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GTA VCS Special Vehicle Guide

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Posted 2 hours ago

What if you get the H/FP/PP Barracks OL in the water anyways, would the Barracks OL just sink into the water or something? Would it even be pushable in the water?


This is exactly my question. I have come across a few exceptions in VCS, namely the Sentinel XS and Bobcat from this mission, the Boxville from "Domo Arigato Domestoboto", and most importantly; our beloved Jetmax. These vehicles are Heavy, but before storing them, they don't sink underwater. They do after you take them out of the garage though :wtf:


That said, the H/FP/PP Barracks OL does sink after successfully storing it in the garage, but I don't know what happens if you throw it in the water during the mission.

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Posted 2 hours ago

Thats becouse of unique property that doesn't save in garage, can't name what is it, but its gets deleted AFTER storing vehicle in garage

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