imagination and creativity, creating a mission to any GTA game (VC, SA, IV, III, LCS) or a concept thread you'll make.

  • Avoid anachronism if you will make a mission on a former during time (Example: adding modern things in 1992)
  • If you create a mission that involves flying to another city, must consider that must return (like Saint Mark's Bristo or Bury the Hatchet)
  • Be original and avoid plagiarism.
  • Don't troll or act like a dick.
  • You can create missions, after any mission made on the game (Example: after Museum Piece (GTA IV, Ray Boccino))
  • You can add new characters, either random encounters or mission giver.

And how?, in the spoiler, it's an example of mission i made on another topic:


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Posted 15 January 2016 - 06:16 PM Edited by Ivan1997GTA, 06 January 2018 - 01:04 PM.

I'm not very good at making missions, but here's my mission for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. This is kind of a Mystery Science Theater 3000 cast reunion.

Sharks Hunt
Mission giver: Bill Craftowitz, John Woodener & Sharon Restey (three corrupt undercover cops, voiced by Josh Elvis Weinstein, Trace Beaulieu & Mary Jo Pehl)
Pager Message: "Meet us at the parking lot near Pole Position in Ocean Beach. -John"
Unlocked: After "Burning Bridges"
Plot: "Victor goes to the parking lot near Pole Position in Ocean Beach, and ends up getting cornered by three corrupt undercover cops, Bill Craftowitz, John Woodener & Sharon Restey, who ask Victor to do some dirty work for them, which involves interrupting a deal between the Sharks & the Mendez brothers."
Reward: $4000

(Victor goes into the parking lot, sees two parked VCPD Cheetahs and is approached by a female Vice Squad member)
Sharon Restey: Freeze! Vice!
Victor Vance: What the f*ck is going on here?
Bill Craftowitz: Sharon, leave him alone. Hello, my name's Bill. Bill Craftowitz, undercover cop in training, that's Sharon Restey, and this is John Woodener. You must be Vic Vance.
Victor: How did you know?
John Woodener: We're members of the Vice Squad, undercover-
Victor: Yeah, yeah, I get it, undercover cops. I already got that with your female assistant.
Sharon: But we're not ordinary undercover cops, we're actually corrupt.
Police Dispatch: Attention all units, we have a monitored drug deal at the Escobar International Airport between the Sharks & the Mendez Cartel.
Sharon: Anyway, we need you to do some dirty work for us.
Victor: Look, I've already did that before with Bryan Forbes, it didn't quite work out, and I doubt this is gonna be any different.
Bill: Don't worry, we'll help you.
Victor: To get me money for my sick brother?
John: Yes. Let's take a drive to the airport, we're gonna meet your old friends, the Sharks.

(Victor & John get into the green VCPD Cheetah, while Sharon & Bill get into the white VCPD Cheetah, Victor & John follow Sharon & Bill)
Victor: What the hell's happening exactly?
John: Didn't you hear? The Sharks are going to have a deal with the Mendez brothers at the airport.
Victor: THOSE Mendez brothers? Really?!
Bill: (over dispatch) What, you have a history with them?
Victor: Yes, they betrayed me & Lance, saying we are free as long as we leave town AND give our assets to them.
Sharon: (over dispatch) Wow, that's too bad.
Victor: I know. I even told Lance not to get us in so deep, but he just kept going. Just when I thought I was out, he just keeps pulling me back in.
John: I see.

(The Mendez brothers and the Sharks are currently having a deal at the airport near the hangar.)
Armando Mendez: So, I take it we have a deal.
Sharks Member: Sure, you got the money?
Diego Mendez: Si.
(The deal gets interrupted by the sounds of police sirens. Sharon & Bill get out of the VCPD Cheetah, and the cops come out of the VCPD Cruisers armed)
Sharks Member: Aw, sh*t!
Armando: You gotta be kidding me.
Sharon: This is the VCPD! Get down to the ground with your hands in the air!
Diego: Usted no nos dijo que la policía estaba aquí! (You didn't tell us the cops were here!)
Armando: We're out. The deal is off.
Sharks Member: WAIT! What about the money?
Armando: Sorry, better luck next time, assholes!

(The Mendez brothers drive away in a Sentinel XS, leaving the Sharks there. Victor takes out all of the Sharks with the help of John, Bill & Sharon. Once all of the Sharks are dead, the cops drive away)
Bill: We're going to confiscate their merchandise.
Victor: So, I just get left here?
Sharon: Yeah. I mean, it's not like you can just steal someone's car and find your way across town, anyway!
John: Thanks for helping us, Vic, we'll see you soon.
(John gets into the Gang Rancher, while Bill & Sharon get into their VCPD Cheetahs & drive off.)
Mission passed!
(Reward: $4000, VCPD Cheetah now spawns in the Washington Beach police station parking lot)
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Posted 15 January 2016 - 07:25 PM Edited by NightSpectre, 15 January 2016 - 10:43 PM.

This is the opening mission for my LC Expansion.


Taking Care of Business

Mission giver: Yusuf Amir

Plot: The player arrives in Liberty City, after meeting up with Yusuf, he give him/her their first mission to prove themselves as capable of helping him.

Reward: $20,000 and the player can keep any car they find as their personal vehicle, as long as it isn't too hot.


(The player steps out of Yusuf's private jet, and heads inside the airport. He/she is met by a very excited Yusuf Amir, who runs up to them and shakes their hand.)


(The player has a disgusted look on his/her face, basically saying "did he really just say that?")

Yusuf: I've heard so much about you, about your deeds in Los Santos. Listen, I'd like to talk to you about my plans to expand my business. But uh, not here. This doesn't really seem like the right place, haha! Come with me to my apartment, I'll let you drive the Super Diamond!

(The player drives Yusuf from the airport to his apartment in Algonquin. The station is by default set to The Beat 102.7 with "Calm Down" by Busta Rhymes feat. Eminem playing, though they can change it if they please. Once they arrive, they are greeted to two hookers, much to Yusuf's dismay.)

Yusuf: Hey! Get out the f*ck out of here! I'm discussing business with my new friend!

(The hookers run out, the player smiles.)

Yusuf: Alright, Alright. Sorry you had to see that, though you can get yourself acquainted with all the fine prostitutes of LC when you've settled in. Anyways, I'm sure you already know, I am a legitimate businessman looking to carry out my father's legacy. However, in my way are... less-than-legitimate businessmen who are doing corrupt things in the name of money. You need to get rid of them.

(The player returns with a funny look. It basically says "aren't you a corrupt businessman?")

Yusuf: Hey don't look at me like that! If anything, I'm less corrupt than the normal businessman. These guys make me look like a f*cking saint! Don't mix me up with the rest of them.

(The player nods, basically saying "yeah, whatever".)

Yusuf: Alright, look they're in Downtown Algonquin. Apparently they're discussing some of their "plans" and "strategies". Don't feel sorry for them, not even for a f*cking second. They would turn a gun on their own mother for another nickel! Go down there, and take them out. I know you can do it, I've heard what you've done over in LS. Be warned though, LC makes LS look like a f*cking day care center. This place will eat you alive if you're not strong enough, so you better be ready!

(The player nods.)

Yusuf: I'll make it worth your while, hows twenty Gs sound nigga? Also, I'll let you keep any car you find on the street, all expenses paid. Of course, don't get anything too hot! Now go!

(Yusuf dismisses him/her. After matchmaking, four players are paired together, and are tasked with eliminating the corrupt businessmen. A black Sultan is given to them for transport, and after all four players arrive, they bust a meeting between them. After killing everyone, one of them escapes in sports car. The players chase after him, and eventually shoot him down. The players then get a call from Yusuf.)

Yusuf: Yes, yes, yes! I knew I could count on you! Don't think it's over though, in fact it's only just begun! There are all sorts of snakes in this city, and it's our job to weed them out. Here's the twenty grand I promised you. Also, make sure you find a car. Any car you find is yours, as long as it's not too hot for me. Also, I'm sure someone of your expertise would want to have as much work as possible. So I put your name out there, don't worry, these are only people I trust. You should get a call from Luis soon, he's my nigga. I could tell you all about the time I helped him take down a crazy Russian mob boss with my Buzzard, but that's another story for another time. Now go out there, and make your name in Liberty City!


Mission passed!

(Reward: $20,000, and the any normal-level car the player claims.)

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Posted 16 January 2016 - 02:52 AM Edited by GloryBox94, 16 January 2016 - 02:58 AM.

@Ivan1997GTA @NightSpectre looking good, full of creativity, very nice missions, i made this one:
Scared Shoal
Mission giver: Toni Cipriani
Unlocked after: The Blowfish
Plot: "Toni wants to wipe out every Triad member in Portland, He explains every detail of the mission to Claude, the mission is about to destroy every business owned by the Chinese gang; Mr. Wongs and the fish factory in North-west Chinatown (near Kurowski station), to destroy it, 8-Ball will give you three bombs, and then there's two ways to plant the bombs: Outside where some mobsters are guarding every business, or under, acessing to the sewer pipes".
Reward: $7500
(Claude goes to Momma's Restaurante and sits down to talk with Toni).
Toni: (He speak with an anger tone) "This is the definetely end to these fish-heads, I planned something, something that will wipe out every f*cking Chinese gangster, 8-Ball left three bombs to you on his yard, you should place every bomb on their business; the second factory and the laundry, now go the hell out of here, I will celebrate if you finish".
(Claude gets in a car and heads to 8-Ball yard and collects the three bombs).
(Claude might chose one of the two ways: placing the bombs outside or under).

(Claude heads to Hepburn Heights and goes to the checkpoint on a sewer pipe entrance).
(Claude enters to the sewer pipe, it was like a labirynth, he heads south, then left and then left again, placing both bombs under the factories).
(The clock runs, he has 4:00 hours (minutes out-game) to place the next bomb).
(Claude runs to south, turning right and left, putting the bombs under the laundry).
(He runs to the closest rack to the surface).
(The bombs explodes, destroying both places, all the Triads inside runs outside burning up until calcinate).

