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Where to play SA better [PC, Mobile, Console]

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Posted 2 weeks ago

PS2 or PS4 


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Posted A week ago

PS4 which has PS2 Like atmosphere, but in higher quality.... the true style GTA San adreas should have been 13-14 yr's ago....

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Posted A week ago

For me PC is the superior version, i remember modding this sh*t with my brother until the game crashed and you have to remove a mod one by one, hard times but God i loved them

  • Mocozmo

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Posted 5 days ago

The console version is a huge downgrade in graphic quality. No anti-aliasing plus the fact you can't set your own resolutions or take advantage of a high end graphics card. In the PC you can set it to look much much better.

Also the PC version gives you the ability to listen to your own MP3's on your hard drive when driving around in cars.


Not to mention the controls on the PC version are leagues better then any console.

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  • spaceshape

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Posted 4 days ago

In your dreams m8.

Anyways, PC is the best.
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Posted 4 days ago

PC is the best. Better graphics (with mods though) and a wealth of opportunities for a much bigger and better gameplay experience (with mods again). 

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