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Dragon Ball Super

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Posted 3 days ago

Episode 111 is up. sh*t definetly got real now. I have no doubts the rest of the tournament will be great. I'm still waiting for more Gohan/Vegeta centered episodes though. Seems to me Gohan and Piccolo will stick together to the end which is also fine. I hope we'll get at least one episode focused on them and one episode focusing on Gohan's max power, an epic fight or something. A fight against Jiren's universe fighters would be awesome.

Haven't seen it yet. But haven't we seen gohans max power already? His entire hidden potential was unlocked with the help of elder kai during the Buu saga, no?
Edit: Btw, it seems the funimation site to watch dbs online is down. Is there any other place to watch the episodes for free?

I'd just go ahead and watch it on Crunchyroll

Or probably DAISUKI
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