(Claude heads to the fish factory, but first, he has to kill some mobsters guarding the place).
(He places both bombs outside the buildings).
(4 hours runs (minutes out-game), he needs to place the bomb behind the laundry).
(When he arrives, many Triads are here, so you need to kill him to place the bomb without problems).
(Bomb placed, now get out of Chinatown).
(The bombs explodes, destroying both places, all the Triads inside runs outside burning up until calcinate).
Mission passed!
(Both methods have the same reward)
(Reward $7500)

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Posted 04 February 2016 - 06:56 AM Edited by GloryBox94, 04 February 2016 - 06:58 AM.

I made the first mission to GTA Prestige City:
Irish Connection
Mission giver: Tamara Nicholson
Unlocks: Flaming Brotherhood
Plot: "Starts with a retrospective (1995) of Nicholson's brothers (Dean, Tamara, Andrew, Marty and Morris), foggy night in Limerick, they were on a meeting with some mobsters of their own gang, everything went great until unknown criminals (possibly the Jewish mob) interrupts the meeting, a shoot-out starts blowing, a mobster kills Morris, Tamara watches him if he's ok, but Dean pushes and blames her for not protecting Morris, then their relationship and confidence has lost entirely, 20 years later, Tamara is stuck on Limerick alone, she responded to a phone call of her brother Andrew, telling her about she needs to go to Prestige City behind Dean's back, with money on her bank account, every thing ready to arrive, 7 hours later, at day, Tamara is on the Terminal 1 of Jeffries International Airport, with the baggage in her hand, she takes the taxi arriving to Georgetown, where the brothers lives currently".
Reward: Nicholson's basement as Safe house
(Limerick, 1994, foggy night, on a lonely alley, the Nicholson's are on a meeting)
Dean: "We will not stay here in this bloody town"
Marty: "A-Are you being serious, Dean? It's completely impossible"
Dean: "WHO SAY IT IS?, Just shut the f*ck up, brother, our family will be worldwide"
Irish mobster: "Sure we will, YEAH!"
All: "YEAH!"
Dean: "We are the Nicholson's, imagine us in Los Santos, Vice City or San Fierro"
(Meanwhile behind the trash cans, an unknown mobster aims to some Irish member, but Tamara watches him)
Tamara: "Intruder!"
Marty: "Everyone stay cover"
(A shoot-out between Irish and unknown mobsters starts, another hidden member behind a contender shoots Morris)
Tamara: "Morris! MORRIS!"
(The same guys aims her but Dean shoots him)
Dean: "Why you useless girl? You didn't protected him!"
Tamara: "It's not my fault brother, trust me"
Andrew: "No time to discuss, we gotta run away"
Marty: "Tamara, carry him to a safe place"
(Tamara carries Morris corpse away from the shoot-out, cutscene ends)
(20 years later, Tamara lives alone in the abandoned Nicholson's house, then her phone rings, It's Andrew calling)
(Phone call starts)
Tamara: "H-Hello?"
Andrew: "How long time, Tamara"
Tamara: "What do you want, Andrew?"
Andrew: "Look, your brother Dean became the leader of the Nicholson's family in Prestige City, so I need you now there, behind his back"
Tamara: "I don't have much money to cross the Atlantic damn ocean"
Andrew: "I deposit you enough money to fly, You have to go now, fly arrives in 2 hours, better hurry, I'll see you there"
(Song playing: Suddenly I See by KT Tunstall)
(Tamara prepares her baggage and runs to the airport)
(7 hours later in the plane, Tamara is on the Terminal 1 of Jeffries International Airport, she gets out to get the nearest taxi)
(Song playing inside the taxi: El taxi by Pitbull & Osmani Garcia)
Taxi driver: "Hola and welcome to Prestige City!, where are you from?"
Tamara: "Do you really care?"
Taxi driver: "Wow, someone wokes up at the wrong side, here you go, a pamphlet to know everything of this town"
Tamara: "So, you've just arrived to Prestige City, go see some...(she throws it out the window) I don't want your f*cking pamphlet"
Taxi driver: "Ok Ok, lady, where you going?"
Tamara: "Belfast Street, Georgetown"
Taxi driver: "Okie dokie, señora"
(Song playing: Feel the Sunshine by Alex Reece)
(The taxi drives on some places of Prestige City)

(Grand Theft Auto: Prestige City title appears on a skyscape of the city)
(City shots, pedestrians, tourists, and some places)
(The taxi stops in front of Nicholson's house)
Tamara: "Thanks a lot" (She gets out of the taxi)
Andrew: (He was sitting on the banker) Sister! (He hugs her)
Tamara: "Glad to see you again, since the accident in the meeting"
Andrew: "Forget about it, come on follow me" (He opens a secret door to the basement)
Tamara: (Both get in) "W-What is this crap?"
Andrew: "This "crap" is where you'll stay for a while"
Tamara: "Whatever you dick bro, I hope Dean will not find out this"
Andrew: "He will not" (He gets out)
Mission passed!
(Reward: Nicholson's basement as Safe house)

(Post mission message text)

Andrew: "Stay here, I have a little proposition to you, to gain money"

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Posted 09 February 2016 - 05:58 PM Edited by Phnx., 19 March 2016 - 09:26 AM.

Just like Ivan1997GTA, I'm not that great at making missions, but hey. If I wanted to create a concept based on my Rainier (Seattle) map project, I would use this mission. I'd also like to apologize for any occasional English errors.


Mission #1 - Prologue
Mission giver: None.
Unlocks: The Funeral.

Reward: None.


The game opens up with showing Rainier from a bird's eye view. After a few minutes, the theme song is played in the background. Subsequently, the game shows a few people fighting with themselves, drivers standing in the traffic jam and the Vapid Interceptor driving from Rainier Industrial to Duwamish. Darius Stephens is behind the wheel and Joe Coleman is the passenger. They're called at the crime scene (the shootout of two competing gangs – Westwood St. Mob and Marabunta Grande). After leaving the car, the player takes control of Darius. The player has to kill all enemies who are around the crime scene. After completing the task, Darius and Joe are backing to the car, and then going back to the Downtown Rainier Police Station. In the meantime, the policemen are stopping at a red light, while the white Landstalker stops next to them. The passenger from the Landstalker shoots Darius. Darius dies. Joe takes the control of the Interceptor. The screen fades to black.


Mission objectives:

  1. Go to the crime scene.
  2. Kill the gangsters.
  3. Back to the car.
  4. Go back to the Downtown Rainier Police Station.
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Posted 10 February 2016 - 05:55 AM Edited by Testarossa, 11 March 2016 - 05:24 AM.

So first missions are the thing, then? Might as well post the first mission to my upcoming Acadia (Chicago concept). English isn't as good, so any corrections or any observations would help really much. 


Mission #1: Out of Control


Boss: Geoff Barkley

Unlocks: As-of-yet-to-be-named second mission, free roam, safehouse.

Reward: None


CITY OF ACADIA, 23:51 PM.  The cold city glows at (almost) midnight, engine noises are heard all over the streets, as well as other vehicle related noises. The camera reveals multiple modified cars racing among the narrow traffic of the downtown area, police sirens are heard afterwards.

“Attention all units, we’ve got reports of a multiple 510 going down in uhh… the Circuit area, all nearby units respond immediately.”

As expected, the cruisers join the street race by performing tactic maneuvers to stop the criminals, two vehicles try to avoid a roadblock but end up taking themselves out, almost killing innocent drivers.

The camera pans to a metallic dark green BF Conrad, the look on the driver’s face is up to no good. In the midst of the chaos made by the police, he pulls up his phone and calls someone.


“Geoff?” –the voice on the other end asked.

“Yeah, it’s me. Look, the pigs are all over the place, gonna have to exit.”

“Alright, cool. I’ll be at the garage if you need anything”


Geoff hangs up, immediately after, a police cruiser rams the vehicle in a pit maneuver. The dark green coupe loses traction and spins out hitting a parked car, almost throwing glass shards at his face. This is where the player takes control.

Your main objective is placed on the GPS, but you gotta lose the heat first. While doing so, the radio is preset to the sounds of The Chemical Brothers. Familiarize yourself with the controls, and start losing those pigs.

Once losing the cops, head to Ryan Walker’s garage located in Lower Riverside. When arriving, Ryan’s response will vary depending on the damage’s intensity.


 “sh*t… I take it that the backup the gang sent didn't help at all?”

“What backup? There was none of it. If there was one this [dent] wouldn’t be here. f*ck, I could be dead at this moment if I didn’t miss the truck.”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa. You need to chill out, dude… and probably get some sleep.”

“Maybe I could use some sleep.”

“Yeah, and don’t worry about this beauty. I might just have it ready by the morning, after all it’s just a dent and a new left taillight.”

“Alright, cool. Thanks, I guess… Oh and by the way, could you be kind enough to give me a ride back to my place?”

“Sure, as long as you pay me for that paintwork, eh?”

“Count on it.”


The two later get in Ryan’s ride, a modified, flame red Matsuda ZR-350. As soon as the car starts, the theme song starts playing, followed by shots of the Japanese sports car riding along in the highway, with the city’s skyline in the background, among multiple other shots, and of course, the usual credits.

After arriving at Geoff’s place, which is located just off the freeway in Aedile, the music stops, and we hear the grunt of the car’s infamous rotary engine as it parks to the side of the street, Geoff gets out and thanks Ryan for the lift, then hands him $75 for the repairs. The red sports car heads off afterwards.

Said apartment is not luxurious, as expected. There are few graffiti by the main entrance and some windows are smashed. The stressed racer opens the door and we’re greeted by a shine from an old 90’s TV with its static screen, the floor and walls are messy and some objects are seen in despair. He lies on the couch, and tries to fall asleep afterwards. The screen then fades to black.


