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What do you like/dislike about the First Person Camera?

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  • Arachne

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Posted 2 hours ago

Tell us what you like or dislike about the First Person Camera .I like how the FPC shows the details from our weapons and cars but i hate that option where everyone is forced to use either the 3rd person camera (which is fine)  or the 1st person camera (which can make the game unplayable for me  sometimes) in jobs.


Cameron Star
  • Cameron Star

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Posted 2 hours ago Edited by Cameron Star, 2 hours ago.

Likes: First person, more immersive.


Dislikes: Awkward controls and movement.




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  • /////AMG


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Posted 2 hours ago

Likes: nothing

Dislikes: everything
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  • shadowoperative


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Posted 2 hours ago

Like - strafe sniping

Hate - everything else
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  • NightTrainCaine


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Posted 2 hours ago

I like the Marksman dance in first person. 


Everything else is pretty much booty. 


Try driving the Armored Kuruma in first person! 

  • TheEroticCherry

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Posted 2 hours ago

I hate how in 3rd person your character walks, but in 1st it jogs.

It's the little things that count :)
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  • Modojo


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Posted An hour ago

In 3rd person, the steering wheel animations steer properly. In first person, they don't steer properly when fully turning the wheel left or right. Just shows some of the flaws of fpv.

  • Rios44

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Posted An hour ago

Riding any motorcycle in first person is awesome
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  • bruvs-mcfc


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Posted An hour ago

How anyone can play in first person is just beyond me (apart from snipering)

  • IIOctaneII

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Posted 54 minutes ago

I dislike how the damn gun is in front of your face the whole time, also how awkward your character looks when moving. And there are some lighting bugs and visual bugs that needs to be fixed, like shadows disappearing in first person

  • Eggobites90


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Posted 4 minutes ago

I dislike how people are too lazy to configure the settings that suit them best.

Dead Zone 0
Acceleration 100

Less clunky now

dead goon
  • dead goon

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Posted A minute ago

Likes: nothing
Dislikes: everything

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