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Gran Turismo Sport

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Posted 2 weeks ago

^ Yes but there is NOTHING to do.

I understand where you're coming from though. The game isn't perfect at all and in fact it is somewhat lackluster to the traditional GT games. It's not for everyone, but it is for me. I love the focus on Online racing as a sim racer myself and even if it's not as in-depth as R3E or iRacing, I find it very enjoyable and serves as a more laid back companion experience to the more hardcore sim racer crowd. I love the racing, and I appreciate the effort Polyphony put into the game especially how lackluster the quality was in GT5 and GT6. Don't get me wrong, I dread the lack of real world tracks and the car list is pretty sparse even with the free updates that came with the game. I also dislike the VGT's as well, they're nothing but gimmicks IMO. 


Simply put, I feel that there's enough to do for me, but I completely understand why old school GT fans say otherwise.

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Posted A week ago


They still can fix it. Add a few Urban tracks + Cool and idiotic cars (Who remembers tuning a Fiat Panda with 600BHP, does where the days) + Used market + Car customization.


That would fix a lot of things. 

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Posted A week ago Edited by JuniorChubb, A week ago.

If you guys are looking for something to do on GT Sport you might want to try this...
Following up the Pfister Supercup Season 1 we are taking the same competition from GTA to GTS...
Get you chance to race for Xero Gas, 80's Gamer, Tenshun, Auto Exotic or Globe Oil over 10 Rounds of clean competitive racing starting tonight at 19:00 UTC.
If you are interested drop me a PM, reply in this thread or drop JuniorChubb or Squirrel__Army a Friend request on PS4 and we will add you to the chat on PSN.

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Posted A week ago

The 1st round was great! Some impressions of the races...













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