Mission passed!

Reward: Geoff's safehouse, free roam, multiple service locations (barber, clothing, strip club, etc.)

Achievement/trophy unlocked: 106 Miles After...

Post-mission text:

Ryan: Yo, I kept my promise as always. Car is fully repaired and parked outside of your apartment, see ya later.

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Posted 19 March 2016 - 11:10 AM Edited by Phnx., 27 May 2016 - 07:12 AM.

Second mission, cuz why not.
Mission #2 - The Funeral
Mission giver: None.
Unlocked by: Prologue.
Unlocks: It Will Be Easy.
Reward: An apartment in the Raindrop Inn.
Achievement/Trophy: I Do This For You, Son (10G/Bronze)
The mission starts at the Lakeway Cemetery, when the funeral of killed Darius was over. Then, the game shows Kevin Stephens (the Darius's father and one of two actual protagonists) getting in his car. "Life's Been Good" plays on the radio. Kevin drives to the Downtown Rainier Police Station in order to get more information on his son's death. Kevin doesn't get any news, but gets Darius's mobile phone (Kevin's default phone), in which some contacts are saved. The player must choose the Lauren contact and call it. Lauren Todd (Initially, she's a boss. Later, she becomes the second protagonist.) takes a call, then Kevin asks, if she knows something about Darius Stephens's death. She says that not really. Yet, Kevin suggests a meeting. Lauren tells to Kevin that he has to go to the Raindrop Inn. After hanging up, the player goes to the destined place and walks to the reception desk. After a short conversation, Kevin gets an apartment in the hotel, in exchange of doing some jobs for Lauren.
Mission objectives:
  • Take out the phone.
  • Dial the "Lauren" contact.
  • Get in to the car.
  • Go to the hotel.
  • Go to your apartment.
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Posted 21 March 2016 - 03:21 AM Edited by GloryBox94, 21 March 2016 - 03:24 AM.

The definitely first mission was made by Ivan1997GTA, I congrat him so much, Irish Connection is considered as a Prologue, I made the second mission too which I inspired on a scene of Saloonatics episode (Eddsworld):
Flaming Brotherhood
Mission giver: Andrew Nicholson
Unlocks: The Smith's Drench.
Plot: "Andrew tells Tamara about the "proposition": he, Tamara & Marty are going to steal Zaibatsu-brand drugs from a warehouse located in Pygmalion, with Andrew & Marty getting angry whenever Dean is mentioned. After killing the Jewish Mob members, they load the drugs into the car, but upon going outside, the cops give chase. Tamara manages to lose them (and get a new license plate + paintjob for the car) and drives back home, since Andrew says that he & Marty are going to deliver the drugs themselves."
Reward: $500.
(Andrew knocks on the door of the basement, Tamara opens it)
Tamara: (sarcastically) Hey, Andrew.
Andrew: Hey, sis. Remember when I told you I have a little proposition to gain money? Well, here it is! We are going to steal ourselves some drugs made by Zaibatsu.
Tamara: OK, how?
Andrew: I brought Marty along with us.
Marty: I've heard there's a shipment of drugs in a warehouse down in Pygmalion.
Tamara: Who's involved?
Marty: Appearantely, the Jewish Mob. Come on, let's head over there.
Andrew: By the way, you're driving, Tammy.
Tamara: Whatever.
(The player is given control of Tamara as Andrew & Marty head outside and get into the Admiral. Follow them and get into the driver seat. The main objective is then placed on the GPS. Familiarize yourself with the controls, mess about with the radio dial and head to the warehouse)
Tamara: How did you know about the shipment?
Marty: I've been spying on the jews, that's all. I just spotted a Jewish mobster heading to the warehouse in a Luton, which is then revealed to contain the shipment we need.
Andrew: It was bloody tough, wasn't it?
Marty: No, not really, at least until the drugs part. They almost spotted me and I ran away to tell you, Andy.
Andrew: Did you get shot?
Marty: Almost, but I managed to escape.
Tamara: What about Dean?
Marty: (angrily) Dean has nothing to do with it!
Tamara: Why did you get angry here? I only asked nicely.
Andrew: Tammy, will you keep your mouth shut and drive?!
(They arrive at the warehouse, Andrew hands Tamara a pistol)
Andrew: You're gonna need this...
Tamara: I haven't even used guns in 20 years. This is gonna be more difficult than I thought.
Marty: Quit whining and kill those w*nkers!
(The player is given control of Tamara again, this time using the pistol. Get out of the Admiral and familiarize yourself with the gun mechanics, which are a mix of GTA IV's & V's gun mechanics. Tamara goes into the warehouse and kills the mobster guards, along with a few ones inside. After doing so, Andrew & Marty drive the Admiral inside and get out of the car)
Andrew: Well, what are you waiting for? Let's pack these drugs into the car!
(The player is given the task of loading the boxes into the trunk of the Admiral. Picking up a box is simple: walk up to it, press the A/X button/sprint key to pick it up, and carry it to the car. Tamara will put it in automatically upon heading to the marker. Tamara, Andrew & Marty load 6 boxes into the car)
Marty: That was easier than I thought.
(The police sirens are heard from outside)
Andrew: I should've seen that coming.
Tamara: Looks like the cops have shown up, huh?
Marty: Yeah, no sh*t, Sherlock! Get us out of here and lose the heat!
(The player is given control of Tamara as you head to the car and floor it. Tamara now has a 2-star wanted level, with the license plate blinking near the stars in the HUD. Lose the cops by going out of their sight. Upon getting out of their sight, a new objective is placed on the GPS, head to the TransFender garage)
Tamara: Alright, I lost them, now what?
Marty: They will be searching for this car now. We haven't completely lost them yet.
Andrew: Listen, there's a mod shop downtown called TransFender. Get over there, but try not to alert any pigs along the way.
(Upon arriving at the TransFender garage, you are given the task to change the license plate & the paintjob. Usually, changing the license plate costs $2000 & a new paintjob costs $1000, but this time it's free. Change the license plate and pick the paintjob of your liking and drive back into the streets and head back to where you started.)
Marty: Now get back to our place.
Tamara: Why?
Andrew: We'll deliver these drugs without you. Prestige City is dangerous, you know. Sure, the city looks pretty, but it's not Limerick you're used to.
(Tamara heads back home, and gets out of the car.)
Andrew: Here's something for your trouble.
Marty: We'll catch up with you later.
(Andrew & Marty drive away as Tamara heads back to the basement)
Mission passed!
(Reward: $500)

The Smith’s Drench
Mission giver: Andrew Nicholson
Unlocks: TBA
Plot: "Tamara was asleep on her bed, during sleep time, she had a nightmare of the trauma (letting Morris die), and she woke up feeling very guilty, and then Andrew appears a bit worried of his sister, helping with an special treatment, going to the Posh Smith’s Bar, just for fun and alive her worries with the Smith’s special drink."
Reward: $1500 and all the bars will be unlocked.
(Tamara lay on her bed, she fell asleep, having a nightmare, the past trauma letting Morris die, and she woke up shocked but hearing the door knocking)
Tamara: (A bit nervous) C-Come in!
Andrew: (He opens the door) what happened?
Tamara: N-Nothing, brother, I just had a little nightmare.
Andrew: Was it…when you let Morris die?
Tamara: (She said with a raspy voice) yes.
Andrew: What about some fun? That will help you to your problems, let’s go to Posh Smith’s, that bar has an amazing decoration and stuff from our motherland.
Tamara: That sounds good, I’ll go.
(Tamara and Andrew gets out of their house, she drives as his brother is the co-pilot, the GPS is marked to the bar located in Edinburgh Street)
Andrew: I wanna ask you something, sister?
Tamara: What’s the matter?
Andrew: Do you really feel guilty?
Tamara: My relationship between Dean and me is rough, it’s not my fault, and it was an unknown gang.
Andrew: I trust you, sister, honestly.
(They arrive to the bar, both get out of the car)
Andrew: This is the Posh Smith’s bar, sis.
Tamara: (She responds sarcastically) However.
(They enter and sit on the bar)
Andrew: Hey! You stupid bartender!
Bartender: Hi there you dummy Andy, who’s that pretty pussycat?
Tamara: (Angrily) WHAT?
Andrew: Woah! Bartender, she’s my sister, Tamara.
Bartender: What’s your order?
Andrew: A cup of beer to me, and to my sister, the Smith’s Drench.
Bartender: Got it (He prepares the drinks)
Tamara: What is the Smith’s Drench?
Andrew: When you’ll drink it, you’ll be amazed.
Bartender: A beer and the most precious Smith’s drink to the lady.
Andrew and Tamara: (They say at the same time) Thank you!
Andrew: Now drink it (He drinks his cup of beer)
Tamara: (She drinks the drench)
Andrew: (He crossed his fingers) Do you like it?
Tamara: Well…uh… (Her body trembles and feeling like she melts entirely, all her worries start to fade entirely, that’s the effect of the Smith’s drench)
Tamara: (Back to normal) what was that?
Andrew: How do you feel?
Tamara: I don’t feel any guilt, let’s have some fun!
Andrew: Let’s play my favorite game, darts.
(They stand up and walk to darts zone)
Andrew: I hope you are still skilled since we were teens.
(No matter if you gain or lose, it will not affect the mission)
(If you win)
Andrew: Wow, you are the best of the Nicholson’s, ok take us back to our house.
(If you lose)
Andrew: Hahaha, I think you need to practice more, sis, well it’s time to go back home.
(They get in the car and come back home)
Andrew: (Inside the car) that was a lot of fun, sister; I think we should do it again sometime.
Tamara: Yes it was, I’ll see you later, then.
(Andrew gets out of the car)
Mission passed!
(Reward: $1500)
(All the bars unlocked)

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Posted 29 March 2016 - 12:39 PM Edited by Phnx., 30 March 2016 - 06:24 AM.

Mission #3 - It Will Be Easy
Mission giver: Lauren Todd.
Unlocked by: The Funeral.
Unlocks: The Chase Is On.
Reward: None.
Achievement/Trophy: None.

Kevin walks to the reception desk in order to ask Lauren about the jobs he had to do for her. She says there's an African-American gangster called OG Bean, who is in arrears with a debt. In addition, she tells he is a member of 55 Tacoma Playaz, so Kevin needs to go to Tacoma Hill. Kevin goes to Tacoma Hill and meets OG Bean. Kevin asks him about the debt. After a short conversation, Kevin and the gangster fight with themselves. After beating the debtor up, two gangsters go straight on Kevin. The player can choose if he/she wants to fight with them, or just get away. If the player chooses the first option, he/she just has to beat the gangsters up. If the player wants to get away, he/she needs to lose a custom DF8-90. Then, Kevin calls Lauren and tells about the situation.

Mission objectives:

  • Go to 55 Tacoma Boyz' hood.
  • Fight with OG Bean.
  • Beat the gangsters up, or go to the car.
  • (if the player chooses the 2nd option) Lose the gangsters.

And yeah, I apologize for any English errors.


+ Bonus! My future plans for the missions, but I can't promise they'll be realized.


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Posted 10 April 2016 - 12:16 PM Edited by Phnx., 10 April 2016 - 12:16 PM.

Bump, because new mission.


Mission #4 - The Chase Is On
Mission giver: Lauren Todd.
Unlocked by: It Will Be Easy.
Unlocks: Junk In The Trunk and Behind The Wheel.
Reward: None.
Achievement/Trophy: Making New Friends (35G/Silver).


Kevin gets the text message from Lauren, in which it's written that there's another deadbeat to hit. This time, the debtor isn't a gangster. Laruen suggests Kevin taking her car. Kevin drives to the hotel and takes a red Cadrona. Some old-school techno plays on the radio. After taking the car, Kevin calls Lauren and asks on more information. She says that he can find the debtor in Madison Hill. Kevin drives to the place and starts chasing the debtor who drives a Schafter LWB. The hunted commutes to the road block, skids and mutilates his vehicle. Kevin stops the Cadrona, thereon he steps off it and comes to the banged up Schafter LWB. The deadbeat recognizes in Kevin the father of Darius Stephens. Kevin asks: „How have you heard of me?”. It turns out that the debtor is nothing but Joe Coleman who threw the work for the police out, because he afraids of his life. Kevin suggests: „You won't have to pay your debt, if you help me with my revenge on someone who killed my son”. Kevin drives back a new acquaintance to his home in Central.


Mission objectives:

  • Go to the Raindrop Inn and meet with Lauren.
  • Drive to Madison Hill.
  • Chase the deadbeat.
  • Take Joe to his home in Central.

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Posted 22 April 2016 - 04:40 AM Edited by Testarossa, 22 April 2016 - 04:55 AM.

After a bit of procrastination, scrapped ideas and laziness:


Mission #2: The Need for Steed

Mission giver: Tom Bullock

Unlocked by: Out of Control

Unlocks: TBA

Rewards: $200, New upgrade parts at customization shops, RGSC unlocks.


After the chaos caused by last night's events, police are pretty much everywhere and footage of the street race is on every news channel in the city, as well as pictures of the carnage on the local newspaper. It's now around noon and the protagonist is awakened by a call.


"Good, you're awake." says the voice in the other end, with a somewhat enthusiastic tone. Geoff yawns, "Yeah... just barely. How's things Tom?"

"Tryna stay out of the radar for now, ehm, I just wanted to say that I'm sorry about what happened last night. I didn't expect such things would happen."

"Yeah, I understand."

"You alright?"

"Only got a few scratches from the broken glass, but nothing serious."

"That's great, now uh, could you do me a favor?"

Geoff sighs, in an "i haven't even slept 10 minutes" manner. "Sure, I guess. What's the plan?"

"There's a shipment of aftermarket parts coming from our neighbors up north, they're about to be unloaded at the docks, and I thought it might be worth it. Like, we could benefit from this you see?"

"Alright then, I'll hurry up and get down there ASAP."


Get downstairs and exit through the front door. Your car has been fixed from any damage sustained last night, you will have

3 in-game hours to get down to the docks. Familiarize yourself with the radio wheel if needed and drive. The warehouse will be marked on your minimap.


Once you've got there, park outside and get out the vehicle. A worker will lead you to the Steed box truck fully loaded with high-grade aftermarket parts. Get inside and wait for Geoff to call Tom.


"Hey Tom, I got the truck loaded with-"

"F*cking hell, you might be in a bit of a risky situation, cops are all over the place. Look, you can do this by either avoiding them or driving fast and carefully in the hope you lose them. Once you are done deliver it to the garage on West Riverside. That clear enough?"

"It's good."

"Good luck."


As mentioned, you need to drive the box truck to the garage on West Riverside, but first, you'll have to lose sight of the cops. They are shown as flashing red and blue icons in your minimap, along with their searching area. Try avoiding them completely by driving in a stealthy manner or lose them in a high speed chase. Whatever you do, don't damage the truck. Once you have lost them, get to the garage. The location is marked on your minimap. Tom will meet you outside of the garage along with two affilliates.


"Well done, I'm impressed. The goods are still intact, right?"

"Most of them."


"Good, good. Now let's see if those words are actually true." The two affiliates open up the back of the box truck, revealing hundreds of boxes of high-grade aftermarket parts, everything from coilovers, exhaust pipes, intercoolers, turbo kits and many, many goods.


"Well you didn't disappoint us, so many good stuff right here, and we could really make great revenue from re-sale." Tom reaches into his pocket and hands Geoff two $100 bills.

"You deserve it, Geoff. Thanks a lot. If something comes up I'll call you, alright?"

"No problem."



REWARD: $200

New upgrades available at any customization garage.

RGSC Unlocks: Annis Elegy RH8, Assault SMG & Pistol .50

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Posted 27 May 2016 - 06:36 AM Edited by Phnx., 27 May 2016 - 07:13 AM.

Mission #5 - Junk In The Trunk
Mission giver: Lauren Todd.
Unlocked by: The Chase Is On.
Unlocks: You Better Run, You Better Take Cover.
Reward: $250.
Achievement/Trophy: None.
This mission always starts at 11:00 p.m. by taking a call from Lauren. She says: "Hey, Kev! It's time for your last job. If you do this, you'll break even." Kevin is interested, so he asks for more details. Lauren says he needs to find the black Coquette driven by a retired gangster from Russellphia called Simon, kindnap him, put him in the trunk, take the car to the junkyard and destroy it. She doesn't care how Kevin will do his job, so the player can steal the Coquette when he/she find it, or follow it until the target will get out of his car. After kidnapping Simon, Kevin drives to West Rainier Beach, puts the target in the trunk and takes the Coquette to the junkyard. Sadly, someone called the police, so they pursue Kevin. After doing the job, Kevin writes a message to Lauren: "alright that guy from the east coast will never bother you again".
Mission objectives:
  • Find the Coquette and kidnap Simon.
  • Go to West Rainier Beach.
  • "Take charge" of Simon.
  • Lose the cops.
  • Go to the junkyard and destroy the car.
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Posted 27 May 2016 - 02:41 PM

Another mission.


Mission #6 - Behind The Wheel
Mission giver: Joe Coleman.
Unlocked by: The Chase Is On.
Unlocks: Kevin, The Photographer.
Reward: $300, Micro SMG, car washes.
Achievement/Trophy: Kevin's Got A Gun (20G/Silver).

Kevin goes to Joe's house and asks about recent news. Joe responds that there's nothing special, but he can take Kevin for a ride. "Why the hell you want to drive around Rainier for no reason?" - Kevin asks. Joe states he wants to show him a part of the gangs of Rainier and their territories. "So, how this trip will help me find the person who killed my son?" - Kevin questions again. Kevin finds out he'll cognize the potential murders. They go to Joe's car (the green Asea). Joe cautions Kevin that he doesn't want to see this car damaged, because it's a temporary car. Their targets consist the territories of the following gangs: 55 Tacoma Playaz (the player will need to lose three cars chasing him/her), South Tacoma Crew, Marabunta Grande, Westwood St. Mobb and Duwamish Criminals. Once Kevin and Joe are at the Duwamish Criminals hood, they find the white Landstalker (which looks exactly the same as the one from the first mission, but with another license plates). Joe thinks it's the same car from which Darius was killed. Kevin decides to steal it. But first, he got a Micro SMG from Joe. Joe takes the Asea to his home and Kevin tries to steal the Landstalker. The player can chip away the vehicle as soon as possible, or kill every enemy who's around Kevin and then steal that car. The car is dirty, so Kevin decides to take it to the car wash. After cleaning the Landstalker, he drives to Joe's house and leaves the car in front of this house.


Mission objectives:

  • Get in the car.
  • Go to the 55 Tacoma Playaz territory.
  • Lose the gangsters.
  • Drive to the place marked on the map. (this objective shows up on the HUD four times)
  • Steal the Landstalker.
  • Go to the car wash and clean the car out.
  • Go back to Joe's house.

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Posted 29 June 2016 - 07:44 AM Edited by MythicalCreature, 29 June 2016 - 07:52 AM.

Just something I wanted to get off my chest:


(This was originally part of a bigger concept that never went far)

The Prologue

Ocean County Penitentiary, Alderney



The rioting prisoners of Ocean County Penitentiary have turned the prison downside up with the prison guards struggling to contain them. But before the special units are called in to aid their situation, an alarm bell rings indicating that a prisoner has escaped, further adding to their troubles.


Meanwhile, in another much quieter part of the prison, three prisoners come out through an open air vent. The first prisoner is a tall guy with short blonde hair. The second prisoner is a hispanic looking guy with a lot of gang tattoos and a buzz cut. and finally, the third prisoner, having dark auburn hair and a long, thin scar on his right cheek, is the protagonist. Upon getting out, the blond guy tells the others,


"Guys, come on. The exit's that way."


and continues to run in that direction.


You now take control of the protagonist. You now have to follow the blond guy - Steve, to the exit.


Objective: Follow Steve.


Steve runs outside of the prison complex, with the rest of the three following him. They hide behind a low wall as Steve warns the crew of the searchlights in the open.


"Alright, guys, we've gotta be careful from here. We don't want to be spotted on our way out."


"I'll go first." the protagonist says.


You have to make your way through to the other side of the open ground without being spotted by the guards through the searchlights.


Objective: Evade the searchlights and make your way through to the other side of the grounds.


If you do get spotted, however, you will not fail the mission. Instead, you will have to complete the remainder of the mission in a whole different approach - you will have to make a full on run for it and try not to get killed. In which case, the remainder of the mission objectives will be quite different than what you would do in a case where you don't get caught. Details at the end of the mission. I actually didn't write this part because of laziness, so it's up to you guys' imagination as to how this would be like.


As the three prisoners reach the other side of the field, they enter yet another corridor. They were running apace to reach their destination as soon as possible, but are halted in their steps because of an imminent threat.


"sh*t. A guard." Steve mumbles.


"sh*t. Why's he here? We didn't shake him off in the scramble?" the protagonist asks in a low voice.


"Oh, gee, Jimmy, let me think... NO! Would he still be here if we shook him off?!" Steve angrily whispers, clearly pissed off that things didn't go right according to plan.


"Well, he's here now, what we going to do now, holmes?" the third prisoner, who's been silent all this time, now speaks in a Mexican accent, concerned about the status of their escape.


"Relax, Jose. I'll handle him." Jimmy, the protagonist, assures Jose that he will do something.


"What you gonna do?" Steve asks curiously.


"Look, just watch my back for a while, alright?" Jimmy whispers in an uncertain, yet confident voice. He then enters a sneaking stance and advances forward, looking to take down the guard.


You take control of Jimmy yet again. You must take down the guard using stealth in order to get past him. As Jimmy is behind the wall, the guard still cannot see him. So you can sneak up behind him when he turns away, and break his neck.


Objective: Take down the guard.

(i) Press and hold LALT to sneak.

(i) When you have snuck up behind the guard press F to perform an execution.


When you press the execution button, a small sequence will trigger that shows Jimmy breaking the guard's neck. Different weapons will have different execution animations. More in the weapons section.


Having taken down the guard and getting his weapon, Jimmy and company advance forward again, before being stopped again at seeing three more guards at the curb.


"f*ck, there's more of 'em!" Steve exclaims.


"They musta sent them down here because of the alarm!" says Jose.


"Well guys..." Jimmy flaunts the pistol he acquired from the guard he took down back there. "...I just so happen to be a good shot." he says in a smug voice, and advances forward.


Taking control of Jimmy, you now have to use your pistol to shoot down the three guards. You have to advance forward, take aim at the guards, and shoot without wasting any time. The guards won't be expecting you to be armed, so it will take some for them to draw their weapons which should make them sitting ducks for your attack.


Objective: Shoot the guards.

(i) Press RMB to aim.

(i) Press LMB to shoot.


Having cleared all (hopefully) of the threats on their way out, the three prisoners are seen running through the corridor.


A few moments later, they are seen exiting through a manhole at an empty street one by one, far away from the prison. They no longer wear their orange jumpsuits, instead they are now wearing white T-shirts, and boxers that have been dyed black with markers.


"Hooooooooo, freedom, freedom, FREEDOM! Finally." Jose exclaims, letting out a huge sigh of relief.


Steve tentatively asks Jimmy, "Uh, you had a plan?"


"Relax, Stevie boy, I got it covered. I'm calling up my buddy now." Jimmy assures Steve that he has it all under control. He then walks up to a payphone and dials up a number. The voice from the other side can't be heard while Jimmy talks up his buddy.


"Hey, Harry, listen, I broke outta prison. Don't ask me how, but right now I need a favor from you. I'm at this country town out somewhere in the middle of Ocean, I'll try to make my way to East Denton and I need you to have some cash ready for me. Cash and three tickets to San Fierro.


Well there's two other guys that broke out with me, can't leave them alone, you know.


No, I can't write it down. I broke out of a f*cking prison, you prick.


Alright, 12/B, Stamford Street, Petersburgh. Yeah I can remember that.

...Alright, thanks a lot man. I appreciate this. And listen, don't forget the cash, okay? The cash's pretty important. Alright? Yeah."


Jimmy hangs up, and tells Steve, "See, I toldja I had it covered. Come on, Let's go. Got a lot to catch up on."


He turns away and they start walking forward, but all of a sudden Jose draws out a pistol and puts a bullet in Steve's head.


Jimmy turns behind, clearly shocked. "Jose, what the f*ck?! Are you out of your f*cking mind, you f*cking prick?!", he shouts at Jose.


But Jose points the pistol to Jimmy's head. "You've outlived your usefulness, cabron. 12/B, Stamford Street, Petersburgh, is that right? Yeah, I can remember that too." he lets out an evil smile. "Hell, maybe I'll even cap your friend when I get there. More money for me. But to be honest, holmes, I don't know what I'm going to do with three tickets. After all there's only going to be one passenger." he laughs.


Jimmy tries to deal with Jose cautiously. "Jose, man... you don't have to do this."


"f*ck you, perro. Stay back!"


Jose warns Jimmy to stay back as he started advancing toward him. Jimmy takes a step back, but starts advancing slowly again with his arms half up while talking Jose up.


"What would you get from killing me anyway? I've got a lot of connections, man. I could give you more money than what you'd get from killing me, and on a daily basis!"


"STAY BACK!" Jose angrily shakes his pistol as Jimmy takes another step back, but he's advanced far enough to make Jose step back. He continues his advance, and keeps talking him up.


"After all, you kind of owe me after I did that favor for you..."


"I paid that back by starting the riot, you - YOU F*UCKING PUTA, STAY BACK OR I'LL F*CKING SHOOT YOU!" Jose tries to intimidate Jimmy but he himself is visibly alarmed as Jimmy has advanced close enough to him.


Jimmy doesn't take a step back. He continues, "Hey come on, man. You-"


Mid-sentence, Jimmy pounces at Jose's pistol-bearing arm and grabs it. He attempts to pull a submission on that arm of his, pointing the barrel away at a safe angle from his head while Jose, taken aback by the spontaneousness of Jimmy's attack, desperately tries to fend him off by shooting aimlessly from the gun. But Jimmy is relentless. He disarms Jose and wasting no time, puts three quick bullets in his body.


"You. Mother. F*cking. Asshole..... I never really liked you, anyway." Jimmy mutters angrily, kicking Jose's dead body, flipping it over on it's face. He then steps over it and walks to the payphone, where he makes another call.


"Yeah, Harry, there's been a change of plans. Make that one ticket to San Fierro."

<screen fades in>


Alternate Mission Approach

If you fail to evade the searchlights properly in the beginning part of this mission, you will trigger an alternative approach to this mission where you have to complete a different set of objectives through a different script to the end, Which involves running through the prison and smashing out of the gate. Or something like that. The final payphone cutscene, however, will remain unchanged.

(I couldn't write this part in detail lol, so I apologize)


Mission Passed

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Lmao i'm bored, can't format that well because i'm on a phone but f*ck it:

Trevor's Rampage- Vinewood boulevard

(Trevor is walking down Vinewood Bouleward when he spots a pimp arguing with his hookers)

Pimp- Yo bitch, who the f*ck you think you are? Stop teasing me and give me what i want!

Hooker 1#- We got enough of your baby prick rubbing our crotch you midget, is time we start rolling by our own!

Pimp- Bitch, you can't do sh*t without Daddy, who is goin to protect you if not me!

Hooker 2#- We have guns douchebag!

(Hooker shoots pimp in the head, killing him. The group then notice Trevor staring at them)

Hooker 3#- What you looking at bald prick!? You never seen a dead body?

Trevor- This kind of violence...arouses me. Are you lovely ladies open for bussiness?

Hooker #1- Why don't you go f*ck yourself you ugly f*ck?! We tired of your treatment! Creeps like you always f*ck with us and kill us afterwards to get your money back! But that sh*t is over!

Trevor- Now everyone calm the f*ck down!

Hooker 2#- Shut up motherf*cker! Girls! Get this fool's money!

Trevor- I'm not gonna be talked down by workers of the sex industry!!


Mission Passed!

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Posted 30 July 2016 - 10:43 PM Edited by GloryBox94, 06 August 2016 - 03:50 AM.

Let's bring back alive this topic, I made the third, after this you're free to discover and cruise around the town, the titles makes reference to an anime:
One Punch Girl
Mission giver: Marty Nicholson
Unlocks: TBA
Plot: “Tamara was hitting a punch bag, then Marty goes to the basement, looking how his sister trains, he started to say misogynist comments, so Tamara will prove him, how women are stronger than males, Marty suggests to train on a gym. They both head to an underground gym located in Spitzwood. First step is training as much as she can, it will raise a little the strength bar (On Tamara’s stats). Then she heads to the ring to speak with the boxer to teach new moves and skills, if she defeats him, the boxer will teach her Kickboxing skills”.
Reward: $3000 and gyms unlocked.
(Tamara was hitting the punch bag, then Marty go downstairs to basement)
Marty: (Coughs) W-Weak!
Tamara: (She hears it and coughs too) A-Asshole!
Marty: Do it hard! You can do it better than that, look follow me, you have to work out more.
(Tamara a bit confused follows Marty outside, they get in the car)
(During the ride)
Tamara: So, brother, what’s the matter?
Marty: I know Andrew called you to cross the bloody Atlantic sea, if you wanna work with us, you should start again.
Tamara: I can handle a gun.
Marty: That’s not enough, you have to be strong, typical women are weak.
Tamara: (She slaps him)
Marty: Ouch!
Tamara: Misogynist!
(They arrived to the gym)
Marty: Here’s where we train, now go lift weights or run on treadmill first to gain energy, you’ll have to prove it on the ring.
(Tamara can use the treadmill, the weights, the bike and the seated chest press, after you get tired and have enough strength, you can meet the boxer to fight with him on the ring)
Boxer: Hey, you wanna fight?
(If you don’t have enough strength)
Boxer: Scrawny, you don’t worth it.
(If you have enough strength)
Boxer: Follow me.
(When they go to the ring, the fight starts, you have to defeat him to learn kickboxing, and when you win, he teaches you)
Boxer: Front kick.
(The boxer kicks on the air)
Boxer: Hook, this will defend you from opponent attacks.
(The boxer teaches you the Hook)
Boxer: Uppercut, the infallible punch to break chins.
(The boxer shows you how to perform Uppercut)
(When he finishes to teach Tamara, she goes outside and meets Marty)
Marty: Oh sister, you prove women are stronger, that’s wonderful, soon we’ll have jobs together, get ready for it, see you later.
(Marty leaves)
Mission passed!
(Reward: $3000)
(Gyms are unlocked)
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Posted 05 August 2016 - 06:37 AM

I am here to alive it

Misson giver:Luis Lopez

Protagonist:James Andrej

Plot:After killing Ray Bulgarin,Luis left Gay Tony as a bodyguard and started his own gang named Dominican Mafia.So,Its been 6 years the gang grown up,Well,The Bulgarin gangs came back,They started kill the Dominican Mafia,So,Dominican started a war,So,Day by day,Bulgarin started to taking back their terrotory.Finally,Andrej,The one of former dangerous contract killer was called to Luis,Luis said to help him,Andrej agreed and want two million for it,This is the introduction,more will come soon

Reward:00(as introduction)

(Luis is sitting in a chair and sleeping in his house,One of Dominican mafia came)

Gang member:Boss!Boss!
Luis:(Felt on floor).ahh..What?Did the tough guy came?
Gang member:He came,Can i call..
Luis:Call him,I cant take this sh*t of Bulgarin

(Andrej came to the door in his walking style and stand,Luis looked him for few minutes and became surprised)

Andrej:Who are Luis Lopez here?!
Andrej:You,The former bodyguard of...
Luis:Gay Tony..Well..Sit,We want to start our conversation.I heard you are a contract killer.So,How are you?
Andrej:I am good,Tell me my work!
Luis:Calm down ,tough guy.Well,We have some gang problems with Bulgarins
Andrej:I know them.There are led by Ray Bulgarin.What i have to do?
Luis:You dont have to do work today,Come tomorrow,Ok?
Andrej:As you wish,Bye

(Andrej left the house and stole a bike and gone)

Misson passed
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Posted 06 August 2016 - 03:35 AM

Guys,My second misson for Dominican Mafia

Are you wanna help me

Misson giver:Luis Lopez

Plot:Andrej came to Luis s apartment for job,Luis was talking on a phone angrily,Andrej asked what happened.He said some drug dealers and gangs whacked the Dominican Mafia members in Portland but Luis want to know who done it so he told him to find out,Andrej went there quickly by a motorcycle and find out Trevor Philips Industries done it.

(Luis was talking to phone angrily)

Luis:What the f*ck?Who done it?
Luis:How you dont know?Motherf*cker,Cocsucker,I wont leave him
(Andrej came)
Andrej:What happened?
Luis:Dont ask,man,Some gang members are whacked by some drug dealers,Those motherf*cker messed up in Portland.
Andrej:Dont worry,I will check out about it,Well,I want to be a part of this.
Luis:Dont mess up,man,You will,just help us

(Andrej stole a motorcycle and went to Portland,Went to a roof,See whats happening

Gang member1:Today we have done a good thing by killing Dominican Mafia
Gang member2:yeah,After all we want victory of Trevor Philips Industries.
Andrej:(sneakly)Trevor Philips?Someslike i heard about him,Let me see
(Andrej entered the base too quickly by killing members sneakly,He coudnt believe his eyes,It is Trevor Philips from Los Santos,One gang member saw him,Spotted,Andrej somehow managed to escape,He called Luis)

Luis:Are you in risk,Tell me who s behind this?
Andrej:Trevor Philips Industries
Luis:What the...
Andrej:Look i saw him in my real eyes,
Luis:Ok,I believe you,As soon as possible came to my apartment,We will discuss about it

Misson passed

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Posted 06 August 2016 - 02:17 PM

All of these missions are extentions to asset missions in Vice City. They are either original or remastered versions of already existing missions. All of these missions are also possible to complete in-game yourself. I made up all these missions to milk entertainment out of Vice City even more while waiting to buy San Andreas when I was a kid. These are few of the best missions I made up. 



Boat yard missions

Checkpoint Charlie Remastered (renamed 'Air Mail') - Medium

Tommy buys the boat yard, he meets the two drunk pricks and is greeted by the real owner, Roy. Roy tells Tommy that Tommy needs to do somethings for him before he can fully own the boatyard. Roy still does not know Tommy is behind the fastest boat theft. Roys tells Tommy that there's packages for him that's coming in a helicopter, he just needs to seal the deal for him when he's gone right at the boatyard. However, things went wrong and the helicopter is now going out of control. The people in the chopper are dropping packages into the sea below and It's up to Tommy to collect them. Basically all you have to do is to imagine a helicopter dropping stuff before you. You can also add wanted levels via cheat for extra challenge.


Grand Theft Aquatic - Easy/ Medium 

Tommy returns to the boatyard only to find Roy running around in panic. Tommy asks why and he says that 3 hooligans have stolen 3 of their boats. He wants Tommy to kill the hooligans to prevent further theft of their boats and he can do whatever he wants with the boats, including blowing them up. Your objective is to scout around for Predators and blow up 3 Predators in 5 minutes. You cannot find the first target via wanted level, you must scout around for a Predator. Only after blowing the first one up, then you can gain wanted level and waste two more Predators coming at you. 


Sunshine Auto Missions

Bait - medium

A street race is going down Downtown but this time cops are on their look out. The racers ask Tommy to be a bait and lure police away from the race area. Your objective is to get to Downtown police station, destroy a police car, earn a 4 star wanted level via cheat, stay having a 4 star wanted level for 5 minutes straight and you must stay away from the Downtown area at all costs.


Parts 4 Grab - medium

Illegal rare vehicle parts are up for grab and some of Tommy's cars need those parts. Other people want it so you have to get there first. Steal a flatbed before starting the mission, you can easily get one from the docks. Starting the mission from Sunshine Autos with a flatbed in total mint condition, drive your flatbed to the junkyard where Lance was held hostage in in 3 minutes without damaging the Flatbed too much (if it gets to white smoke you fail). After arriving at the junkyard, the parts will be loaded in your truck and you will get a 2 star wanted level via cheat. Get back to Sunshine Autos without gaining too much damage because then the parts will be destroyed. You fail if the flat bed gains dark grey smoke while carrying the parts.


Sunnyside up - easy

A stunt director offers top dollars to buy your cars and he is willing to pay extra if Tommy be his stuntman for one scene he's filming. Take all the cars you've unlocked from the lists and simply flip them over using the ramp in front of the building. Do this under 2:30 minutes. 


Phil's Place Missions

Selling Point - medium/hard

Phil wanted to sell his over the top weapons trough Ammunation but the Ammunation shops refused to accept them because the weapons are too powerful. (This is why Phil opened his every own Fully Cocked Gun Shop in Liberty City 1998) Phil asks Tommy to "convince" them to sell his guns. Your objective is to kill the cashier in the three Ammunation shops in Vice City under 10 minutes to threaten Ammunation.. Raise your wanted level two stars after each hit via cheat. You complete the mission after hitting the third Ammunation. Using Pay & Spray results in failure.


Cocked and Loaded - hard

Note: This mission requires you to have major amount of money. Phil wanted to test his two of his new weapons but having only one arm prevents him from doing it. After completing the main missions, buy one of Phil's weapons and gain a minimum of 5 star wanted through a rampage using the weapon. After gaining a five star, lose the cops, come back then buy another weapon and repeat. All of this must be done using only the bought weapon and under 10 minutes. You complete the mission after this.


There's Only Room For One- medium/hard

Tommy gets to Phil's place after receiving a call from Cassidy. Phil Cassidy sits outside his place, looking sad and broken. Tommy asks why and Phil says that the Vice City Police is planning to clear out his place to make room for another Police Station due to dramatic increase of criminal activity in the area. Tommy of course makes sure this does not happen. Tommy plans to have to residents of the area on his side by convincing them the police is bad. Your objective is to get to the Washington police station, get a police uniform and steal a police car. Drive it to little Haiti in mint condition, start causing havoc inside the car via drive-bys and running people over. Do this until you achieve a 3 star wanted level and stay in a 3 star wanted level for 1 minute. After this, wreck the car and lose the cops. You must not leave little Haiti for too long (use this map as reference) and you cannot wreck or leave the police car until completing the objectives. 


There's Only Room For One part 2 - hard

The residents are protesting but the Police are still planning to clear out Phil's place. Tommy now needs to destroy the building plans before it gets utilized. Once again, go to Washington Beach Police Station, get the uniform if you want but its not necessary. Kill the police officers until you gain a 4 star (I would recommend you to just camp at the cell block room and fire at any cops that come there) so you can plant a "bomb" supplied by Phil in the office (Just pretend you planted a bomb in the offices). After that get out of the police station and let the bomb blow up the room along with the plans. Before losing the cops, blow up one police car that comes at you using any method you want because the guys who are in charge of the plans are inside and killing them prevents them from continuing work. Complete the mission by losing the cops. With the residents of Little Haiti protesting and losing their plans, the police won't be clearing up Phil's place anytime soon. 


Kaufman Cab's Missions

Cab Kill - easy

The cab war isn't over yet. The rival cab company is getting yet another VIP but this time Kaufman Cabs has a better idea. Your objective is to go steal one of Kaufman Cab's rival cab cars. Go do the taxi mission and pick up a passenger and kill him/her in front of any police station. It ends the taxi mission (obviously) and you must give yourself a 2 star via cheat. Simply lose the cops and mission done. This will definitely give the rival cab company a bad reputation.


Driver Of The Month - hard

The driver of the month of the rival cab company is doing the company real good, ever since his employment, their business sky rocketed. He hangs in Malibu club so kill anyone you want who's dancing and then kill everybody else to get rid of witnesses. Keep shooting everybody and the cops that come in and do not leave the club until you gain a 5 star. Lose the cops and mission completed.


Special Special VIP - easy/medium

Kaufman Cabs have a special special VIP waiting for them waiting at North Point Mall. Tommy answers the call and goes pick him up. Go to North Point Mall, once there, Tommy Receives a call telling him to go inside. Once inside, Tommy sees two gangsters robbing the stores and want him to help. You must rob the Hardware store, Vinyl Countdown and the Gash clothes shop. After this, get out of the mall and get into the nearest vehicle (pretending the gangsters followed you), lose the cops and drive them back to their place, its where you met the thief in the mission 'The Chase' by Diaz in Vice Point. 


Pole Position Missions

Sex Recruitment - easy

Tommy needs more girls for his Strip Club. Go pick up a prostitute at night, drive her to the alley where the FBI washington spawns in Downtown (Its also next to the Pizza shop). Wait a while so she can do her 'stuff'. After this, Tommy decides she's the perfect girl for the job but then realizes why she wanted to do it in that specific alley. Its where her ex-boyfriend lives and she wanted to piss him off. He calls the cops on them. Give yourself a 2 star wanted level via cheat and lose the cops in a Pay & Spray. Drive her back to the strip club and mission done.


Rest In Pepperoni - medium/ hard

This mission is similar to Selling Point. Tommy decides to host a special VIP party for his friends after buying Pole Position. Kent Paul is in charge of ordering pizzas for the party. The pizza boy came late but still forces Paul to pay up. Tommy later knows about this and wants to teach the Well Stacked Pizza Co. a lesson. Your objective is to kill everyone in the three Well Stacked Pizza Restaurants in Vice City under 10 minutes. Raise your wanted level two stars after each hit via cheat. You complete the mission after hitting the third restaurant. Using Pay & Spray results in failure.


Cherry Popper's Ice Cream Missions

The Kidnap - medium

Tommy plans to kidnap a child using Cherry Popper's unresistable ice cream to make a quick buck. Your objective is to drive a Cherry Popper's Ice Cream truck to the suburban area with a roundabout in Vice point(its near Avery's construction site). After the kidnap there, activate a 3 star wanted level via cheat, lose the cops and drive to back to your factory to complete the mission. Don't wreck the truck.


Ransom - medium

The ransom money has been put in the location and now all you have to do is to pick it up. Go to Prawn Island and to the Mansion in the middle, Tommy realizes its a set-up and now the cops are on him. Once again, set your wanted level to a 3 star. Before losing the cops, get to their home and perform a quick drive-by to warn the parents. Lose the cops and you're done. After this, the parents eventually paid up and one of Tommy's goons was sent to seal the deal with the child.


Whoops - easy

Tommy's goon messed up during the deal and now the police has followed the goon to the factory. The police did not follow him all the way but he knows the police is eventually going to come here. Tommy needs to get rid of all the drugs in the factory before the cops get there because the only clue the police has is a drug filled ice cream truck. All you have to do is to drive an ice cream truck to the docks and dump it in the sea, come back and repeat 2 more times. All this has to be done under 8 minutes before the cops get there. The trucks MUST be dumped near the docks.


Interglobal Film Studios missions

Dirty Printings - medium/hard

This mission supposedly takes place before Dildo Dodo. Steve Scott wants to print the flyers for the porno but the angry protesters who are against pornography outside is worrying Steve. If a truck full of porn flyers is seen they are of course going to take it down. Tommy decides to do the job. This mission requires a Pony van before started, one can be found in the docks area. Starting from Interglobal Film Studios in a mint condition Pony, drive to the printworks. Upon exiting, Tommy realizes that the angry mob is nowhere to be seen but cops are now on to him, the angry mobs must have somehow framed Tommy for something they did with the same Pony. Here, obtain a 4 star wanted level via cheat and get to Printworks in 4 minutes, after getting to Printworks, lose the cops and go back to the film studios. Using pay & Spray before visiting Printworks result in failure. 


Aquatic Distribution - medium/hard

The angry protesters are still fighting hard against pornography. Steve Scott wants to distribute the copies of the porno to shops around Vice City but the angry protesters is bound to take down the trucks containing the porno in seconds and damaging the copies. If this happens, all of their work will be for nothing. Tommy plans to distribute the copies using boats. When the mission starts, go to the boat yard (assuming you already own it) to pick up a boat. Get to film studios pier, the boat will be loaded with the copies and is ready to go. However, the angry protesters already know this. Here, activate a 4 star wanted level via cheat. Predators will be on to you. With the boats pursuing you, you must get to the pier in Ocean Beach (not actually stopping and getting off these areas, just drive past it), then to the pier near behind Avery's construction site in Vice point, the bottom of the bridge connecting Little Haiti and Vice Point (near the country club) Vice Point side, and finally the helipad in Hyman Stadium. All these areas can be visited in any order. The mission is completed after sailing past the fourth location.


Malibu Club Missions

Heavy Artilleries - medium/hard

The construction of Avery's building is almost completed. Avery celebrates it by throwing an expensive VIP party in the Malibu Club. There, he discusses his future plans with Tommy. He plans to build even more buildings in Vice City but there's no more room to do so in Vice City. He plans to have some parts of Vice City blown up to make space for his new buildings. Donald Love was listening to this and this is what made him do the exact same thing in Liberty City 1998. There are some explosives that you will find useful in Fort Baxter Air Base. This mission requires a flat bed, steal one in the docks before starting it. With the mission started, go to Washington Police Station and get a police uniform. Drive the flatbed into the base. Inside, get yourself max wanted level via cheats and get to your safehouse on Starfish Island without losing the cops via pay & spray, mission fails if you do so.


Deployment - hard

Now you have the bombs, you need to deploy them throughout Vice City. You need a flat bed before this mission so steal one, one can be found in the docks area. Starting this mission from Malibu Club with a mint condition flatbed, drive to 4 locations in Vice City with 4 star wanted level obtained via cheat upon starting the mission. Drive to through Washington beach mall, the Mansion in the middle of Prawn Island, the suburban area with a roundabout in Vice Point and Aunt Poulet's village in Little Haiti (drive through these areas, don't stop and get off) these areas can be visited in any order. All of the bombs must be deployed in 12 minutes without damaging the truck too much. If the the truck reaches black smoke, the bombs will blow up and you fail the mission. After the deployment, lose the cops and get back to Malibu Club. Using Pay & Spray results in failure. 


KABOOM - medium/hard

The bombs are now deployed and now all you have to do is to detonate them. However the remote is lost and your only way of detonating them is by shooting at them. The police is trying to defuse them so you have to act quick. Get to fort Baxter air base and steal a Hunter however you want. Fly the hunter then shoot at the places where you've planted the bombs, the parking lot outside of Washington beach mall, Aunt Poulet's village in Little Haiti, the mansion in the middle of Prawn Island and the suburban area with the roundabout in Vice Point. The bombs will explode and mission complete. All of this must be done in 10 minutes. 

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Posted 06 August 2016 - 02:50 PM

Mission giver: Jerry Martinez. 
Unlocked: Conduct Ubecoming.

Plot: "Victor goes to Jerry's barrack in the military base located over Fort Baxter, just right after almost being kicked out of the army, he went nuts over Jerry's barracks to taunt him, disparage him and threat him to show evidence of his corruption, Jerry will make his way inside the army base to avoid getting sanctioned because of Vic"
Reward: 500$


Jerry: Gettin' in trouble lately, Vic? Huh?

Victor: Go f*ck yourself, Martinez! You almost ruin my f*cking career!

Victor: I swear, I'll take the sh*t out of you if I could...

Jerry: Wooo! Chill the f*ck out, Corporal! You'd have done the same against me if I was you.

Jerry: Besides, who in hell gonna believe you? Remember, I'm your superior officer.

Vic: No, but I can tell Peppah about you and you gonna be in trouble as soon as I show him.

Jerry: *chuckles*

Jerry: Okay, Vic. You really going nuts, tough guy.

* Victor thuggishly gets out of the barracks and heads to Seargent Peppah dispatch*

*A soldier will get on Victor way, aiming at him*

Vic: Let me guess, Martinez sent you, didn't he?

Soldier: You ain't going to testify, thug guy.

Beat Martinez's goons!

*A car blockade will lock Vic*

Take out Martinez's goons locking your way!

Jump over the blockade.

You did it. Make your way to Seargent Peppah dispatch.

*The Hunter will turn up, aiming over Vic*

Vic: Motherf*cker...

Evade the Hunter dodging on it!

*Victor gets inside Seargent Peppah dispatch*

*A soldier will turn up from his back, knocking him out*

*Victor will be eventually dragged outside, the evidence against Martinez was turned up and Victor was the responsible*

Mission Passed! 500$

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Posted 10 August 2016 - 11:36 AM

My third misson for Dominican Mafia


Misson giver:Luis Lopez

Plot:In previous misson,You guys saw Andrej find out who s behind the destroy of Dominican Mafia,Its time for Payback to that psycho,Better known as ‘Trevor Philips’

(Luis was talking on phone,Suddenly The battery down,He got angry while the Andrej came)

Luis:What the f*ck?Wtf?f*ck TPI.The psycho,We are better than Trevor psycho industries?Oh,sh*t,My phone battery

Andrej:So,Now,Whats the plan?

Luis:Its time for payback,I find out the base,They are too strong,They have juggernaut suit,Armor,minigun,How can u do it this misson?

Andrej:Ok,This is too much from TPI,I think i can help..


Andrej:Leave it to me.

(Andrej bring his mobile out and call Aarav Trivedi,An indian friend of Andrej)


Aarav:Hey,Andrej,So many beautiful girls here,Oh,I am lucky.By the way,How about your punishment?Did u quited Your work as Hitman?

Andrej:Yeah,I am now working for Dominican Mafia.

Aarav:Really?Ok,What do u need?Any help?

Andrej:Yeah,Do me a favor,There is a warehouse at Portland,We need to blow it secretly,You can do it without asking question.

Aarav:Ok,Come to my bomb shop at 22:00.I will prepare the bomb.

(Andrej called Luis)

Andrej:Mr.Lopez,I setuped,Hope they will not disturb u

Luis:Good,Always remember‘Dont fear,When Dominican Mafia is here’.Ok,I found CCTV footage,I am sending the photos in ur mobile.

[i](Luis sent the CCTV footage,Andrej sit in a bench and think how can he enter the base like previous misson,cuz they increase the security,Andrej think he could use bait,So,He go home and talk to his all friends about the friends about the plan.[i])To be continued....

Reward:nothing because i posted half misson,More will come soon


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Posted 07 March 2017 - 01:25 AM Edited by CRAZY AL WARD, 07 March 2017 - 04:07 PM.

The First Mission in GTA New Acadia




Mission Giver: Alex Ward



Alex: (sitting on the doorstep of the Foyer) ''Where the f*ck is he? He should have been here by now!''


(A Green Willard Solair pulls up into the driveway, someone gets out of the car)

Keith: ''Hey man, sorry I'm late. I had to find a big enough car to fit all your stuff, man''

Alex: ''Hey Keith, about time you got here! Any longer, i would've lost my mind''

Alex: (puts his stuff into the trunk of the car) ''So... it's finally happened, I'm leaving this place...''

Keith: ''Yeah, you are man. But it's not gonna be easy, alex.''

Alex: ''Shut the f*ck up, man. At least now i can do whatever I want, all the time.''(Slams the trunk closed)

Keith: ''So, ready to go?''

Alex: ''Yeah, let's get the f*ck out of here.''


Keith: ''Hey man, can you drive? I'm still a bit tired from last night.''


  • Get in the car
  • Drive to Keith's Apartment


Alex: ''Nice choice of car, Keith. My dad had one of these cars for a short period of time.''

Keith: ''I knew you would like it, so i bought it for you, man.''

Alex: ''Sweet, thanks man. A car can be very useful in this f*cked up world called °Reality°''

Keith: ''Yeah i know what you mean, man''(lights up joint)''You want a puff?''

Alex: ''f*ck yeah, pass that good sh*t, man!''(Takes two puffs)


(Cypress hill-Insane in the brain plays on the radio)


Keith: ''Oh sh*t, i almost forgot!''

Alex: ''What? Oh right, here man.''(gives joint back to keith)

Keith: ''No, not that! My phone, I'm giving you my old phone. That way you can have something to do, or if you need to call someone''


Panoramic Cell Phone added


Alex: ''Thanks man I'm gonna need that for when i start up Ward Enterprises''

Keith: ''You really gonna sell weed, Just like your dad?''

Alex: ''yup, ain't nothing else you can do without a grade twelve''

Keith: ''No sh*t!''


10 minutes of driving later...


Alex: ''Keith, wake the flying f*ck up we're here!''

Keith: ''What? oh right.''


(Alex & Keith enter the small apartment, greeted by Logan the Husky)


Alex: ''Hey Logan, how's it going, buddy?''

Logan: ''Woof woof''

Alex: ''So keith, where should i put my stuff for now?

Keith: ''Oh you can put your sh*t anywhere you want, man. I don't live here anymore.

Alex: ''Oh come on! Are you f*cking serious?''

Keith: ''Sorry man, I'm living at my mom's old house. At least it's not that far from here.''

Alex: ''At least, anyways I'm gonna unpack my sh*t. I'll see you later, bye keith, bye logan

Keith: ''Later man. c'mon logan.''

Logan: ''Woof''(door closes)



(Rewards = $1,000; Green Willard Solair; Cell Phone; McGraw-Paulin Apartment)

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Posted 24 August 2017 - 01:41 AM

To Live and Die In Liberty City

The First Mission when you start a new game

Luigi Caputo: (Pulls up next to airport in a sports car) Are you Anthony Lanza?

Anthony Lanza: Yeah who are ya?

Luigi Caputo: It's Luigi Caputo a friend of your father's, What you don't remember from when you were little?

Anthony Lanza: Oh yeah now I remember but where is my father?

Luigi Caputo: It's kind of a hard to explain kid. But get in your mother is expecting you.

Anthony Lanza: Mama? she is the one who sent you to pick me up from the airport?

Luigi Caputo: Yeah, Get in she will be happy to see her little son all grown up.

Anthony Lanza: What are waiting for let's go.

Luigi Caputo: Listen Anthony how you would like to drive?

Anthony Lanza: Sure Luigi!

-Get in the Car!

-Drive to your family's house in Saint Mark's 

Anthony Lanza:So what happened to my father Luigi?

Luigi Caputo: Well some African American street gang called the Southside Hoods who basically has control of the Witchia Garden area of Shoreside Vale.

Anthony Lanza: But why did they kill my father?

Luigi Caputo: These filthy street rats have nothing better to do but kill people who aren't one of them. Even I do remember when they use to rival each other back in 2001. They are associated with the Yakuza those sushi eating bastards hired some silent prick named Claude to kill Salvatore Leone. But one a positive note the Yakuza aren't aren't around now. The Forellis aren't around either. Ever since Sonny Forelli was killed in Florida. The Forellis and the Sindaccos fell victim to the Leones by having Toni Cipriani destroy their properties and also most of the members are dead. Well Johnny Sindacco died of a heart attack by some guy name CJ in Las Venturas. Paulie died in 1998 by Cipriani after they had a war with them.

Anthony Lanza: Well what do we do?

Luigi Caputo: Let's worry about that later. But now let's get to Saint Mark's

Anthony Lanza: Good idea Luigi

(Later driving from the airport to Saint Mark's they pull up in front of the house an old lady comes out of the house)

Mama Lanza: Anthony my boy, Mama is glad to see you made it back to Liberty City safe.

Anthony:Oh Ma you made it sound like I was travelling through a bad neighborhood.

Mama Lanza: A mother can only worry about his baby boy. Hi Luigi taking for picking him from the airport.

Luigi Caputo: No Problem Mama Lanza.

Mama Lanza: Francesca and Angelo .Jr will be happy to see their youngest brother come home.

Anthony Lanza: Ok Ma.

Luigi Caputo: Stop by later OK Anthony?

Anthony Lanza: OK Luigi see ya later

Luigi Caputo: Take care Mama Lanza

Mama Lanza: Goodbye Luigi I am sure Anthony and you have some catching up to do.

Luigi Caputo: We Sure do Bye guys.

Anthony Lanza: See you later Luigi

Mama Lanza: Say hi to your mother for me.

(Luigi drives off)

Mama Lanza: Why not go walking around a little bit pasta will not be ready till later.

Anthony Lanza: I am not hungry Ma.

Mama Lanza: OK I just want my son to eat so he becomes strong like his father.

Anthony Lanza: See you later Ma.

Mission Passed



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Posted 01 March 2018 - 07:26 PM

GTA Parliament: Main Mission #1

"Welcome To Canada"

Starts when you make a New game

(Cutscene Starts:

Jesse; "After 4 Months of testifying in court against my mom, It was time to leave the states"

Witness Protection Agent: "Are you mr. Casey?"

Jesse: "Yeah, that's me"

Witness Protection Agent: "Alright then, get in the car please"

Jesse: "Yes Sir"

CBN News: "Breaking News; A Terrorist attack on the Union Bridge happened earlier this morning(7:30AM) causing the bridge to blow up in pieces, More on this story on CBN News"

Jesse: "Are we there yet?"

Witness Protection Agent #1: "Almost there, mr. Casey"

Witness Protection Agent #2: "Why don't you catch up on some sleep?"

Witness Protection Agent #1: "Hold up! Somethings not right about this..."

Border Agent/Hitman: "That will be $5.00, Jesse Casey, Ain't it?"

Jesse: "What the-"

Witness Protection Agent #2: "Floor It!"

'car takes off'

Border Agent/Hitman: "We got him, he's heading Your way"

Sniper Hitman: "Too Easy"

Bomber Hitman: "Getting into position, say the word & this bridge is history"

Witness Protection Agent #2: "Mr.Casey, it looks like someone knew the route we were taking! It looks like we're gonna have to resort to plan B"

Jesse: "What the hell is plan B again?"

Witness Protection Agent #1: "Easy, you jump off the bridge with the parachute we provided you with"

Sniper Hitman: "Goodnight, wheelman" 'Shoots Driver/Witness Protection Agent #1

'Car Crashes into taxi'

Witness Protection Agent #2: "Go, get out of here kid!"

Jesse: "What about you?"

Witness Protection Agent: "I'll draw fire away from you so you can escape via jumping off the bridge, Now go!"

Jesse: "Here goes Nothing..."

'Jumps off bridge'

Jesse: "Famous Last words!!!"

'Bridge Blows Up'

Cutscene Ends)

(Cutscene Starts:

'Jesse parachutes to Aubin Park'

Jesse: "Great, Here we go again! Lost in a new town & no idea where the f*ck i am! But atleast No-one's trying to kill me now, as far as i know"

Cutscene Ends)


*Explore the area.


(The Mission is basically a Mix of GTA 3 & San Andreas Intro missions with Freemode)

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